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It's a big weekend of live music

p458963873.jpgUPDATE: Check out the comments where a couple of people in the know have made up for my ill-informed support act ramblings.

So things are supposed to quieten down here in the summer. Someone forgot to tell the local promoters evidently, as there's a whole bunch of 'shit, I'm really not sure which show to go to' moments coming up this weekend. Here's how it's going down:


Not Me, FREE! It might not be live exactly, but Sacco's Indie Heart Attack is off. The. Hook. Go, go, go.


MAO Livehouse, 40RMB. Duck Fight Goose and Boojii bring their Adventure of Strange Rock tour back home with a show at MAO. The Fever Machine are in support so make sure you get there promptly (9pm). As if that wasn't enough, the bill is completed by 8 Eye Spy, the Nanjing experimental rock act whose album Yang Haisong says is the record he's most proud of (he produced it).

Zhijiang Dream Factory, 150RMB. Caribou, the Canadian guy and his band, not the Pixies song, hit town thanks to the good people at Splitworks. Not sure who's in support, but it's a big show all the same.


MAO Livehouse, 80RMB. By all accounts excellent Beijing bluegrass act The Redbucks come down our way to promote their new album.

Not Me, 25RMB. The latest Mini-E showcase sees Sun Ye take prominence with new material and remixes of his stuff by ZiSTER and MHP, the other two acts to play on the night.

Yuyintang, 40RMB. More Canadian band action as Jets Overhead land at Yuyintang. If you were at Midi in Zhenjiang last year, you probably remember them. The brilliant Pairs are in support, which makes for a nice match up at 40 kuai.

696 Livehouse, 50RMB. 696 haven't revealed the name of the local band that they've booked to play tonight. Wonder why? Maybe they're a bit controversial or something? Who knows? They're promising a (ahem) top (ahem) act though so might be worth heading up to Hongkou for a look...

That lot should keep you busy anyway.

Is it the weekend already?

beatbandits.jpgPretty much, yeah. So other than watching England cock things up in the World Cup against a country who don't even call the game football, there's a bunch of top gigs coming your way. Here's a cursory run down.


Alright, so there's an all-girl band event going on up at 696 which is very right on and everything (Ann, Miss Panda and Machiato are the bands), but let's face it Friday comes down to a straight fight to the death between The King Khan and BBQ Show and the Queen of Fucking Everything. Who's your money on?

In the blue corner: The King Khan and BBQ Show. At YYT with The Fever Machine (interview here) and The Beat Bandits. Totally crazy and weird. Plus, they split up the other day and have only just reformed after some fucked up shit at the Sydney Opera House or something. 

In the red corner: Subs. At MAO Livehouse with Boys Climbing Ropes and Pinkberry. Subs back in town after over a year away and with a new album to boot. China's best live band plus local favourites BCR and Pinkberry in support isn't too shabby. As has been stated elsewhere, 'expect death and mayhem'. 


This one's probably an easier choice, even if the main show of the night was completely passed over by another so-called music preview out there on the interwebs. You've got the Summer Rock Party up at 696 with Max, Sear, Purple Planet and a whole bunch of others, but down at Yuyintang it's the third installation of Han Han's Good Jive night. 

Good Jive's bill looks a little like this: Ho-Tom the Conqueror (possibly with a new line-up featuring the Curry Soap), X is Y (top notch math rock), Stegosaurus? (good times rock and on stage antics), The Beat Bandits (excellent garage rock) and Sun Ye (legend).

And that's pretty much how it looks for the weekend.

Mini E at Yuyintang

mini-e.jpgLast night saw another of the Mini E showcases at Yuyintang. Mini E is the electronic spin off of the Miniless label. They were behind Sun Ye's excellent Trash Can album and feature a number of local electronic artists on their books. These days, they're mostly headed up by Zister of Confirm-X who has started organising regular showcases for the acts. There was one about a month ago on a Thursday night and there'll be one at Not Me in early July as well fronted by Sun Ye.

I went to the one a month ago or so and really enjoyed it. Here's what I wrote back then. Last night's event was a similar story really - the music was great, but the turn out was disappointing. Numbers were similar to the last one, but that was on a Thursday and on a Friday night you'd expect more. It did pick up a bit toward the end with the dancefloor filling up a little, but it still wasn't as busy as it should have been. Maybe the venue is part of the problem, it's debatable how suitable YYT is for these kind of shows. Not Me seems like a more suitable venue so maybe it'll go down better there.

Hopefully that one will be more of a success. The Mini E collective are doing some great things and producing some really good music - they just need more people to take notice. They also need the local crowd to appreciate local artists instead of just going to these megaclubs with DJ Whoever who is number whatever on such and such DJ list. That stuff is pish. Mini E aren't.

Here's a few links to some of the artists on Mini-E so you can listen yourself:

Sun Ye

Triple trouble

3way.JPGSo it's my time of the month. The time where blog posts slow down and no one sees or hears from me unless they happen to be in the office with me. But let's say I were expecting to be anywhere other than sat in front of a computer tonight - come on, just pretend - then I would face one of those big decisions that define a man. Or something like that. Basically, there's three pretty decent gigs on tonight for those of you with lives to choose from. Here's the run down, in no particular order:

MAO Livehouse - Revitalisation of Shanghai Rock part 2
The Revitalisation series makes the step up to the big stage for part two. Ambitious. Manbanpai open up, followed by Candy Shop, Momo, Little Nature and FAF, though probably not in that order.
9pm, 40RMB

Yuyintang - Strange Rock Trip
Duck Fight Goose and Boojii are back from their travels for a bit. Hurrah! Rank and New Vector are in support. But wait, there's more - as exclusively revealed on this here blog earlier in the week, Vivien Fan is planning on playing a new song with Sunny from New Vector. 
9pm, 40RMB

LOgO - eXpo CD Release
Neocha's compilation CD gets a big old release party down on Xingfu Lu. Beijing's iLoop and our own Sun Ye are among those playing (meaning you can probably make it after Yuyintang, given that Sun Ye is in one of the bands), but the headliners are The Band of RPG, a brilliant synth rock act from Xi'an. 
10pm, 30RMB

Mini-E at Yuyintang

P4150837.jpgI didn't get to see as much of the Mini-E showcase at YYT last night as I would have liked. I had good reasons though. First off, I got there late because I went to see Ho-Tom The Conqueror playing at Fanfare earlier on in the evening. Tom's a good friend of mine, but luckily he doesn't suck - in fact, he's really good - so I can recommend his shows with a clear conscience. Seriously, he has some great songs and last night he punctuated them with some spoken word stuff. It was really good. He was followed by 周勇 who also seemed like a really strong performer. Unfortunately, I only caught one of his songs as I wanted to head to YYT. Fortunately, you can catch them both in action at next week's New Faces Underground show at Yuyintang on Wednesday. Here's the details.

I also have to admit to bailing a little earlier than I would have normally, because I wanted to go catch a bit of Grandmaster Flash at MAO. Yeah, I know that seems a bit hypocritical given that most of what follows is an appeal for more Mini-E events, but there you have it. 

So Mini-E then. It was a modest turn out, a few regulars including the Stegosaurus? boys (did we mention they've got a CD out this weekend?) and their collaborator Xiao Bai (listen here) with a few friends of the acts, but this was a Thursday night after all. The music was great though. I got in part way through Sun Ye's set and everyone seemed to be enjoying it. You've probably realised this by now, but I'm a big fan of Sun Ye's stuff. Check out more on him here

Something for the weekend

new Sun Ye.jpgHello again. So yeah, things have been even slower than normal here the last week or so. As you might have read, me Mum was here (she's fine, thanks for asking) and she takes precedent over this blog I'm afraid. Still, she's safe and sound back in the UK now so I'll be back to it. Not that she's not into her music incidentally (she digs Glamourous Pharmacy and Liu Kun's new solo album), just that we went travelling last weekend instead of gigging.

Anyway. It's a good weekend to get back into the fray because there's a whole load of stuff going on. Here's a run down if, like me, you fancy heading once more unto the breach:


Yep, things get going early this weekend with the Mini-E showcase over at Yuyintang. That's Sun Ye, Confirm-X, SIG, MHP and DJ Mia all on the one night. Can't wait.

Before that, down at Fanfare (528 Fahuazhen Lu, near Dingxi Lu) at 7.30pm there's another showcase of local-based musicians with the highlight being Ho-Tom the Conqueror. Go check it out. If you do happen to miss him playing there, then make sure you catch Ho-Tom at New Faces Underground next Wednesday. Details of that here.


I might be a bit busy with this (ahem), but Friday sees lo-fi electronica dude I am Robot and Proud at YYT and the big Britpop Comes to China thingy at MAO Livehouse (while it still stands). Old Live Bar meanwhile has Pairs (more on them here) playing.


Music Fever (a new local-based collective) have their first night up at Yangpu Live Bar with New Vector and Black Luna on the bill amongst others, Pairs play the other Live Bar (696), while Stegosaurus? release their CD at YYT. I'm playing that CD right now and it's great. Plus the whole line-up is brilliant with Dragon Pizza in the mix and some talk of free actual pizza. Some band called Boys Climbing Ropes are playing with them as well. Which is a shame, because I quite wanted to catch Beijing band Cassette who are at MAO Livehouse with Candy Shop and X is Y that night. Luckily for me though...


...Cassette play LOgO on Sunday. Pinkberry are on the bill too, together with Stegosaurus? again. Great stuff. Cassette's singer contacted me a while back about playing down this way and took tips from Pu Pu when booking the gigs here so they should do well. Of course, that CD release is probably where I'll be on Saturday, but I definitely recommend making the trip out on Sunday to catch them at LOgO. Click their name above to have a listen to their stuff.

Neocha release Expo CD

eXpo-@-NeochaEDGE.jpgYou might have got the impression from a few obtuse mentions here and there that this blog isn't massively excited about the event that starts in May in Shanghai. There's been a few clues that Andy isn't particularly enamoured by it either. Let's hope we're wrong. It'd be great if the Expo is a celebration of local and international culture and music and that the underground venues and local bands that we love are allowed to perform unhindered, or at least to the extent that they are normally. But we'll see.

That said, not everyone holds this doomsday view of the whole thing. Take Neocha for example, they've just announced plans to release a CD 'in celebration of the World Expo'. Entitled eXpo, the album will be a 'ten track compilation showcasing the leading independent electronic artists in China' and true enough features Sun Ye, ZLOX, B6 and a Shanghai Restoration Project remix of a Mogu Hong track. The album follows Neocha's other excellent compilations, Tomorrow's Afternoon Tea (female acts/bands with female vocalists) and Post Rock (err, post rock). You can find more info on the CD, to be released on May 4th, right here

If independent electronic ish is your bag, then you need to get yourself to 696 Livehouse this Saturday for the Mini-E showcase featuring amongst others Sun Ye, SIG and MHP all of whom feature on the eXpo CD. If you get diverted by Reflector at YYT or Trash a Go-Go at LOgO instead however, you can always head to YYT on Thursday 15th for pretty much the same line-up. More details on the Mini-E thingy here.

696 Livehouse is back

696livebar.jpgRemember when 696 Livehouse opened down on Weihai Lu? Don't worry if you don't, it was a pretty short-lived residency. Opened under the Live Bar name in July, it was all over less than six months later. But now they're back.

Not quite as convenient as their last spot, the new venue is up in Hongkou, in the 188 Creative Park on Dongjiangwan Lu. I'm not going to lie to you, I haven't been up there to check it out yet, but it looks like a decent space from the photos they've got here. Pretty small would be my guess, but there's nowt wrong with that.

Already booked in for early next month is a Mini-E (that's the Miniless electronic spin off) showcase featuring your man Sun Ye, Confirm-X and all the lo-fi electronic acts you love.

In other venue news, Yuyintang are now saying that they're going to stay open in May, even as the event that shall not be mentioned draws near. In fact, they say that May and June are full in terms of bands - international and local acts. Good news right? Well, sort of. The plan is to put on a load of instrumental jazz acts, at least initially. You can't get in trouble when there are no lyrics - that's the thinking anyway.

Boys Climbing Ropes-watch, plus other new tracks

bcr.jpgJust a week to go until BCR release their new EP, Except for the Darkness (it's no longer going to be called Jingan), a release you really ought to be excited about. As a taster, you can now listen to the track Saskatchewan by hitting up their Douban page right here. This is the flyer you can see next to this text, not sure if it's the album artwork, but it's a nice photo. So there you go. Oh yeah, they're being supported by Duck Fight Goose that night too. Unmissable.

In the meantime, here's some other new tracks for you:

Fearless have a new instrumental track here.

Lezi has a couple of new tracks up, including one called Harmonious (nudge nudge, wink wink) here.

Sun Ye has a new one, right here.

The Lanterns, a band who made a comeback recently, have put a new track up here

Andy's blog will have news from this weekend's gigs by the way, get on it. 

A few things to listen to and watch

| here's a round up of what's been put up on Douban recently.

There's a new track up from the Curry Soap, one of the acts that this blog likes to follow closely. It's called Old Hong Kong and you'll find it here.

Another track comes courtesy of Runaway Snail. Their's is called Argentinians' Melancholy and can be heard right here.

Army in the Cupboard is the name of a new track from Sun Ye, which you can have a listen to by following this link. It's pretty different from his other stuff, but as always I recommend you give it a go.

Chaos Mind have added a recording of Fxxk Me Hard taken from a practice session back in August. I'm not sure what Fxxk could mean, but it certainly rocks hard. Check it out here. They've also put up some videos of their recent YYT show, one of which is embedded on the right here. The rest are here.

Hama (her out of Second) has a new demo up as well. It's called Secret and is here. As a special New Year's treat, she's also made the track Philosopher available for download. You'll see it on her artist page as well.

Finally, Nanjing's 8 Eye Spy performed at D-22 in Beijing recently to celebrate the release of their new album, How Damn Far to Yinma Lane? There's a whole load of videos from the show and an interview with MOGO, right here

2009's best albums

a 074.jpgWith only a few hours of 2009 left, here's another "best of" list for you. It comes courtesy of Chengdu's CGrooves magazine and is a run down of the five best underground albums released in China in the past twelve months. You might recognise the author.

It's not up online yet so I can't link to it, but if you click on the image to the right here, it'll take you through to a high resolution picture where you should be able to make out the text on it if you really want to read it. Alternatively, if you don't already live there, you'll have to go over to Chengdu and get your hands on a copy (it's the December issue with the scary cover, as you can see). 

The albums, in no particular order, are:

Carsick Cars - You Can Listen, You Can Talk
Muscle Snog - Mind Shop
Sun Ye - Trash Can
24 Hours - No Party People
LAVA|OX|SEA - Next Episode: Lord Smart vs Dr Jin

New music on a cold Tuesday

maimai.jpgIf you're in Shanghai right now, you'll know it's freezing brass monkeys out there, as my Grandad used to say. If you're afraid to go outside and are huddled up in front of your computer, here's a few new tracks for you to warm your cockles on.

First up, a couple of Muscle Snog solo project songs for you. The first is from Mai Mai under the name Asthma Writers Union and is called analog box work 005. Listen to it here and remember that this Sunday is RESO 9 featuring Yan Jun. More on that here.

I mentioned the other day that Vivien from Muscle Snog, also known as the Curry Soap, has been re-recording some of her old songs and you can check those out here. You'll also see a couple of new things to listen to as well - This is Not a Sad Song and a lo-fi version of the same track. A lot of the stuff there is pretty minimal at the moment, but she's planning to record some new material with a collaborator that will be more in the vein of Little Northern Europe.

She's also going to be getting a little help from Sun Ye, who nevertheless has found time to upload a demo on his own Douban. He's called it Boojii Reserved, the name of the band he's in and their album, but I'm not too sure what the relationship is I'm afraid, as Reserved hasn't been released yet. See what you think by clicking here.

Far from reserved, Gia, formerly of Hang on the Box, has come out with a new album on Maybe Mars Modern Sky, humbly entitled The Brilliant Gia. She's recently uploaded a few tracks from said record right here.

Some other new songs coming out of the capital are courtesy of Casino Demon, who have put up two new tracks on their Douban. CD, incidentally, have taken a bit of a knock in the comments on CMR recently. Regardless of your view on the band, there's an interesting debate going on there surrounding the recent Sing for China tour of the US - go check it out.

Podcast Four: Muscle Snog "Call It Pop Song"


Correction: We were so hyped in the podcast that we called the song Not A Pop Song. It is, in fact, called Call It Pop Song.

Here it is then, podcast number four. In this week's outing, we ask whether all the hype was justified over Pet Conspiracy as well as discussing the MAO show in general and the bizarre case of the t-shirt snatching photographer. We also talk about Hanggai's bai jiu fuelled gig the following night at the Dream Factory before moving on to look at two very exciting upcoming CD releases - new albums from Muscle Snog and 8 Eye Spy. Finally, we take a look ahead to this weekend's action before playing you out with an exclusive Muscle Snog track, which we manage to give the wrong name to (Jake was thinking of the Curry Soap's This is Not a Sad Song at the time).

And here's the links to go with it all if you're the multi-tasking type:

Pet Conspiracy at MAO
The nudity and the hype
Pet Conspiracy on the MySpace
Boys Climbing Ropes
Duck Fight Goose
The write up
The photographers debate

Hanggai's MySpace
The write up

Maybe Noise
A little bit about Muscle Snog and their Douban
8 Eye Spy's MySpace
A review of RESO 8 (organised by Mai Mai)
the Curry Soap
A little bit about Sun Ye
[As we were recording, Maybe Mars released an announcement on Douban to say that Mind Shop is now on sale - allow a couple of days for it to get to Shanghai though]
Stockist details

Dan Shapiro's weekend preview
Candy Shop
Black Luna
Forget and Forgive
Why Andy can't forget or forgive Lightninger
Chaos Mind
Screaming Saviour
Six Shot
October Capricorn
Mr Chelonian

A little bit about Boojii

boojii.jpg"It's a bit of a freak," says Boojii's SanSan of their forthcoming album Reserved. "It's extremely sweet and extremely cold and bitter at the same time." Maybe so, but together with Muscle Snog's release of Mind Shop, the record is another important milestone for Shanghai's experimental indie scene.

Boojii have been around for a number of years, gigging sporadically, but with more consistency in the last 12 months. The band's name, says SanSan, doesn't really have any meaning. "There's no link to the band or the music or sexy films stars or anything like that - I just like it because it sounds cute. If I could choose another name it'd be 少女呕吐物 [Girl Vomit]." 

SanSan was formerly in 33Island and Boojii's other members - Sun Ye, Damen and Jiang Zhendong (also formerly of 33Island) - have all been, or are currently, involved in other prominent bands in Shanghai. SanSan is currently also part of Muscle Snog and Duck Fight Goose (together with Damen) two of the city's other leading experimental indie bands. So how does Boojii compare? "The main difference is that in Boojii, everyone has to listen to me!" she jokes.

Yet given the array of talent involved in the band, there is naturally plenty of collaboration. "I usually write the songs at first," says SanSan, "and then we'll play around with them when we practice and the others will all add their new ideas and thoughts. Once Sun Ye adds his guitar parts, there's more finesse to the songs. The process of putting together Boojii songs has always been very inspirational."

Love will tear us apart

Pinkberry drumsUPDATE: Maybe all the years of loud music have ruined my hearing, maybe all the years of drinking beer have ruined my memory, but either way I was wrong about what Morgan said. Check out the comments for clarification.
When I bumped into Sun Ye the other day, he told me he was getting married. "Congratulations," I said and beyond a bit more talk about it, I didn't think too much more of it. Then I found out last night that when Boojii play Modern Sky Festival in a couple of weeks it will be sans Sun Ye due to his impending nuptials. His replacement will be Han Han from LOS/Duck Fight Goose and they've been practising like mad, including a gig at last night's New Faces Night at YYT. Alas, I wasn't able to get free until it was too late - Boojii went on first, right on the dot and were followed by DFG, I didn't have time to make it over for their sets, but Andy filled me in. Sun Ye has confirmed that this is just a temporary arrangement and that he'll be back with Boojii soon. The band still haven't got a release date for their album but it should be out before the end of the year and is one to look forward to.

Obviously, congratulations go to Sun Ye and I'm glad that it's only a temporary change. Other bands haven't been so lucky in the past. Morgan was talking the other day about how 21 Grams' long hiatus was largely caused by a female member going and getting hitched. They seem to be doing the odd gig again now, or at least they were at the enoise showcase a few weeks back. You can read some more about 21 Grams and download some tracks by following this link right here. Seriously, some of these kids need to be a bit more considerate to us music fans and stop being so wholesome. It reminds me of a conversation I had with Xiao Bai of Bang Bang Tang once where she stated matter of factly that if her boyfriend asked her to stop being in the band she would, no questions asked.

Another band experiencing slightly more serious line-up changes due to affairs of the heart are Pinkberry. The story is that the drummer has left due to romantic complications. Before it sounds like I'm besmirching Xiao You or the other boys' good names, I should point out that it hasn't involved other members of the band. Basically, the rumour is that old A Luan is a bit of a playboy and that the band got fed up with some of the comments on their QQ from the ladies that he'd left in his wake. So much so that they have now apparently asked him to leave. Sure enough, he now only names PZ64 on his Douban page, there's no mention of Pinkberry any more. That leave Xiao You and Toni as the only remaining original members one year in after the bassist was replaced a couple of months back. Then again, those two were always the driving force of the band anyway so it shouldn't disrupt things too much hopefully.
To prevent these videos pushing everything else off the page, I've put them all in the same post. There's Joker's 化肥, Tian Pin Dian's dirty Jingle Bells song Ding Ding Dong and Sonnet doing a cover of Billie Jean with Sun Ye all from last night's Michael Jackson tribute show.

First up is Joker doing 化肥. Eventually. They have a bit of a false start. This song is a pretty bluegrass-folk number and doesn't really represent their overall sound (which is more blues-rock) but it's a good song regardless and it's the one I happened to catch on video so take a look. To listen to more Joker tracks, hit their Neocha profile here and if you want to catch them live, you can do so on Sunday at YYT's Blues Night. 

Michael Jackson tribute night, Yuyintang


Wait wait wait - the bands played their own stuff too, it wasn't all Michael Jackson nonsense. In fact, the bands played a couple of Jackson covers each at most and, given that Sonnet, Tian Pin Dian and Joker were on the bill, it was actually a really strong line-up at Yuyintang last night, regardless of the theme.

Time was, you could get to Yuyintang at least half an hour after the advertised start time and you'd still have to hang around for the bands to get going. Not so much these days. When they say things are kicking off at 9:30pm, they usually mean it now. So when I rocked up nearer 10pm, things were already underway. Then again, my tardiness was partly informed by the fact that I knew Fusion were opening so I was hardly heart-broken when I arrived over half way through their set.

The downside of arriving a bit late was that the place was packed when I got there. I'm not sure if it was the decent line-up of bands or the MJ theme, I think it may have been both, but Yuyintang was the busiest it's been in a while. And the hottest. I was hoping that when Fusion finished the screaming girls would all slink out of there, but they held their ground while some dude in a glittery jacket, trilby and white glove took to the stage and threw out some Jackson-inspired dance moves. Hmm.

Luckily the night got better and better from that point. First Joker played another great gig, then Tian Pin Dian produced a solid set before Sonnet saw the night out with a storming performance and easily the best cover of the night (but a far more interesting choice than a Michael Jackson one).

A little bit about Sun Ye

new Sun Ye.jpgSun Ye (孙晔), former guitarist with The Fuck'ndrolls and Sonnet, is currently in Boojii. But he also does his own solo stuff on the Miniless-E label (the electronic/dance offshoot of the Miniless label). His debut record Trash Can is a beautifully kaleidoscopic album featuring collaborations with B6 and JJ (who together are IGO) and a couple of tracks with vocals from Sheena Du of Hard Queen. It's a great record and recently I asked him about it, his solo work and his job making music for computer games.

>>> You've played in an indie rock band, a punk band, are now in a post-rock band and are making your own electronic music. Is there any kind of music you don't like?

I pretty much like all types of music, I don't exclude anything. I go along with the idea that there are only two types of music in the world: good music and rubbish music. Lately, I've been listening to a lot of Middle-Eastern music and Armenian folk music. I've always liked folk music to be honest - when I was at university, a friend brought me a tape of 12 Muqam music from Xinjiang and I just feel like folk music is the most natural thing.

I also bought a CD of ancient Chinese music recently. My generation of Chinese are a generation who are used to the influence of Western culture and maybe it's because recent years have seen a number of political and cultural conflicts between West and East, or maybe it's because as I get older the Eastern feeling in me gets stronger, but I really like this CD. I feel like there's so much we can learn from ancient Chinese music.  

In terms of rock, I've also started listening again to 1970s progressive rock - Yes and King Crimson's earlier records. That stuff is well structured and full of interesting material.

>>> How did Trash Can come about?

After I left Sonnet, I spent a lot of time playing around making my own music - stuff that really interested me. Trash Can is the accumulated result of that period of time so there's no specific or clear cut genre running throughout the record. It's kind of like a bowl of Oden [the Japanese noodle dish] where I've just thrown a whole bunch of things into it and out of it has come something which proves to myself that I'm not just a guitarist, not just tied to one type of music. Of course, I know that what I've made isn't good enough, that's why I've called it Trash Can - you could also say it's a slightly self-mocking title.

>>> Is making your own record something you've wanted to do for a while?

Yeah. I remember when I was in Sonnet, we had introductions to each member of the band on our website and mine was "guitarist. His ultimate goal is to make a solo record with rubbish sound quality".


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