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Video: Boys Climbing Ropes at Midi

Morgan put a nice little round up of Midi videos on SmartShanghai here, but neglected to mention a certain band, so here they are. Click through to Tudou for a whole bunch more.

Midi, day 1: The day of Dingma

midi1 031.jpgMr who? Never mind the absent headliners, nor the fact that the constant playing of 'To Be With You' and highlights of their appearance in Beijing rubbed it in a bit (if you were actually bothered about them in the first place), Midi was a big success yesterday. The food is crap and over-priced, but that's really the only complaint - the set up is good, the site looks really nice and everyone seemed to be enjoying themselves. There was a decent crowd yesterday, bigger than I'd expected given that most people had to work and that the main act had pulled out last minute, and all the bands played well.

With notable mentions of Angry Jerks (who played a great set in the often daunting opener slot) and Sonnet (who really got the crowd going mid-afternoon), the day really belonged to Top Floor Circus. Dingma were fantastic and had a big crowd jumping around, singing along and laughing their heads off for their entire set. So much so that they were called back on stage for an encore - something I don't think I've ever seen with a festival band who aren't headliners. They should have been in the top slot of course, but never mind they were brilliant and the crowd loved it. The Antidote stage too was on fine form after a quiet start. With Acid Pony Club, Ben Huang and R3 getting a good crowd.

The sun's shining again and today should be another belter, get yourself to Century Park.

More festival trouble

banner-blossom-by-2011-nanjing-international-music-festival-mask9.jpgI didn't make it to any festivals last weekend in the end, but I've spoken to a few people who did and the word is that there were a few problems. 

Festivals in Beijing were subjected to an alcohol ban, though at least most of their line-ups weren't messed with (Avril Lavigne played to the apparently dusty, poorly laid out space at the Pinggu Festival at least). The same can't be said for the Nanjing Blossom Festival who had some overseas and China-based foreigner bands struck off the bill at the last minute. So last minute in fact that many of the bands had already travelled there and only found out when they arrived. UPDATE: Dan Shapiro of The Fever Machine and Morgan Short of Boys Climbing Ropes have more details on the problems at Blossom in the comments. Beijing Daze has more on events up north too.

Once again, Midi Festival must be shitting their pants right about now. They've got a big weekend lined up in Century Park and have a fair bit riding on Mr Big playing on the Friday night....

Century Park to host Midi Festival in May?

Picture 1.pngRemember this? Well, word on the weibo is that Midi Festival has been confirmed for Century Park on the 6th, 7th and 8th of May....

Vote for bands at Midi 2010

Picture 1.pngI'm not sure anyone knows where it will be exactly yet or, given previous years' dramas, whether it'll take place or not, but Midi is inviting bands to sign up for Midi 2010 at the moment. Obviously, they'll pick the big bands themselves, but lesser-known bands (i.e. anyone who is not multi-award-winning Miserable Faith) can sign up now for a chance of playing the festival.

There's even a MySpace minisite where bands can put up a song and have people vote for them. Last time I checked, Shanghai was fairly under-represented, with only Joker and Bremen in there at the minute. I'm not sure how binding the voting system is, but getting exposure at Midi could be a big help to a band, so if you're on MySpace, go login and get voting. The site is here.

Midi Shanghai cancelled already

midisurfer.jpgSome things never change eh? Back at the beginning of September I posted about rumours of a Shanghai Midi festival:

"Plans are for it to take place in Zhabei district's Daning Lingshi Park (the one with the beach near Circus World) on November 7th, 8th and 9th. The line-up will apparently feature several local bands including Top Floor Circus, Cold Fairyland, The Mushrooms, Sonnet and Yuguo."
The protracted Midi rumours we get every year meant that I was a little skeptical as to whether it'd actually take place or not and, surprise surprise, the whole thing has fallen through.

No sooner had Midi put out an official announcement about it, then before you could say "permit problems" they were back-tracking and saying that the festival wasn't going ahead after all. Sigh. China Music Radar has the story here.

Midi Shanghai: for real this time?

midizhenjiang.jpgIs a Shanghai Midi finally on the cards? Rumour has it that there will be a three-day Midi School-organised festival in early November in Shanghai. Plans are for it to take place in Zhabei district's Daning Lingshi Park (the one with the beach near Circus World) on November 7th, 8th and 9th. The line-up will apparently feature several local bands including Top Floor Circus, Cold Fairyland, The Mushrooms, Sonnet and Yuguo. It sounds as if this festival could be a "上海站" ("Shanghai station") for Midi, perhaps in collaboration with other cities/stations around the country. 

Though I've had this information on good authority, this is probably still one for you to file under "I'll believe it when I see it". When a music festival is announced in China (and this one's not yet official) it's never really certain that it will take place until usually a couple of days before - and some times even that's no guarantee. Midi, for some reason, seems to be particularly adept at creating their own melodramas in the run up to their events and generates more gossip and rumours than all the other festivals put together. Just a few weeks ago, the word was of Midi going to Chengdu, the current talk is of it being in Wuhan and there's even whispers about a Midi in Anhui in 2010. Add to that the failed attempt to bring Midi to Shanghai back in May (when it ended up being in Zhenjiang instead) and you've got yourself a recipe for skepticism.

It'd be great to have a festival like Midi in Shanghai, but, if it does come, is Lingshi Park really the place to put it? It hardly seems big enough to be honest. JZ have got their annual jazz festival out in the huge Century Park in Pudong in mid-October - a different breed of festival of course, but a far more suitable venue you'd think.

Then again, Midi Shanghai is still a long way from being confirmed. Don't get too excited just yet.

Midi moving to Chengdu?

Click here for more Midi Zhenjiang photosUPDATE, July 28: Those Midi rumour machines are spluttering into action early. The latest story? Midi will hold a festival in Anhui province in 2010. Don't hold your breath.

There's been some mutterings on Douban for a while about Midi Festival heading to Chengdu for the October holiday and now China Music Radar has heard some whispers that have led them to post on it too. Midi of course upped sticks from Beijing earlier this year in favour of Zhenjiang and it seems that the success of that festival has emboldened them to look even further afield. The Zebra Festival in Chengdu, which was also held in May and featured a pretty impressive line-up, went down well over there and Midi would expect a similar response. Nothing official has been announced yet, but organiser Zhang Fan has spoken before about a desire to take Midi on the road and stated back in May that "for the 11th Midi we'll go to another important city".

On the Douban thread there's a few upset Beijingers moaning about Midi not being in the capital again. But I kind of like the idea of a Midi on tour, hitting different cities and provinces. Maybe that's because I can afford to get to most of them without too much hassle, but it's also because Midi is really the only festival in China with the sort of reputation that Glastonbury enjoys in the UK - i.e. people will go just because it's Midi. As one commenter on the thread said, "where Midi goes, I go". This sort of name recognition means exposure for bands that people might not have otherwise gone to see and hopefully benefits the local scene wherever Midi decides to put on a festival.

I'm not suggesting that Midi will revolutionise the music scenes in Chengdu or particularly in Zhenjiang, but it can't hurt. Chengdu's music scene is pretty small at present, even smaller than Shanghai's. The excellent 声音与玩具 are from there and there's a venue which I love called The Little Bar (effectively Chengdu's Yuyintang), but not an awful lot else. At least, not that I'm aware of. Feel free to point out my Shanghai-based ignorance in the comments below if you have better information on Chengdu.


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