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Zhulu Hefeng still bent on world domination


Zhulu Hefeng, the local-based label headed up by Sonnet and Pinkberry drummer Lezi, are continuing their ambitious plans to sign up every band in the world. Last we heard, they'd done a deal with French rockers The Nitwits and now the band have licensed them to become their official album sellers in China. They'll be flogging the album around Shanghai and also up in Beijing as well as trying to get the band a slot at one of China's 2,896 festivals taking place this year.

On top of that, they've added local band Plastic Chocolate to their roster (that's them on the right here). I may have lost count here, but I think that brings the ZLHF stable to a grand total of 9 bands. The others being Sonnet, Pinkberry, Joker, Manbanpai, Mr., 21 Grams and Shenzhi Wuzhi.

Pinkberry already have a record out and Sonnet, Joker and Mr. are all in the studio at this very second. Well actually, they're probably doing their day jobs right now, but when they have some free time they'll be recording. Look out for releases from them in the next few months.

Also, come September, they'll be firing up the old university tour bus again and heading out to proselytise some students. Shit, those kids are busy eh?

Triple trouble

3way.JPGSo it's my time of the month. The time where blog posts slow down and no one sees or hears from me unless they happen to be in the office with me. But let's say I were expecting to be anywhere other than sat in front of a computer tonight - come on, just pretend - then I would face one of those big decisions that define a man. Or something like that. Basically, there's three pretty decent gigs on tonight for those of you with lives to choose from. Here's the run down, in no particular order:

MAO Livehouse - Revitalisation of Shanghai Rock part 2
The Revitalisation series makes the step up to the big stage for part two. Ambitious. Manbanpai open up, followed by Candy Shop, Momo, Little Nature and FAF, though probably not in that order.
9pm, 40RMB

Yuyintang - Strange Rock Trip
Duck Fight Goose and Boojii are back from their travels for a bit. Hurrah! Rank and New Vector are in support. But wait, there's more - as exclusively revealed on this here blog earlier in the week, Vivien Fan is planning on playing a new song with Sunny from New Vector. 
9pm, 40RMB

LOgO - eXpo CD Release
Neocha's compilation CD gets a big old release party down on Xingfu Lu. Beijing's iLoop and our own Sun Ye are among those playing (meaning you can probably make it after Yuyintang, given that Sun Ye is in one of the bands), but the headliners are The Band of RPG, a brilliant synth rock act from Xi'an. 
10pm, 30RMB

Zhu Lu He Feng are doing stuff

IMG_7372.jpgNot content with having put out an EP within the label's first six months, Zhu Lu He Feng leader Lezi has been busy with a whole load of other projects under the ZLHF banner that makes other certain labels in the city look more than a little sluggish. 

First up, he's been touring the city's universities with a bunch of bands including Sonnet, Pinkberry and Joker from the label together with Candy Shop and Nuka Cola. They played two shows this week, one at Songjiang University town and one up in Jiading at the Shanghai University campus there, and they seem to have gone down pretty well - Lezi reckons around 300 people showed up to each. They've got another show coming up on the 31st back down in Songjiang.

Meanwhile, Lezi has signed Hama's new band Manbanpai and folkstress MR. to the label as well. They're currently working on new EPs for Sonnet and MR. and once those are sorted he plans to go straight into recording a new record for Joker and a debut one for Manbanpai. Not bad going really.

Video: Manbanpai live at YYT

So I was quizzing Andy a bit about Manbanpai on the pod last week. I quite like Hama's breezy solo acoustic pop and was intrigued as to how it worked with a band. Well, now you can check it out for yourself as she's put up a couple of videos from their performance at YYT. There's this one embedded her for Secret and then there's this one as well. Get on it.

Podcast SE02 Ep Four: The Subs The Man


So you can finally relax (Morgan), the pod is back. As always, we take a look back at recent gigs around town including Candy Shop and FAF's PeTA show and the Maybe Mars showcase at MAO Livehouse. We then have a chat about the growth of the scene and it's current status, before taking a look ahead to this weekend's live action.

The linkness:


The chat


Post-CNY malaise ends

4082441910_447be9b72a.jpgYou've probably noticed that posts on this blog have dropped off a bit lately. There's a couple of reasons - one is that I've been insanely busy with other stuff, the other is that it was Chinese New Year recently and therefore the live music scene shut down for a couple of weeks. For the former, I'm afraid that's just going to happen and when it does, you need to go here. For the latter, it's well and truly over now as this weekend shows.

Things start on Thursday with Break for Borneo at YYT. That's got Gooda Boys, Mis.Whale! and Stegosaurus? too. Speaking of Stegosaurus?, Andy mentions that they're close to finishing a CD, so keep an eye out for that and go check out the demos that have been popping up on their Douban recently. If you like what you hear, things kick off at 9pm on Thursday and it's free entry so get on down there.

MAO Livehouse have got Taiwanese pop-rockers 1976 both Friday and Saturday nights, but if that's not your thing, Yuyintang have Big Qiang Dao on the Friday. That's Sonnet, Pinkberry, Manbanpai (Hama's new band) and Yinle. That one starts at 9pm and is 40RMB.


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