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New Moon Tyrant + Ho-Tom's Mongolia diary

moontyrant.jpgMoon Tyrant (that's them on the right having just devoured something) have put up a new track on their Douban. It's called 'I Am the Way', is self-produced, available for free download and you need to turn it all the way up to 11 when you listen to it. Click here to get on that and if you like what you hear, scroll on down that page for more free Moon Tyrant downloady goodness.

Moon Tyrant, as you probably know, were in Mongolia recently as part of the DJ BO-organised Rock Naadam tour. If you haven't read frontman Ivan's account of it on Shanghai24/7, you can do so here. For another round-up of what went down north of the border, you can check out a Mongolia tour diary from Ho-Tom the Conqueror (he of The Horde) right here.

Sending our boys (and girls) to Mongolia

jordan.jpgFriday night saw the last fundraiser for DJ BO's Rock Naadam tour of Mongolia, held at LOgO. The three bands who will be heading from Shanghai to UB all played - The Horde (Ho-Tom and Franco), Moon Tyrant and Boys Climbing Ropes - there was a good turn out and it was a good night. 

DJ BO has done a sterling job getting the whole thing organised and has been promoting the hell out of it up in Mongolia. He's got radio spots (see after the jump), billboard posters and all sorts. The bands head to Beijing this Wednesday, from where they'll be taking flights to Mongolia. They'll then be playing in UB and Darkhan over the period of Naadam. It's all massively exciting and I for one wish I was going with them. 

Anyway, in addition to the gigs, BO has been doing plenty of promotion here in Shanghai too to help raise funds and that includes a spot on ICS. If you click here, then go to Saturday 2 and 'Shanghai Live', you'll find a bit on the trip with interviews with some of those involved about 12 minutes 30 seconds in. Check it out.

Night of Comedy and Horror, Yuyintang

a 024.jpgI left this event a little earlier than I would have liked so didn't see all the bands on what was a big and broad bill. It was a well-organised event and there was a good turn out for it, the first from the newly-launched Zangnan Recordings. They had a varied line-up too, with Ann kicking things off before overlapping sets from Ho-Tom the Conqueror and The Song Dynasty, a comedy interlude from Kungfu Comedy, The Dudettes, Stegosaurus? and Rainbow Danger Club.

Of those, I'd like to focus on Ann as this was the first time I'd seen them live. In short, they were great. They play a sort of post-rock-sounding music but with a singer - at least, for most of the set, she left the stage for the final track or two. They have a really good sound and incorporated a guzheng and flute into their set on Friday. It might sound a little cheesy, but it worked and I came away really impressed with what they're doing. Hopefully they'll play a bit more live as their gigs seem to be a bit few and far between at the moment, but credit to Zangnan for getting them on the bill. You can check out Ann's Douban here, scroll down a bit and there's some demos to listen to.

Something for the weekend

Tonight, Yuyintang hosts an evening of Comedy and Horror (and music) courtesy of Zangnan Recordings. Rainbow Danger Club, Stegosaurus?, Ann, Ho-Tom the Conqueror and The Song Dynasty (that's them in the video on the right here, more here and here) provide the straight up musical side of things, but there's stand-up comedy as well and a bit of both from The Dudettes. Details.

MAO Livehouse meanwhile welcomes back always entertaining Mongolian folk-rockers Hanggai. They had a bit of bad luck with their last show here as you may recall, so here's hoping Friday the 13th goes smoothly for them. Details.

Up at Live Bar, you've got Puppets of Distortion, Tang Trio, Sep and the delightfully-named Pinky Cock. Details.

696 Live hosts a folk show tonight with Xiao Wei headlining. Details.

Saturday and Sunday after the jump

Friend or Foe go global and other links

p955626773.jpgFriend or Foe are the latest Shanghai band to get picked up by the MAP project, with their track 'Snortin' Clorox' selected for the April list and beamed across the world through the network of alternative music blogs. Nice. The boys were also up in Beijing this weekend and it seems it went pretty well. There's talk of an album in the works too so keep an eye out for that one. 

Ho-Tom - conqueror, poet, lover - has a new track up, well, newly-recorded. It's lo-fi and lovely. Check it.

The Curry Soap has been posting up a few beats and pieces lately. Nothing in the way of a complete track as of yet, but the latest is a 30 second teaser of 'Lucien', her first track sung in French. 

ZLHF are heading out on their universities tour again with a bunch of bands and brands in tow. If you're a student or you just like hanging out with them, here's the details.There's also a few videos from ZLHF artists here

Finally, a random (non-Shanghai) band link courtesy of this guy: Pink Elephant. Hit them up here. 'Silly Girl' is the track to play.

Shanghai 24/7 launch, Yuyintang

shanghai 24 7 002.jpgI was actually thinking of going to see Shanren on Friday night and check out the new MAO Livehouse, but then I bumped into Ho-Tom The Conqueror at lunch time and he reminded me that he was on the bill for the Shanghai 24/7 thing so I ended up going to watch the same bands that I always watch at the same venue I always go to. Or at least, that's how it looked on paper. The night actually ended up having a surprisingly fresh feel to it.

Of course there's the new Yuyintang, but after a few gigs there now I can't claim not to be used to the refurbishments any more. It was more to do with the bands. Ho-Tom himself kicked off and was joined not only by regular conquering companions Franco and George, but also by the full Song Dynasty line-up. It's the first time I've seen him with a full band backing like that and he made the most of it, playing the longest set I've seen him do at Yuyintang. The full band brought something different to his songs and the crowd got into it too. Word is they're all recording some songs together so, though it'll be a few months yet, I'm looking forward to that one.

X is Y were up next and seem to be playing all their songs in double time these days. They certainly have a lot more energy and punchiness (for want of a better word) about them. Their set got off to a flyer and didn't really look back, with people jumping around again (which as Mr Fossy noted the other day was something that didn't really happen much before at X is Y gigs). Of course, despite the new energy to their set, the songs are still notably X is Y tracks, which is a good thing - I just feel like they've found a new balance to their sound that is working really well for them at the moment.

Decisions, decisions (part one)

It may only be Wednesday, but this weekend is such a big one for live music that it's a good idea to start making your plans now. First up, these are your choices for Friday:


Click on the images above to see them nice and big and easy to read like.
p700980920.jpgYuyintang was packed last night. I mean properly rammed. I got there just after 9pm and there was no hope of getting anywhere near the front. By the time Ho-Tom took to the stage to open (he wasn't dressed like this incidentally, think that photo's from Halloween), I had to stand near the back by the bar and crane my neck to watch him. Even that became a crush and I ended up by watching him from the side of the stage.

What I saw nearly had me welling up. See, Tom is a good friend of mine and he was playing to a packed crowd at Yuyintang. That's pretty special. Not only that, but they loved him. He introduced all his songs in Chinese and, from the first song which he explained was about Hu Jintao's daughter, the crowd was cheering loudly. When he did 'I Don't Know Why Your Mum and Dad Don't Like My Mum and Dad', a song he penned himself in Mandarin and with lyrics about not having a Shanghai hukou and not having a house, the audience was enraptured.

He was playing with Franco ('the Fierce') on mandolin and George ('the Goliath'... I think?) on harmonica, which added a nice layer to his sound and worked really well, especially on the YYT stage and with such a big crowd.

Clearly Omnipotent Youth Hotel (or Society, as their album has it) have a big following here, but Tom certainly won them over and was a worthy support act for the Hebei band who so many had turned out to see. Of them, I don't have much to say really - I saw the very start of their set, but was really there for Tom and had to barrel across town to make sure I caught the return of The Gar...

This is what an Open Goat sounds like

go6.jpgRemember a while back I wrote about Open Goat, a noise experiment that Ho-Tom the Conqueror was helping to organise? I went and it was great fun. For those of you who didn't go, and even for those who did, if you're wondering what a bunch of people turning up and making random noise sounds like, you can check it out on Soundcloud by clicking right here. I think the bad Chinese recorder-like thing playing, the shaking of keys and the dropping of coins (if you can pick all that out) is mine. The bits that sound good are other peoples. Anyway, check it out, parts of it are surprisingly melodious - reminds me a bit of that Beta Band track 'Monolith', but maybe that's just me.

This picture is stolen from Shanghai Monthly incidentally.

Make some noise

You've not forgotten about Open Goat have you? It's today at 3pm. More info here and interviews here and here. But basically, the information you need is on this rather lovely picture right here. Read it then bring the noise.

Some stuff has happened at last

hotombymojo.jpgUPDATE: It's all happening now. Action, action, action. Ho-Tom's gone and uploaded some amazing pictures done by friend of the blog Mojo Wang. Check them out here.

Tumbleweed, tumbleweed, tumbleweed...

new Ziyo song or Free The Birds, whatever

tumbleweed, tumbleweed, tumbleweed...

tumbleweed, tumbleweed, tumbleweed...

oh shit! Ho-Tom the Conqueror has some songs up. That's right kids, two different versions of The Love Song of Daniel Mao, which is the one often proceeded by me shouting 'play the Hu Jintao song!' like the drunken lout that I am. Whatever, I love that song, I don't care if I call it by the wrong name. Click here and love it too. Now. Seriously, go.
flyer1279617394.jpgYou know that big ol' Gibson shop on Hengshan Lu? They''ve got a few people playing some music there tonight. 

I have no musical talent whatsoever, so I'm not going to attempt to tell you what's in that shop. Guitars mostly. Lots and lots of guitars. I don't know, some are like pretty damn pricey and some are more in the 'fuck me, that's expensive' range. But it's Gibson, to say they know what they're doing when it comes to guitars is a massive understatement. Read more about the whole shebang here anyway.

So yeah, starting at 8pm there's a whole host of people playing music, talking about guitars and getting leathered. Hopefully. You see, the nice people at Gibson have stepped in and agreed to put on the 'Your Songs, Your Show' err show that was left in the lurch somewhat by the closure of Fanfare a while back. That means tearing it up (in a nice acoustic-y sort of way probably) will be Ho-Tom the Conqueror, Zhou Yong, Alain & Sushan, Mark Wengel and Andres Barros. So if you're stuck for something to do after Can Can and before Zapatas and Soho really get kickin', why not pop in? Word is there'll be some sweet deals on axes as well. Or something. Here's the details if you kan de dong the zhongwen.

Don't forget tonight and Friday it's 0093's birthday at YYT with loads of bands playing and there's a big folk show at MAO Livehouse tomorrow too. Saturday, it's all about YYT obviously (unless you want to stump up 350 big ones for Panic!)  

Little Punk: The music video and other Qu news

DSC06323.JPGHopefully you've been following developments over on Indie Everything recently anyway, but Andy has been very busy. He's set up his only music label, Qu (as in 区 or district) and has been busy recording songs for Pairs and Little Punk with the help of Adam. Naturally, everything is being approached with Andy's strong DIY ethic. The results are outstanding.

The tracks all sound fantastic and Pairs have produced a video for the brilliant song 'Yangpu Qu', which looks incredible. Seriously, you're going to love it. This will all be up on t'internet soon, I'm just making sure you're properly prepared and suitably excited about it all. If the stuff I've seen and heard so far doesn't make people sit up and take notice, I might just retire this blog. That's not supposed to be a good thing incidentally.

Anyway, today I was lucky enough to be involved in a music video shoot for Little Punk's song 'I'm Not in the Mood for Making a Song'. Y'know how I am, I can't resist a cameo. So here's  picture of me in my Little Punk t-shirt - that's her looking like a superhero on it. After filming we went back to Andy's and he did a rough cut of the whole video - it looks brilliant. There's a couple of other (better) cameos too: Super Sophia and Ho-Tom the Conqueror pop up in it as well. But yeah, it's really, really good.

I don't want to give away too much more than that, but just keep an eye on Indie Everything and for a Qu Douban page coming soon. It's all very exciting.

Fanfare is moving

logo_ai.gifBefore I get into this post properly, check this out - it's a good read.

Right, on with the actual post. Fanfare the music bar studio type place on Fahuazhen Lu has had to up sticks. Neighbours are given as the reason for the move, as in complaints from, not the Australian soap opera. Turns out the people at Fanfare have been making too much noise for the liking of those who live nearby and the space has had to shutter. Fanfare is looking for new premises and they hope to reopen elsewhere soon.

Fanfare isn't exactly a music venue in the mold of Yuyintang, but it's been hosting regular music nights for a while now and has hosted artists such as Pairs and Ho-Tom the Conqueror for shows. It's more a sort of open mic type of place really, but has provided a good space for these acts.

Of course, anyone who's followed the Shanghai live music scene for more than five minutes will know that problems with the neighbours are all too familiar. Hopefully Fanfare will be able to reopen again soon.

Video: Ho-Tom the Conqueror

Here's a video of Ho-Tom the Conqueror doing The Love Song of Daniel Mao. I think that's what it's called (I got it wrong last time). Daniel Mao is in the title somewhere anyway. My camera's a bit fucked so it's all blurry, but the sound isn't totally shit so you get the idea. Give it a click, listen to Ho-Tom doing his thing and then decide that you want to go see him play at Anar tonight. He's there every Monday and should be on around 10.30pm.

Good Jive 3, Yuyintang

P6120524.jpgThis was kind of an odd one. The turn out wasn't great - again it was a school night for a lot of people, plus I guess the World Cup didn't help, but let's not talk about that or Robert Green, the muppet. It was a solid line up of bands regardless.

The Beat Bandits got us started and were great. I really like this band. They had their (newish) keyboardist playing last night who I always think makes a difference. I like their three-piece show as well and it seems to suit LOgO really well, but when they have the girl on the keys it just makes their surf/mod-rock that bit more summery and adds to the sound. This was their second gig at YYT in as many nights (they supported The King Khan and BBQ Show the day before) and, though as I say they suit LOgO for some reason, I hope this is the start of them playing at YYT more where you can actually hear them properly. I like 'em. They played a Small Faces cover - what's not to like?

Next up was Ho-Tom the Conqueror. As ever, I feel I should point out that Tom is a good friend of mine. Not like the other bands, I hate all of those people on a personal level. Just kidding. Friend or no, Tom was brilliant last night. His line-up was switched up a little and he had backing from Tom and Jerry, two Mongolian dudes who are in Lan Cao. One was on the mandolin, one was on the banjo, George was on harmonica and Ho-Tom was on fire. People lapped it up and rightly so, he was excellent. I've got a couple of videos of him to prove it. I'll get around to uploading them tomorrow probably.

X is Y were next. There was only two of them, LON wasn't around. Not really sure why, but they were good all the same. They play a kind of math rock and you can download an entire album of it right here. They're also at Yuyintang next Friday supporting The Dead Vikings with Pairs (The Beat Bandits support the Japanese crazies the following night at, oh, at LOgO). Go see them.

Sun Ye cancelled by the way. Nuts. No matter, because Stegosaurus? went on next and closed the night out with a good set. Those who were there enjoyed it naturally, it just felt a little empty. Maybe the two big gigs the night before had cleaned people out - as I say, a lot of people had to work today. Shame, because it was a good night until y'know Rob Green went and did that.

Time for a totally random link. Go and read this interview with MIA, just because she's brilliant. I love her music and her scattergun approach to everything.

Is it the weekend already?

beatbandits.jpgPretty much, yeah. So other than watching England cock things up in the World Cup against a country who don't even call the game football, there's a bunch of top gigs coming your way. Here's a cursory run down.


Alright, so there's an all-girl band event going on up at 696 which is very right on and everything (Ann, Miss Panda and Machiato are the bands), but let's face it Friday comes down to a straight fight to the death between The King Khan and BBQ Show and the Queen of Fucking Everything. Who's your money on?

In the blue corner: The King Khan and BBQ Show. At YYT with The Fever Machine (interview here) and The Beat Bandits. Totally crazy and weird. Plus, they split up the other day and have only just reformed after some fucked up shit at the Sydney Opera House or something. 

In the red corner: Subs. At MAO Livehouse with Boys Climbing Ropes and Pinkberry. Subs back in town after over a year away and with a new album to boot. China's best live band plus local favourites BCR and Pinkberry in support isn't too shabby. As has been stated elsewhere, 'expect death and mayhem'. 


This one's probably an easier choice, even if the main show of the night was completely passed over by another so-called music preview out there on the interwebs. You've got the Summer Rock Party up at 696 with Max, Sear, Purple Planet and a whole bunch of others, but down at Yuyintang it's the third installation of Han Han's Good Jive night. 

Good Jive's bill looks a little like this: Ho-Tom the Conqueror (possibly with a new line-up featuring the Curry Soap), X is Y (top notch math rock), Stegosaurus? (good times rock and on stage antics), The Beat Bandits (excellent garage rock) and Sun Ye (legend).

And that's pretty much how it looks for the weekend.

Thank you

han han.jpgThanks to everyone who came out last night to help celebrate two years of Kungfuology. It was great to see you all there.

I'm not going to review the shows or anything, but I do want to say a special thank you to Ho-Tom the Conqueror and to Han Han for playing. They both did it for nothing and were both outstanding.

Hopefully Ho-Tom will get a Douban page sorted out soon so I can start linking to his stuff. I know he's been recording some of his songs lately, so if you've not seen him yet, hopefully you can get to hear his stuff soon. Of course, if you haven't seen him yet, you really ought to. He's at Anar every Monday night from around 11pm, so you've no excuse for not checking him out really.

Han Han's improvised solo show was incredible. Andy and I were both really pleased and touched that he played, especially as he sang songs about us. I don't think anyone has ever sung a song about me on stage before. It was hilarious as well. He'll be back with Duck Fight Goose and Boojii at MAO Livehouse in early July, as he sang last night.

So yeah, thanks again to those two, to Sophia and everyone at Yuyintang for hosting us and finally to everyone who came along and supported us. It was genuinely appreciated.


Hypebeast: go watch Ho-Tom tonight

mang.JPGAlright, so I can't hype a gig quite like this guy, but I want to tell you all to go watch Ho-Tom the Conqueror tonight. He's playing at Yuyintang at 8.30pm SHARP. None of this "oh it starts at 8.30pm so I'll probably show up around 10pm" nonsense - his co-singer has somewhere else to be or something so he's got to go on at 8.30pm SHARP. I'm not using that caps lock arbitrarily here. 

We talked a bit about him on the pod (here) and I'll admit that he's a mate, but I genuinely like his stuff and whole-heartedly recommend his shows. Tonight is the rescheduling of last week's show, which was cancelled due to the day of mourning for people lost in the Qinghai earthquake. Unfortunately, the rescheduled gig was announced after I'd already sorted out an Expo escape to Beijing for festival season, so I won't be able to make it tonight. Gutted. This is Ho-Tom's first time on the Yuyintang stage, entry is totally free and he's great, so go in my place and whoop loudly when he comes on before requesting that he plays 'The Ballad of Daniel Mao'.

You'll find The Spondees and The Gooda Boys on the bill at as well, though the highlight is clearly this handsome young buck pictured here. So yeah, Yuyintang tonight. Did I mention it starts at 8.30pm and it's free?

Qinghai mourning cancels YYT show

e219538.jpgI mentioned last week that my good friend and excellent singer/guitarist/spoken-word maestro Ho-Tom the Conqueror was going to be performing at Yuyintang this Wednesday and that you should all go see him. 

Well, no sooner had he sent a reminder text this morning about the gig, then I got another message saying the show had been cancelled. No alleged Expo funny business this time around - the government have decided that Wednesday should be an official day of mourning for those lost in the Qinghai earthquake, which registered 6.9 on the Richter scale and devastated communities in the largely Tibetan region when it struck last week.

For details of how to donate to relief efforts in Qinghai, click here.

In the meantime, the acts who were due to perform are hopefully going to reschedule. I'll keep you posted.


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