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Nickles sampler and new music venue

3926447643-1.jpgNichols of Rainbow Danger Club and Death to Giants fame has released a solo sampler for his forthcoming Tongue-in-Beats project. Here's what he says about it:

This 3-song sampler was released on my birthday. It is the precursor to a more complete work called Tongue-in-Beats, a collection of mashups, remixes and originals borrowing heavily from samples of Language-learning CDs, Dirty South MCs, Classic Prog Rock Bands and 20th Century Russian Composers...basically things that are always on my iPod anyways.

And here's where you can hear it.

In other news, it looks like there's soon to be a new livehouse in town. Check out more information on that here.

Old video: Rainbow Danger Club's album release

If you haven't figured it out yet, the main action on Kungfuology has now switched back here. But I finally managed to get some old videos off my camera, so thought I'd share them at last. This is the first of a few from Rainbow Danger Club's album release back in March. Give it a click.

Night of Comedy and Horror, Yuyintang

a 024.jpgI left this event a little earlier than I would have liked so didn't see all the bands on what was a big and broad bill. It was a well-organised event and there was a good turn out for it, the first from the newly-launched Zangnan Recordings. They had a varied line-up too, with Ann kicking things off before overlapping sets from Ho-Tom the Conqueror and The Song Dynasty, a comedy interlude from Kungfu Comedy, The Dudettes, Stegosaurus? and Rainbow Danger Club.

Of those, I'd like to focus on Ann as this was the first time I'd seen them live. In short, they were great. They play a sort of post-rock-sounding music but with a singer - at least, for most of the set, she left the stage for the final track or two. They have a really good sound and incorporated a guzheng and flute into their set on Friday. It might sound a little cheesy, but it worked and I came away really impressed with what they're doing. Hopefully they'll play a bit more live as their gigs seem to be a bit few and far between at the moment, but credit to Zangnan for getting them on the bill. You can check out Ann's Douban here, scroll down a bit and there's some demos to listen to.

Something for the weekend

Tonight, Yuyintang hosts an evening of Comedy and Horror (and music) courtesy of Zangnan Recordings. Rainbow Danger Club, Stegosaurus?, Ann, Ho-Tom the Conqueror and The Song Dynasty (that's them in the video on the right here, more here and here) provide the straight up musical side of things, but there's stand-up comedy as well and a bit of both from The Dudettes. Details.

MAO Livehouse meanwhile welcomes back always entertaining Mongolian folk-rockers Hanggai. They had a bit of bad luck with their last show here as you may recall, so here's hoping Friday the 13th goes smoothly for them. Details.

Up at Live Bar, you've got Puppets of Distortion, Tang Trio, Sep and the delightfully-named Pinky Cock. Details.

696 Live hosts a folk show tonight with Xiao Wei headlining. Details.

Saturday and Sunday after the jump

Break for Borneo CD release, Yuyintang

7 128.jpgIt's taken me a couple of days to get around to writing this, but then it took Break for Borneo a little while to get around to having a physical release of their CD so I guess we're even. Sort of. If you missed the CD release and haven't downloaded the album yet, you can do it for free right here. The CD release had become part of a 24 hour festival thing at YYT that had kicked off at 3pm and the venue felt pretty festival-ly when I got there in the evening, with people all face-painted up and wearing odd headgear etc. It was the perfect vibe for Break for Borneo's summery feel-good tropical rock and the crowd really got into their performance, which also featured a cameo from Adam Gaensler

Duck Fight Goose had opened the night incidentally, but I got there late and missed their set. I was disappointed to have missed them, but even with them out of the equation, the remaining three bands made for a strong line-up. Rainbow Danger Club followed Break for Borneo and managed to get into the tropical rock theme. An expectant roar went up from the crowd during the opening notes of 'Neighbours on the Rooftop', but it wasn't quite the song they expected - instead, the band performed a reworked version of the track in a reggae-like style.

Pay what you want for this little beauty

maps-cover.jpgThat includes $0 if you really want to be a tight arse about it. Whatever you pay, you won't regret it, this is a great album. Get clicking.
rainbow danger club album release 038.jpgMad professors, crowd-surfing teddy bears and story book readings. At a time when most bands in Shanghai seem to be recording or about to release records, Rainbow Danger Club set a high bar for album release parties last night. You need to do something special when you have bands supporting you such as Pairs and Friend or Foe, bands who regular introduce an element of theatre into their performances (last night was no different, with Xiao Zhong nearly eating the drum stall and Friend or Foe entering via a cops and robbers skit). But Rainbow Danger Club gave a triumphant performance last night to give their excellent new album a fitting release.

Despite a busy Friday night, they drew a good crowd to Live Bar and overcame technical difficulties, which they turned into an impromptu song, to put on a memorable show. After Pairs and Friend or Foe had played typically entertaining sets, the headliners opened with Professor Levi from Stegosaurus? reading a passage to start the story. Cameos from other Stegosaurus? members followed including Dr Bren, Ultraman and a bizarre freak called Bobo. The whole thing was backed with fantastic visuals from Tina Sprinkles as well.

Not that the antics distracted from the songs and performance of the band. They had the crowd enthralled from the start and by the time they played 'Drown the Creatures' toward the end of their set, Live Bar was filled with the 'bom bom bombom bom bom bombom' of the chorus. All in all, it was a fantastic night.

UPDATE: Check out some more photos from the night here.

Tonight: Rainbow Danger Club's album release

live bar feb 26 023.jpgThere's a few shows going on tonight, but really, you and I have both known for a while that I was going to head to Live Bar. Rainbow Danger Club have become one of my favourite Shanghai bands and their album release is an event not to be missed. I was lucky enough to get an advance copy of the new LP, Where Maps End, a couple of weeks ago and I've hardly stopped listening to it since. I can't believe you don't know this already, but tonight the album gets its release at Live Bar and it promises to be quite a show. Here's a few links to get you in the mood:

Listen to 'Enduring Love' from the new album
Download the EP (if for some bizarre reason you haven't done so already)
Read Zack Smith on why this is 'one of the most anticipated albums in Shanghai rock's recent history'
Listen to a couple of tracks from the album and read an interview with Nichols over at SmartShanghai

Decisions, decisions (part one)

It may only be Wednesday, but this weekend is such a big one for live music that it's a good idea to start making your plans now. First up, these are your choices for Friday:


Click on the images above to see them nice and big and easy to read like.

Videos from Saturday night at Live Bar

On Saturday night at Live Bar I took a video of Rainbow Danger Club doing 'Drown the Creatures' and it came out pretty well if I do say myself. Unfortunately, the file seems to be corrupted or something because I can't load it onto any computers. It plays fine on my camera but... bah technology. Luckily a few other people were filming too.

Shanghai24/7 have a couple of videos here while the one of X is Y on the right here comes from this page where you'll find a whole load of clips from the evening. The man with the movie camera was Bren from Stegosaurus? so many thanks to him for sharing and making me slightly less annoyed about my own video failure.

Pairs, RDC, X is Y and BCR at Live Bar

live bar feb 26 039.jpgThis was the best show I've been to in a while. Partly that's because there's not been much else going on recently, but mostly it was because this was four excellent bands playing a packed out venue and all were on top form. I've noted before that it takes a while to get to Live Bar if you live down town, but the new space is a vast improvement on the old one and this show was definitely worth the trip. Plenty of people made it too - the room was packed out from beginning to end and even the space outside the venue was fairly crowded with people.

That's not a big surprise really, given that four of the city's best bands were in attendance and the whole thing was free. Things kicked off with Pairs who were on fine form. They played a couple of new tracks and, though no five kuai notes were thrown, Xiao Zhong and F did have a bunch of flowers thrown at them part way through the set. Also, you might have read this article about how Xiao Zhong has always ripped off other bands when starting his own bands, but we found out on Saturday night that Pairs' 'I Want to Die in the Ocean' is actually a reworking of Arcade Fire's 'Wake Up'. Who knew?

Next up were Rainbow Danger Club who are warming up for their album release at the same venue on March 18. If you weren't already excited about that show, then Saturday night's performance should have put you in the right frame of mind. The band performed a rousing set, complete with reworked versions of 'Drown the Creatures' and 'Neighbours on the Rooftops', that had the crowd enraptured. By the time they rounded off with 'Enduring Love', couples were spontaneously dancing together at the front. They were outstanding and frankly a hard act to follow. And yet...

First listen: Rainbow Danger Club's 'Enduring Love'

31.jpgEmbedded after the jump is a song from the forthcoming Rainbow Danger Club album, Where Maps End. The track is called 'Enduring Love'. I strongly recommend you listen to it.

It's fair to say that this is a pretty highly-anticipated record, and understandably so - Rainbow Danger Club have built quite a reputation through their live shows and last year's free EP. You can get your hands on the album at Live Bar on March 18, where they'll be playing with Pairs and Friend or Foe, but don't wait that long to see them live, get to Live Bar this Saturday and watch them with Boys Climbing Ropes, X is Y and Pairs.

And while we're talking about Live Bar, you might want to head up there on Friday night too where you'll find The Fever Machine and friends are tearing it up.  The artwork here isn't necessarily the artwork for the album incidentally, just one of the entries into their album art competition that I like.

Reasons to be cheerful

p853117947.jpgIt's fair to say that the last few weeks haven't been packed full of gigs in Shanghai. But that's always to be expected at this time of year and with Yuyintang reopened and Mao Livehouse opening up again in March, things are looking up. There's a couple of shows on this weekend at YYT, but next weekend is when it all kicks off again (and I'm not even counting Mrs Nas) with Boys Climbing Ropes, Rainbow Danger Club, X is Y and Pairs at Live Bar. Here's a quick round up of other bands/shows heading your way at various venues around town in the next few weeks and months in the order that I remembered them (more details once they're closer)*.

Rainbow Danger Club album release party
Break for Borneo album release party
Moon Tyrant album release party
Shanghai 24/7 launch party with BCR, DFG X is Y and Ho Tom
Lots of Trash a Go Go/MT Hooligans shows
More Fever Machine and friends shows including one with Old Doll and Miku from Nanjing
Hedgehog album release
Bigger Bang
A big Japanese post-rock band returning
Then there's all those festival rumours too

Plus, don't forget about JUE (running in March and April), which includes a Maybe Mars showcase with the long-awaited return of Snapline and AV Okubo, Duck Fight Goose and Pairs.

* These are just a few of the shows going on that I've stuck here to make up for the fact that posting has been light recently and it is in no way meant to be a conclusive list. There's probably some whopping omissions, so feel free to leave more shows in the comments.
22.jpgTitle of the post says it all really. Here's a reminder of what you've got to do:


  • Medium: You are free to use any medium you want like: water-color, painting, collage, photography, illustration, graphic design, etc. (or any combination of these)
  • Style: Can be simple like a child's drawing, or can be complex with mixed limits!
  • Dimensions: Square
  • Art Direction:
    • An old sailing ship (simply-drawn) falling off the edge of the earth
    • A very, very large moon with stars and clouds in the background
    • Design should have an old "vintage" look - like a color illustration from 1850s - 1930s, or an old, weathered photograph
    • Have a magical, childish, but somewhat scary feel (the band's music is a combination of magical, scary stories)
    • Link here to download some reference images for inspiration


  • All submissions must be receive by February 15, 2010.  Send your submissions with "Rainbow Danger Club" in the subject

And here's the link, which also features the entries so far including the one above from Bren.

The album will be out on March 18th incidentally, when the band will play a show up at Live Bar supported by Pairs amongst others. That means that the 18th is shaping up to be one hell of a night for gigs - a classic 'difficult decisions' night with three big shows on one night (more details soon). Regardless of where you end up going, Rainbow Danger Club's new album is definitely something to get excited about.

Shanghai bands on The Guardian

p442773267.jpgTwo Shanghai bands have been featured on The Guardian recently, with Rainbow Danger Club and Duck Fight Goose both getting mentions on the British newspaper's website. 

First up, the MAP project featured Rainbow Danger Club's 'Neighbours on the Rooftops'. The Music Alliance Pact asks 35 blogs around the world to post up their track of the month each month, with my good friend Henry Barnes doing the honours for The Guardian. Last month's offering of the RDC track came from Wooozy. See the full list here.

After that, Duck Fight Goose were picked out by Louis Pattison as a band to watch in 2011 in The Guardian's round up of international acts to look out for this year. You can read that article, with some comments from Shanghai's own Dan Shapiro, right here.

Are you watching Beijing?

Design Rainbow Danger Club's new album cover

image-20101102-od169co3eixl99tsgboh_t570.jpgOne of Shanghai's best bands, Rainbow Danger Club, are bringing out an album very soon (probably March) and they're looking for a little help in creating the cover art for it. Following last year's excellent EP, the band are currently putting the finishing touches to a full length record and are seeking designs for the cover from local-based artists. Your hard work won't go unrewarded either, with a 1200RMB prize up for grabs for the best entry and the possibility of your artwork appearing on MTV Iggy. If you fancy your hand at gracing the sleeve of what will doubtless be a great CD, click here for full details. Hint: don't do something like this image, they've done that already.

Listen: Rainbow Danger Club's new EP

image-20101102-od169co3eixl99tsgboh_t570.jpgI wrote a while back about how I was looking forward to Rainbow Danger Club's new EP. Well here it is (h/t Mr Shapiro). Go, go, go

The Fever Machine and friends at Yuyintang

e312859.jpgNo promotional problems here. Despite going up against a whole bunch of other high profile events such as the JZ Festival in Century Park and the opening night of Shanghai Pride, the Shapiro publicity machine did its job and pulled in a big crowd for four of the city's best bands last night.

Rainbow Danger Club kicked things off with a great set. Jesse from the band was kind enough to send me a couple of mp3s the other day of demos from the CD they're currently working on and I've had them on repeat ever since. They're a quality band with a great sound and I can't wait to hear the CD when it comes out.

The Instigation were on next and caused the biggest ruckus of the night with their shouty punk. Singer Simon sang from in front of the speakers rather than on stage, marching up and down at the front of the crowd and occasionally getting drawn into the group of people throwing themselves around like crazy. It was a good show.

The Fever Machine took to the stage after them and produced the solid rawk display that you'd expect. Again it was a performance from a band of quality musicians on a night full of them. The band had a couple of new tracks added in to their repertoire and they're another act who are hopefully thinking of laying down a CD soon. In the meantime, you can listen to, and download, some of their tracks here.

Duck Fight Goose were last on and, despite it being 1am by the time they took to the stage, a big crowd stuck around to watch them. They weren't disappointed. The band have received a lot of hype in the local media in recent months and with good reason: they are fucking brilliant. The only worry is that they're going to run out of room on the YYT stage to put all their pedals and effects gadgets - every time they've added something new (last night it was this white, iPad-like box with a glowing red screen, not sure what that was). Their CD should be out next month and to say that I'm excited about it doesn't even come close.

All in all, a great night with four top notch bands.

Last minute event: Dragon Boat rock

e253415.jpgThey're a bit late putting this out there, but Yuyintang are throwing a Dragon Boat party tonight with five bands playing. Here's how the line-up looks:

9:30-10:00 X is Y 
10:10-10:50 Thruoutin 
11:00-11:15 Anita Shwanz and the Dudettes 
11:20- 12:00 Break for Borneo 
12:00-late Rainbow Danger Club

X is Y I wrote about back here. Thruoutin is from Beijing apparently, though his MySpace says Ningbo. Whatever, listen in here. There's some more on Anita here. You can listen to Break for Borneo's EP right here.Rainbow Danger Club meanwhile are here

It's 30 kuai to get in and all the event details are here. So now you know - those of you with holiday can pop along.

Music Fever are doing stuff

fever.JPGI've written a fair bit about Zhu Lu He Feng and all the stuff that they're up to (new track from MR. here by the way), but I haven't really written much about Music Fever, another locally-based music collective. Well, this post is an attempt to redress that balance a bit.

Founded at the beginning of this year, Music Fever is headed up by Fanqie Chaodan, Sunny (from New Vector and Runaway Snail), Tong and Wang Er Xiao. They've organised a number of events in the last few months, mainly featuring local bands and folk artists and this Saturday they've got another one coming up at MAO Livehouse. That pits them against a different type of fever, namely The Fever Machine (with Pairs, Rainbow Danger Club and X is Y at YYT, details here), but there's enough difference in the genres to mean there shouldn't be too much clash. 

The Music Fever event is called Here Comes the Spring and features a six act line-up including Mogu Hong, April (from Beijing), V-Day (from Nanjing), Runaway Snail and New Vector. They're also releasing a CD at the same time (listen to some of it here) featuring tracks from the aforementioned artists along with others. There's a full tracklisting and more details here.

Anyway, here's the full details for the event and if you dig the folk stuff and can bear to miss The Fever Machine at YYT and Ben Houge's pop set at Not Me, then this is one to check out.

Stegosaurus? CD release at Yuyintang

steg.JPG"Stegosaurus in da house / Stegosaurus burn it down / Check the mic and pass it round / Y'all dinosaur's is goin' down"

Exactly. I love that song. Sorry Dan. It opens Stegosaurus?'s new CD and they opened their set with it last night. It rocks. The CD's really good too. I'm not sure how you can get it now if you weren't at the gig last night, but I assume it'll be available at their other gigs or something. Anyway, you should get your hands on it. Last night it got a good release party too, with a good turn out and a load of top performances, including from the Stegosaurus? boys themselves of course. Congratulations to them.

There were roughly 642 bands on the bill last night, so when I wandered in around 9ish a whole load of people had already been on. I got there as Baby #13 were finishing off and didn't quite make it into the main room to see them. Rainbow Danger Club were up next. Experimental rock is I guess how you classify them, though they probably rail against things like classifications of music. They pull out all the artsy rock things, last night they played guitars with sticks and did some vocals through a megaphone (and that was just the first song), but, having seen them a few times now, I quite like them. Oddly, there was a slower conventional rock song somewhere in the middle of their set, but overall it was pretty interesting stuff and I think they've got a good sound.

Dragon Pizza came on after that and gave a typical Dragon Pizza performance, i.e. they were great. It wasn't exactly their usual crowd, but they're one of those bands who don't really know how to give a lacklustre performance - they just go all out every time. Yuki's got a job as Stage Manager or Performance Manager or something at the Japanese pavilion at Expo, so this was their last show for a while - at least until after Expo - which is a shame, because I always enjoy watching them play.

Boys Climbing Ropes were on next. Meh. Then Stegosaurus closed the night out with stage fights, costumes and big balloons filled with glitter. Good stuff.

Got any plans this weekend?

If so and they don't include the below then drop them, drop them now. This weekend is a cracker. Check it out:

Friday night has instrumental rock outfit Triple Smash returning from their tour to play a special thank you gig. FAF are in support. Yep, the band featured here and in the video embedded in this post.

Saturday sees Beijing's TOOKOO combine with Bigger Bang! for a potentially explosive night. Last time Bigger Bang were in town it was a great show and some people got pretty excited about them at Zhangbei too. TOOKOO are a quality act as well. More on that here.

Sunday has brilliant Canadian folksters Great Lake Swimmers in town. Should be a good 'un.

And that's just at Yuyintang. MAO Livehouse has Joe Chou on Friday - check out an excellent article about him by friend of the blog Tom Mangione over on SmartShanghai by pointing your mouse here and using your clicking finger.

Then they've got Sonata Arctica on Sunday, while Live Bar has the band with the fake CV on Friday (actually, you might want to give that one a miss) and Bremen, Rainbow Danger Club, Truth and Unlucky Bear on the Saturday.

So much musical goodness. Sod the cold, get out there.

Han Han launches Good Jive

e175425.jpgAndy and I have spoken/written before about the search for a new Shanghai sound, or at least the attempts to shake off the cheesy rock label handed the city in the late '90s and early '00s. One emerging sound is emo, as Andy has written here. Definitely check out the FAF video here too, it's a corker. If you like what you see/hear, you can download the track for free off their Douban page

But the real reason we started talking about this was because of the crop of Miniless-affiliated bands in the city. Muscle Snog produced a fantastic album late last year, Boojii had a record out too (brilliant band, but I'm still to hear the CD) and the emergence of Duck Fight Goose led us to ponder whether Shanghai might become known for more experimental rock. 

Now, Han Han has launched Good Jive, an organisation whose aim is exactly that. Good Jive is a loosely defined organisation but, according to Han Han, the idea is to promote more interesting types of music in Shanghai and act as a counter-weight to what he sees as too much pop-rock in the city. 

If you're still not up to speed on who Han Han is, he's in Lava/Ox/Sea and Duck Fight Goose and recently joined Boojii. Originally based in Hefei, but now living in Shanghai, he also helped found Miniless records and has a fantastic approach to music and the community here. This was his view on the aims of Miniless when I interviewed him back in June last year:

'Hmmmmm...maybe to spread something, but only spreading, not pushing. It's a little hard to explain that "something", I'd rather say we are trying to bring young people an option. Yes, an optional option. This is also the mission. And I hope this option could help the growth of a certain "Scene", which is totally different than the others in other countries'

Check out a great interview with him here too, from a year previous to mine. 

With such views and with Han Han at the helm, it'll be interesting to see how this goes and what impact Good Jive has on the local music scene here - whether it can help foster more experimental bands in Shanghai. 

Good Jive's first event will be at Yuyintang on January 15 and will feature Duck Fight Goose, Rainbow Danger Club, Attractive Rootine and Boys Climbing Ropes.


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