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Han Han launches Good Jive

e175425.jpgAndy and I have spoken/written before about the search for a new Shanghai sound, or at least the attempts to shake off the cheesy rock label handed the city in the late '90s and early '00s. One emerging sound is emo, as Andy has written here. Definitely check out the FAF video here too, it's a corker. If you like what you see/hear, you can download the track for free off their Douban page

But the real reason we started talking about this was because of the crop of Miniless-affiliated bands in the city. Muscle Snog produced a fantastic album late last year, Boojii had a record out too (brilliant band, but I'm still to hear the CD) and the emergence of Duck Fight Goose led us to ponder whether Shanghai might become known for more experimental rock. 

Now, Han Han has launched Good Jive, an organisation whose aim is exactly that. Good Jive is a loosely defined organisation but, according to Han Han, the idea is to promote more interesting types of music in Shanghai and act as a counter-weight to what he sees as too much pop-rock in the city. 

If you're still not up to speed on who Han Han is, he's in Lava/Ox/Sea and Duck Fight Goose and recently joined Boojii. Originally based in Hefei, but now living in Shanghai, he also helped found Miniless records and has a fantastic approach to music and the community here. This was his view on the aims of Miniless when I interviewed him back in June last year:

'Hmmmmm...maybe to spread something, but only spreading, not pushing. It's a little hard to explain that "something", I'd rather say we are trying to bring young people an option. Yes, an optional option. This is also the mission. And I hope this option could help the growth of a certain "Scene", which is totally different than the others in other countries'

Check out a great interview with him here too, from a year previous to mine. 

With such views and with Han Han at the helm, it'll be interesting to see how this goes and what impact Good Jive has on the local music scene here - whether it can help foster more experimental bands in Shanghai. 

Good Jive's first event will be at Yuyintang on January 15 and will feature Duck Fight Goose, Rainbow Danger Club, Attractive Rootine and Boys Climbing Ropes.

China: A Mixtape

For a while now, I've noticed someone called Tenzenmen popping up on Douban leaving comments on the artist pages for a lot of people I like and asking about how to get a hold of the music. Turns out, it was Shaun from the Sydney-based Tenzenmen label and he was putting together a mixtape of all those artists.

You'll notice quite a few blog favourites on the tracklisting:

01 - Low Wormwood (Di Ku Ai) - Who - 5.11
02 - The Curry Soap - Little Northern Europe - 4.18
03 - Godot - No 4 - 6.26
04 - Demmy - Will You Remember Me Tomorrow - 6.42
05 - 21 Grams - 21 Grams - 7.58
06 - 8 Eye Spy - Live - 2.10
07 - Cover People - Trip To... - 3.07
08 - Snapline - Nice Dream - 3.11
09 - White - 47 Rockets (For Wan Hu) - 5.10
10 - Little Nature - Different World - 3.00
11 - Sonnet - A Nice Song - 3.10
12 - I.D.H. - Final Trial - 3.53
13 - Boys Climbing Ropes - Dirty Bots - 4.35
14 - Lava Ox Sea - Regnarts! Yeh - 6.15
15 - 24 Hours - Mr Stevenson (with Train) - 3.24
16 - You Mei You - All Talk No Action - 1.36
17 - Mortal Fools - Drink! Drink! Drink! - 2.04
18 - Muscle Snog - Think and Shit - 3.48
19 - Fanzui Xiangfa - Kill Your Television - 1.04
20 - The Curry Soap - You Keep Everything But His Heart - 1.06
21 - D!O!D!O!D! - A02 - .53

You can download the mixtape for free and read a bit more about it and Shaun here. Go check it out. One comment which is particularly telling from Shaun is this: "Even without understanding the language it's fairly simple to click around these sites [douban and] and discover the motherlode of music you never heard before." Exactly...

2009's best albums

a 074.jpgWith only a few hours of 2009 left, here's another "best of" list for you. It comes courtesy of Chengdu's CGrooves magazine and is a run down of the five best underground albums released in China in the past twelve months. You might recognise the author.

It's not up online yet so I can't link to it, but if you click on the image to the right here, it'll take you through to a high resolution picture where you should be able to make out the text on it if you really want to read it. Alternatively, if you don't already live there, you'll have to go over to Chengdu and get your hands on a copy (it's the December issue with the scary cover, as you can see). 

The albums, in no particular order, are:

Carsick Cars - You Can Listen, You Can Talk
Muscle Snog - Mind Shop
Sun Ye - Trash Can
24 Hours - No Party People
LAVA|OX|SEA - Next Episode: Lord Smart vs Dr Jin

Podcast One: Lava Ox Sea "Home Hell"


Welcome to the first ever Kungfuology podcast featuring Jake Newby and Andy Best. This is our pilot show/demo. We are aware of some technical teething problems, but go ahead and comment on them all the same. We like comments, there's a lot of material to comment on ... and you don't have to register.

On the agenda this week:

Midi celebrate ten years with ... an awards show. Thanks, Chinamusicradar.
And where were Lava Ox Sea in the nominations!

This weekend was the 12th 0093 showcase at Yuyintang.
We liked New Vector and Fanqie Chaodan with his new band.

Gigs are back on at Harley's bar it seems. promote their first show in the world of indie rock, but go head to head with the old school punk night at Mao Shanghai.

Finally, listen to "Home Hell" by Lava Ox Sea.

Louis Yu talks to Miniless' Han Han

kaleidoscope.jpgLouis Yu is a DJ on the University of Victoria's student radio station who recently started producing a show called 夏日的实验 (Summer Experiment) - a Mandarin language show about indie rock music. In the past, Louis has interviewed head of Splitworks Archie Hamilton and former Shanghai music scenester Aric S Queen. In the latest episode of his show, Louis speaks to Miniless Records head honcho and front man for Lava|Ox|Sea and Duck Fight Goose Han Han/Hans.

Han Han is a fascinating guy (you can read my interview with him from a month ago here) and on Louis' show he talks some more about Lava|Ox|Sea and indie music. In addition to playing Concrete Avalanche from the outstanding LOS album Next Episode:Lord Smart VS Dr Jin, Louis also rounds out the show with another Miniless pick, this time Fading Horizon's Bloody Square. You can listen to the whole show and Louis' interview with Han Han, by going here and downloading mp3. Just a reminder: the show is in Mandarin.


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