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The youth is out there

p707778065.jpgUPDATE: Just got a message from Lezi to say that the second round of the Zhulu Hefeng university tour has been going really well so far with over 400 students turning up for the Donghua University show (pictured).

This blog and Andy's basically focus on gigs that take place, and bands that play, at a handful of venues around town: Yuyintang, MAO Livehouse and occasionally Zhijiang Dream Factory. Now and again, one or other of us will make it up to 696 or Live Bar, but otherwise we pretty much stay in our city centre comfort zone. And why not? There's nothing else going on out in the sticks anyway, right?

Maybe. But recently Micah Sittig left this comment on a post on Andy's blog.

'> There has been(?) a move of focus from the centre to the suburbs /

> closer to the universities by local bands.

This is something I've wondered about for years. When I was living in the city center and had more time for shows (about 5/6 years ago), it seemed to me like the YYT/Gua2 scene was bringing to a more urban audience the "cream" that rose to the top of the university scene. I somewhat regret that I never took the initiative to explore that scene, but with the universities being so far out and the metro system not yet reaching them it meant several-hour bus rides, searching out new people, etc.'

More stuff is happening

s3276221.jpgSeriously, it's like buses or something. 

So after the flurry of activity yesterday - and yes, it was a flurry - there's some more new stuff to tell you about. Joker, or Jiao Ke if you will, have put up some songs recorded live at the 0093 three year anniversary the other week. They're live, awesome and available for download so get on it.

There's some new B-Side Lovers tracks up here.

What else? Oh yeah, some new Da Fresh tracks. Take it or leave it.

Umm, Fanfare have a new location. Remember them? They got shut down because of trouble with the neighbours. Their new totally-harmonious-honest location is on the second floor of 96 Anshun Lu (that's near Dingxi Lu). 

Ok, so actually that's about it, but don't worry, things pick up in September. Look at all this lot coming your way: Strange Streets Kill Animals + Bigger Bang! + Pairs and Boys Climbing Ropes + The Fallacy all on one weekend; Queen Sea Big Shark whoring it for corporates; Xiao He not; new Guai Li album + Duck Fight Goose; internationals: Buck 65 (saw this guy  at T in the Park back when I had hair, amazing), Cave Singers, Japanese surf rockers The Whys; Xihu Festival down in Hangzhou... and on and on...

Podcast SE02 Ep Six: Hedgehog Apart


The end is nigh. This is episode six of series two and that means we're putting our feet up for a bit after this. We'll be back though, or will we...?

This week's pod looks like this: naturally there's a look back at the weekend's big shows including Local King 3 (featuring special guest star Jagermeister) and the Hell United one year anniversary. The chat bit comes in there as well, partly because there's so damn much going on this week we didn't have time for the usual ramblings in the middle. So yeah, after that it's straight into the previews, before we play you out with a bit of Hedgehog. Treasure this pod, it's the last for a while, possibly ever (one of us could die in a freak Jagermeister cocktail accident tomorrow y'know).

Click out the jams:

Local King 3
Hell United one year anniversary
All your individual band links are included in those posts and, frankly, I'm too lazy to write them all out here so just click those instead.

Julie Doiron & Cold Fairyland
Mod Dance Party (Friday at LOgO, with The Fever Machine and the Beat Bandits and all the Northern Soul hits you love)
p394676405.jpgWell alright, there's not actually any new Subs that you can listen to yet, but they are recording new material at the moment, which is pretty exciting seeing as how they're one of the best bands in China. They've put up some photos of them recording the vocals for their new album - check out the gallery here. A cursory look around their Douban page reveals no details of when the album will be out, but hopefully if they're doing the vocals it won't be too much longer. A new Subs record is something to get excited about.

New material that you can actually listen to, comes in the form of a new demo from Shanghai's Bang Bang Tang. It's called 异客梦, which I'm going to translate (probably badly) as Traveller's Dream. As always, Xiao Bai's vocals are fantastic and the musicianship is tight - check it out here.

Another new demo has gone up recently from Da Fresh, a Shanghai Brit-pop band. They were quite active a while back, but have been quiet recently. Basically, they've done hardly anything since they started working closely with Soma, but I'm sure that's just a coincidence. Ahem. Anyway, the song is called 完整夏天 (All Summer) and you can hear it here.

If those two tracks are a little pop for your tastes, then check out the new instrumental demo from Shanghai metal act Screaming Saviour. That's right here

Channel One summer music series

Momo stand.jpgSo I decided to go check out the Channel One summer music series today. It's basically eight local bands playing a string of shows in a shopping mall over the next few weeks, organised by Soma. You might have read about it in the Shanghai Daily:

"Channel 1 is a new fashion, dining and entertainment center catering to local hip and trendy demographic. Most of the bands are rather young and fresh, [...] with a hip and naughty style appealing mostly to their own generation born after 1980 or even 1990."
Hmm. Or maybe you saw it in this week's Access Asia update where they admitted they didn't know any of the bands who were playing and included a photo of Pinkberry with the caption "One of the bands (honestly, we have no idea which one)"*.

Ok, so the press coverage hasn't been great. But there are some good local bands on show there and I was curious so, putting aside my uneasiness about seeing rock bands in a shopping mall, I went to watch Hard Queen.


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