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Queen Sea Big SharkI've been a bit ill the last week or so. I only managed to make the Resist, Resist show by popping a load of Tylenol. True story. I'm feeling better now and am hoping to make the Bigger Bang! show tonight. Sonnet are supporting so I thought I'd repost a link to some live Sonnet tracks that I put in the comments of a post a few weeks back by way of a preview. Then I thought it might be good to round up a few other opportunities to listen to some of the bands written about on this blog.

Of course, Neocha's NEXT player is always one of the best places to go if you want to hear some underground Chinese music and most of the bands I write about have Neocha or Douban pages (if not both) where you can stream songs and occasionally download some stuff too.

For Sonnet, if you downloaded their EP for free and enjoyed it, you can download their live set from the Michael Jackson tribute night here. It's shared via RayFile which a lot of the bands seem to use at the minute. You have to download some software first (doesn't seem to work on Macs, sigh) but it seems safe. You can get the Billie Jean and Smooth Criminal covers as tracks on their own from Sonnet's Douban artist page too.

I mentioned a little while back about Five Pointed Star bringing out an EP soon called Awake. The release party isn't until the 29th, but you can have a little preview listen here. All clips rather than full tracks and only available to stream, not download I'm afraid, but isn't that what the kids are into these days anyway?


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