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Goushen demo - Poor in Field

Shanghai's Goushen 狗神 (lit. Dog God) were formed from the ashes of two bands Androsace and Bigong BiJing and combine the best elements of both.

Mian Mian (pictured) and guitarist Lao Bi bring the early metal and hardcore riffing to Dario and Lenz's power and ear for songwriting. Lenz has kept the punch of her original vocal style and also developed the melodies. They have the essential ingredient for all good bands - memorable songs. 

Listen to the new demos here, the first track Poor In Field has it all.

While most heavy bands get caught up in the genre trappings of modern metal/grind/hardcore sounds, Goushen have being steadily gigging and developing their old-school material. I have to admit a love for early Maiden and Black Sabbath et al. but watching a show or hearing those demos should confirm my love for them. Check it out.

Last weekend ... all sorts

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Last weekend was eventful but extremely fragmented for me as I skipped between shows, late shifts at work, early mornings ... and beer showers, tired out of my mind the whole time.

Instead of full reviews I'll have to piece some stuff together ...

... I saw Gou Shen at 390 Bar. They are the new incarnation of Androsace following the old guitar-bass combo leaving. Smoothly played grunge rock has been replaced by a mix of hardcore punk and Sabbath style 70s metal. Providing this are the new guitar-bass combo - Lao B and Mian Mian from Bi Gong Bi Jing ...

... went to Brad Ferguson's leaving show on Saturday at YYT. Noted that Battle Cattle now have Fabi on drums and have levelled-up their ambition, equipment and professionalism. They have 80's guitar post-punk, a touch of modern production and perfect new-wave sounding vocals ...

... and birthday boy Ho-Tom the Conqueror gave me and Newby a beer shower ...

... was talking to some Jiao Da students down 0093 on the Friday daytime, seems like there are more and more bands down there now at the university's Minhang campus. Also I should point out that loads of newer and younger bands play Live Bar and 696 these days but I rarely go there, so someone will have to write about that ...

... also noticed 21 Grams rehearsing there and saw that girl rock band Second have reformed after a long break around original bassist Xiao Zhu and drummer SEI. 

Youtube: Early Androsace video

Continuing with the theme of regular bands in Shanghai that are breaking up or changing, here's an older but cool looking video of Androsace. This is from when they supported White Eyes in 2010. 

They have recently had to stop all activities and refit after first losing the original bass player and then their Guitar player / songwriter Sasha. 

Photos: Androsace play in Nanchang

Shanghai rockers Androsace are doing a China tour at the moment. On Saturday they played in Nanchang at the Hei Tie Livehouse (黑铁酒吧). Over the past few years, many cities in China have added live houses and developed them to the point where you can now do a pretty good tour of the country. The show went well and here are some pics.

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Bi Gong Bi Jing live @ Dclub

Friday night and it was time to make a return to the city's North-East, where the North-East scene is itself making a return. The venue was D-club and here was the line up:

Both bands play Rock with a big R. Androsace play quiet-loud grunge with subtle infusions of Chinese trad music. Guitarist Sasha and vocalist Lenz both come from minority areas. Bi Gong Bi Jing play punk with a hardcore element that is taken from metal style riffing into full out thrash metal sections. Both bands played great and the sound was excellent.

That's brings me to D-club. It's in Yangpu, 15 mins walk from line 4 Dalian Road Station. It's a basement rock bar with a stage, in the mold of a Logo, but everything is slightly better. The stage is a little better organised, the equipment is a little better, the bar is a little bigger and nicer. The guy doing sound actually cared and made good adjustments. It seems like a great place to put on a bar show. But the surrounding area is a bit sparse and weird. It's tobacco central, pay attention to the buildings as you walk there and see what I mean. 

The scene used to be in Yangpu, before the move downtown and when most students were up there. It dipped but there were always bands who'd make a point of saying they were Yangpu bands or something. Now they have new Live Bar, 696 and D-club ... and the Left Rock rehearsal space. And it follows that the number of bands is starting to go up. Bi Gong Bi Jing met while hanging out at Live Bar, as usual, and were part of a definite sub-scene / crowd there. The emphasis is on playing and having fun. They are keeping that torch alive for sure.

Black Rabbit Festival and recording news

Pictured: The Curry Soap

Not many posts this week, except gig reviews. Don't forget, the reviews are basically organic ways to introduce readers to active bands they may not have heard of. So click those links.

Splitworks' Black Rabbit Festival is drawing near check out the dates and line up at Smart Shanghai

Vivien of Muscle Snog has recently been updating her solo project The Curry Soap. If you like ambient and experimental music go there.

Duck Fight Goose have finished principle recording for their upcoming album and are heading into post-production. They will play a show at Yuyintang this Friday night. I'll be there for sure.

Shanghai grunge rockers Androsace are back in action after the summer break. They hope to replace the current demos with full quality tracks and some new material in the future so watch the page. They will play Live Bar on Saturday as part of the 6 year party for the venue.

This post has been edited by request - Aug 26th 2011 - mail for details

Long interview with Androsace @ Layabozi

androsace group
Shanghai rock band Androsace started nearly a year ago and have already become a live scene mainstay. 

Music site Layabozi have just put out a long form interview with them.

And here's a snippet:

Dario: We read a review about a the gig we had in YuyinTang some time ago with The Fever Machine, and it said we are a grunge band, and that they expected more from us, like they wanted us to get more nuts on stage. I don't know if thats right, we don't want to pretend to do something we are not. We are not like rock stars, we are keeping the visual elements not really involve. In some way we should do it, I mean, the way we act on stage, but no putting so much attention on that...

Sebastian: The thing is the way that Lenz is being on stage now, which is a very natural way, it's working, so she doesn't have to push herself, it's just the way she is, and the way she enjoys it. I think this is the way to do it. The only thing is the set list, which is very organized.

White Eyes live @ Yuyintang

white eyes gao
There were a bunch of shows on this weekend, including this one, but there was only one for me. Yuyintang were hosting Taipei punk/garage band White Eyes for the first time giving us the chance to attend one of those old timee YYT shows where it was packed and with proper crowd action.

It did end up being rammed and raucous. It was a testament to both the two support acts and the crowd that both openers got sizable mosh pits and great reception. Friend or Foe gave us a set of playful punk with the best song being about "household chemicals - cheap and good." Androsace played a great sounding mix of classic rock and quiet/loud grunge that kept up the pace and allowed people to get down for long periods.

I think White Eyes surprised everyone. Despite being known mainly for being punk and for singer Gao Xiaogao's wild stage presence, what we got was actually a very polished and professional modern rock act with a varied/measured set. They were great and the packed room was jumping and dancing right to the back. They reminded me of bands like Bigger Bang but without lame synth songs and no drop in energy. Keeping the punk side prominent within the more mixed modern style. Anyway it rocked.


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