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Gotan Project cancel and other bits and bobs

Flyer_1_h.jpgJust a quick note: if you were planning on forking out 400RMB for the Shanghai World Music Festival in Zhongshan Park this weekend, just bear in mind that one of the big headliners, The Gotan Project, have now cancelled. Equipment problems at customs or something. Blah. Also, and this is a big one, the Uzbekistan National Song and Dance Troupe have cancelled too. I know. That means there'll be some line-up shuffling - see if you can make sense of this press release.

On to other matters: Battle Cattle are new in Shanghai, have a Douban with a track up on it already and are playing a show with Kungfuology favourites Next Year's Love next week. It's free and at Yuyintang - can't say fairer than that. Here's the details.

Another date for your diary, at least for those who can bear gigs at LUNE, is May 28th when Boys Climbing Ropes, The Beat Bandits, Moon Tyrant and DJ BO come together for a show to help those acts raise money for tours in Mongolia and Japan. 

And another one for June 10th if you plan that far ahead: Beijing act Yantiao return to Shanghai with a lightly re-jigged line-up after impressing at Live Bar a while back. They're with Pairs, Guijian and new Shanghai duo Death to Giants, featuring him out of Moon Tyrant and him out of Rainbow Danger Club. Baddaboom.

Pairs, the podcast and other links

| have done a podcast with Pairs - basically 15 minutes or so of their tracks strung back to back. There's also a text interview up here (in Chinese). Scroll to the bottom of that page, click the orange text and the Pairs podcast is all yours. 

Bivouac Recording is a new field recording label that's just launched in China. Check them out right here.

Shanghai Daily have a profile of Folk Rock United founder Liu Jian, that's here

Speaking of Shanghai folk artists, miir has a free two-track EP up on bandcamp that's well worth checking out. Cop that one by clicking here.

Finally, a quick heads up for a free show at LUNE next week featuring X is Y, Next Year's Love, Moon Tyrant and Girls Like Mystery. That's on the 21st, details here
e447317.jpgYou might still be recovering from the weekend, but here's advance warning of two shows in the next few days that you'd be a fool to miss.

First up SUBS and Duck Fight Goose at Yuyintang for free. SUBS. Duck Fight Goose. Yuyintang. Free. I believe that is what's technically known as a 'no brainer'. Thursday, 9.30pm.

Second, Wanderlust, Pairs and Next Year's Love are playing a free show at LUNE on Friday, 10pm. DJs Pink and Ryo are involved there too and it seems like the best thing to do after a day at Midi Festival I reckon.

Japan benefit show this Saturday at LUNE

Tsunami Benefit - March 19th.jpgThe coming weekend is a massive one for live music, but here's a show to bear in mind on Saturday. DJ BO says:

Originally it was going to be your standard (high rockin' and awesome, mind you) free party, but we felt it would be more appropriate to help those in a desperate situation. 
We've contacted the Japanese consulate and are working to make sure the money gets to Japan as quickly as possible after the show. All the information on the attached poster is accurate, except we are now asking for a 20 RMB donation.

Bands: The Dudettes (Shanghai comedy-rockers), The Beat Bandits (surf/garage), Hotter Than Teppanyaki (Latin/fusion party), Sal & Upnavala Groove (sitar-based band - debut performance) 
DJs: DJ Sal, J B.O 

Reasons to be cheerful

p853117947.jpgIt's fair to say that the last few weeks haven't been packed full of gigs in Shanghai. But that's always to be expected at this time of year and with Yuyintang reopened and Mao Livehouse opening up again in March, things are looking up. There's a couple of shows on this weekend at YYT, but next weekend is when it all kicks off again (and I'm not even counting Mrs Nas) with Boys Climbing Ropes, Rainbow Danger Club, X is Y and Pairs at Live Bar. Here's a quick round up of other bands/shows heading your way at various venues around town in the next few weeks and months in the order that I remembered them (more details once they're closer)*.

Rainbow Danger Club album release party
Break for Borneo album release party
Moon Tyrant album release party
Shanghai 24/7 launch party with BCR, DFG X is Y and Ho Tom
Lots of Trash a Go Go/MT Hooligans shows
More Fever Machine and friends shows including one with Old Doll and Miku from Nanjing
Hedgehog album release
Bigger Bang
A big Japanese post-rock band returning
Then there's all those festival rumours too

Plus, don't forget about JUE (running in March and April), which includes a Maybe Mars showcase with the long-awaited return of Snapline and AV Okubo, Duck Fight Goose and Pairs.

* These are just a few of the shows going on that I've stuck here to make up for the fact that posting has been light recently and it is in no way meant to be a conclusive list. There's probably some whopping omissions, so feel free to leave more shows in the comments.

The Gar and Mr Graceless at LUNE

p710650860.jpgThey only went and played 'Circle'. After all that 'we'll never play it again' stuff, they played it. Naturally, the place exploded when they did. Crazy. Other important things that we learned from this night: Mr Graceless are pretty good, The Gar still rock with their new line up and LUNE is not a gig venue.

Having cycled across from YYT as fast as I could in the hope of catching The Gar's set, I actually got there before either of the bands had started. Out on the street there were a few people drinking beers from the Family Mart next door - was this what everyone meant when they said the spirit of LOgO would never die? Having climbed the stairs to LUNE, it became clear why people were milling around outside - they were playing lounge dance music inside.

Anyway, Mr Graceless took to the stage and played a pretty solid set. They had a couple of slower, shoegazery numbers which didn't come off so well given that they started at 11pm and people were looking for something a bit more punchy, but overall they delivered a good set of melodic rock songs, with bursts of energy at times. I'm listening to their demo CD now and it's good. They may look like they're all 15 (that's probably just me getting old), but these guys are well worth keeping an eye on.

The Gar followed immediately afterwards and, although there was the odd new song, they generally stuck to the classics and, as I mentioned, when they played 'Circle', the place went nuts. They were as tight and spot on as ever, with Box slotting in nicely on the bass - it was as if they'd never been away, despite this being their first gig here in 18 months.

Alas, they should have been in a proper gig venue. LUNE is a lounge bar, with sofas and a stage that is only slightly raised off the dancefloor. It might work for a lounge band or something, but when you have a quality rock band and people who want to jump around, it doesn't work. At least the sound equipment was better, but at LOgO you at least had that down and dirty rock atmosphere so gigs worked there. The crowd was a bit disappointing in terms of numbers, but when things did kick off, I got sent flying at one point and took out a girl who was standing on a chair next to me because she had no other way of seeing the band. Luckily she landed on a sofa and was ok, but if either of us had been a metre further forward, one of us would have hit a pillar instead. This is not a venue built for rock bands I'm afraid.

Still, The Gar are back and, on this evidence, on fine form, so let's hope for an album in the new year.

The last days of LOgO

photo.jpgYou know this already, but last night was the last night of LOgO. I had to bow out around midnight (y'know work and stuff), but it was pretty rammed and I'm sure it had a good send off. In fact, it's probably still going on now. The police stopped by for a bit, which was nice of them, just to remind everyone why it's shutting down.

Anyway, after YYT on Saturday night, I'd headed over to LOgO to find Friend or Foe on stage. It was another strong showing from the boys, despite Adam's guitar disintegrating toward the end of the set. By the end of it, which found him lying on the dancefloor on his back in the middle of the crowd, he might as well have been playing an erhu there were that many broken strings. Whatever, it was a great performance and one of those classic, slightly chaotic gigs that we'd all come to associate with LOgO. 

Last night was the Jam Session thing. Hmm. But there was also a brief appearance again from The Misfits, joined on stage by Marc Bolan at one point. I'm not sure who those guys were requesting 'Whale Song' though - pretty sure that's not a Misfits song.

So that's that. For now, the people behind LOgO look like they'll be focusing their energies on swankier new spot LUNE. I'm not sure how it'll work as a venue, but it'll get its first proper road test as a gig venue when The Gar come to town for their first show in over a year (now with ex-Hedgehog bassist Box) in a couple of weeks. Keep an eye out for that one...


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