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Something for the weekend

A long weekend for some in fact, here's what gigs are on offer to fill it with.

Tonight kicks off with Rustic at YYT. I've never been that big on Rustic to be honest, I find the 'zany' antics grate a little - it's like the musical equivalent of having a 'you don't have to be mad to work here' mug. Having been listening to their album for the past couple of weeks, I'm not sure there's much musically to back it up. Dan Shapiro seems to be saying as much in his review of the album too. Having said all that, there are plenty of people who disagree and it'll doubtless be an entertaining show if you want to check it out. Moon Tyrant and Girls Like Mystery are on the bill too. Details.

Fortunately for the boys with the big hair from Beijing, alternatives are pretty scarce tonight. MAO Livehouse has some corporate dance off thing so the only reasonable alternative is Live Bar, where you'll find Puppets of Distortion, Rank, Les Semi Croustillants and a couple of others. Details.

Something for the weekend

Tonight, Yuyintang hosts an evening of Comedy and Horror (and music) courtesy of Zangnan Recordings. Rainbow Danger Club, Stegosaurus?, Ann, Ho-Tom the Conqueror and The Song Dynasty (that's them in the video on the right here, more here and here) provide the straight up musical side of things, but there's stand-up comedy as well and a bit of both from The Dudettes. Details.

MAO Livehouse meanwhile welcomes back always entertaining Mongolian folk-rockers Hanggai. They had a bit of bad luck with their last show here as you may recall, so here's hoping Friday the 13th goes smoothly for them. Details.

Up at Live Bar, you've got Puppets of Distortion, Tang Trio, Sep and the delightfully-named Pinky Cock. Details.

696 Live hosts a folk show tonight with Xiao Wei headlining. Details.

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