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Thumbnail image for low shoulder nikolaiYeah, but, I think it's really important to connect with our fans in shitty areas too.

Nikolai Wolf (Adam Brody) of Low Shoulder.

How did this start? Well I read something at Layabozi. This. And I wondered if I was one of those people who stopped following new bands once they were past a certain age. Could be as young as college graduation or whatever. Zack sez:

I'm sick of these old geezers telling me what music is, that today's music sucks, and that the mid-70s to mid-80s were when music was real. Especially when they probably haven't seen a live show in 20 years. Especially when they haven't listened fully to a recent song in the last 5, probably ... So don't lecture me about music anymore, please, or I will impale you with Neil Peart's drumstick. Thanks. Now let's get to the picks. Of MODERN music.
Of course, my blog gives me a pass clearly, but I felt a pang when I read this. I do keep up with music back home, despite having being away for the better part of ten years but mainly certain genres. I have to admit to having an impulsive distaste for the late nineties and noughties music phenomenon - the modern rock or modern indie band.

low shoulder sixteen
Let's be fair. The advent of the internet and Myspace Music et al saw an explosion in the sheer amount of bands you had access to. And modern rock is almost a medium as much as it is a genre. Sitting at home taking your pick of the MP3s eliminates a lot of the real world tribal/cultural aspect that used to go with it. That's one reason I respect Emo kids, they have the look and the group aspect. Anyway, it's harder to discern is what I'm getting at. How do you pick? Here it's fine, I just go city wide. Follow the bands I can see and meet.

As the noughties close I found that someone gets it. Diablo Cody, in fact. Which is odd because the actor representing her ideas is Adam Brody, who starred in The O.C. which was where I first heard a lot of modern indie bands and is the epitome of a lame TV drama with endless whiney indie tracks on its soundtrack. This is the thing, all these bands sound the same (so goes the cliche) but they are all trying to sound different. Trying too hard in fact. There's nothing worse than band who tries to make sure their music is subtle, complex, tonally interesting or whatever. Because trying to be meaningful or interesting, as opposed to just being yourself, is what leads to painful pretence. Like when Natalie Portman tells you to like The Shins in Garden State, a real band. Painful.

low shoulder sixLet's get back to our man Adam. Oh, by the way, I have a confession to make. Despite what I just said about The O.C. and it's soundtrack,  its theme song California by Phantom Planet is one of my favourite songs. Oops.

So the movie I'm getting to is Jennifer's Body, which is well good, never mind what you've heard. The eponymous character falls in with average-ish indie band Low Shoulder. Adam plays the singer Nikolai Wolf and he's f*cking amazing in the role too. So, turns out the band believe the only way to break through is to get in league with Satan. They sacrifice poor Jenn at the beginning of the movie and go on to massive fame and riches. Obviously something goes wrong with that or the movie would be over pretty quickly.

You'll have to watch the movie to get my train of thought but here's the lines from my favourite scene in the movie, when they kill Jennifer by the mysterious Devil's Kettle falls. The band are standing in a dark forest with a burning torch illuminating their faces. Jennifer is tied up on the ground and hysterical. Then there is this three way exchange between Nikolai, Jennifer and a nervous band member, Dirk. Nikolai starts us off:

Dirk, do you want to work at Moose Hoof Coffee for ever? I don't. Do you want to be a big loser, or, do you want to be rich. Like that guy from Maroon 5.

Maroon 5.

Ok, that's what I thought. Go and fetch me the ritual brother.

(takes out clean looking sheet of paper) 

That's it?

Yeah, I found it online. We come here tonight to sacrifice the body of ... what was your name again, Tiffany?

(sobbing) My name is Jennifer.

Super. We come here tonight to sacrifice the body of Jennifer from Devil's Kettle.

(sobbing, begging) Please don't do this, I'll do anything, I'll do anything.

low shoulder thriteen(takes breath, pauses) Do you know how hard it is to make it as an indie band these days? There's so many of us and we're all so cute and it's like if you don't get on Letterman or some retarded soundtrack you're screwed. Satan is our only hope. We're in league with the beast now and we have to make a really big impression on him. To do that we're going to have to butcher you. And bleed you, and then Dirk here is going to wear your face. (Turns to Dirk) Relax, I'm kidding about the face. The rest is going to happen though.

Dude, that is a hot murder weapon ....

It's a bowie knife.

Bowie! ... nice.


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