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Videos: Astrofuck live in Yuyintang

Warning: this is my band, lack of objectivity alert.

Some media is coming in from Saturday's show. Here are two and half tracks from Astrofuck's set, available in Tudou (China) or Youtube. I say half, because Love is Shit had a mid way break for computer hijinks, we kept the moment in because it's quite funny. Also, you can hear Chris Ginn at the start, pleading for a shorter song length. Did he use telekinesis to get his wish? 

Dog Fucker's Manual tudou youtube
Love Is Shit tudou youtube
Five Kuai Bullet tudou youtube

Thanks everyone, show non-review

picnic video
Warning: this is about a show that I organised and also played in. Total conflict of interest and you should be aware of this while reading my positive comments.

Thanks to everyone who came down to the Love is Colder than Death show on Saturday night. And thanks to the acts:

The Other
Tzu Sing

To be honest, I was worried that we were putting on an event at the exact quietest time of the scene calendar, in a heat wave and on the same night as several big music events - but also hoped that being different to all those other events would see us right. In the end we got a great turnout with some local fans even getting in before official doors open time so that Tzu Sing just kept playing on from the end of his check. 

Everyone did a great job. Tzu Sing set the atmosphere well and threw in some different stuff, that delighted me but that I'm under loose agreement not to talk about. It's related to one of our favourite 80s movies. The Other built on their last YYT set and added a video projection to the proceedings. I can't really comment on our set, Astrofuck, I guess. We did some new and never played live before tracks, they all seemed to go down fine and I really enjoyed myself. 

The real hit of the night came from Hua Jiao / HIMDONG. Everyone knows that Dong Heimu is a real talent on the scene, but since moving here from Xi'an he has struggled to get a stable line up and is always having to adapt his style. This time he came with a full band and ripped through some amazing post-punk tracks with stylistic hints of China scene post-punk and no wave acts in there such as The Fallacy, 8 Eye Spy and PK14. 

There's some recordings and clips on the way ... and hopefully a follow up night not too far away. 

Astrofuck show "Love is Colder than Death"

laura palmer saturday flyer
Warning ... warning ... full disclosure: this post is talking about a show featuring a band I'm in and a show I organized. Please keep that in mind.

Ok, so our band Astrofuck made its live debut early this year and played five shows that were all a lot of fun and often on weekends at YYT with good audiences. Playing the Woozy night as part of the Jue Festival was really cool and the Nerdcore documentary and performance at 390 was a good time too. 

Then we put out some demos and this music video:

The Funeral youku / youtube / vimeo

Then came the slow summer period in Shanghai and we decided to work on new material, focusing on our more gothy side, and to try to book a show tailored to us. And so on Saturday August 17th at Yuyintang we have ...

"Love is Colder than Death"

It will cost 40 rmb on the door and feature post-punk, experimental, gothy and dark bands. That's probably an inadequate way to describe it. DJ Tzu Sing will open from 9 playing darkwave and industrial styles. Then The Other will play, then us doing a 45 minute plus set including completely new songs we have never played before. We also have HIMDONG closing out with some loop madness. It will be awesome and the perfect antidote to the thrown together, generalized, overpriced SH Summer Sonic night on over at the Stadium. I can say that cos SMG is a multi-billion corporation and we are just some friends putting on a 300 ppl show underground.

Also, we are definitely playing "Dog Fucker's Manual." And for an insight into my upbringing, for the flyer I had to choose one image from pop culture that inspired me. If you recognize it then you found one of my significant formative experiences, when I was about 17. 

Alrighty, enough navel gazing, come on down to the show and here's our probable set list:

Five Kuai Bullet
The Funeral
Love Is Shit
Dog Fucker's Manual
Crystal Heart/Black Heart
Sponsor-friendly Self Harm
I P.M.
I Can't Jump Into The Pool
Sugar Free Coke

And here's a video of The Other playing at YYT not that long ago:

Tudou: The Other

Stego parodies our vid: "Sunny Bono"

A little while back, our band Astrofuck released our first video "The Funeral." You can see the original here. Now, Shanghai rock band and tricksters Stegosaurus? have done a parody video. No matter if you're not familiar with us or Shanghai in general you can still enjoy this video for Bren's performance as Sonny Bono. If there's some kind of Shanghai music scene comedy award, he should get it for his expression and look directly after he eyeballs the guy passing him coming the opposite direction. 

Pics from our Friday show

On Friday we (Astrofuck) played Yuyintang with Italian touring band Serpenti and local punks Friend or Foe. It was good show all round. As a result we have live recordings of previously unavailable tracks. Also, Rachel Gouk was on hand to take some pics. They came out great too. 

Here is a gallery of the pics. You can go here to listen to our latest track Five Kuai Bullet. And here is Rachel's blog with all her relevant links.

kaine yyt may

Friday: we (Astrofuck) play with Serpenti at YYT

serpenti flyer
OK, here comes the self-promotion. 

This Friday (10th may) Yuyintang will host touring Italian electro rockers Serpenti. That plus Friend or Foe should already be enough to get you in the door. But we, Astrofuck, are playing too.

We're going on first at 9.30, traditionally a bit earlier than people actually show up in significant numbers but - this is the appeal to get on down for us too.

At all of our previous three shows at YYT we've had many people tell us that they like the band and the style and it's been good fun all round. So if you are one of those people who like our stuff then come on down early to see us. Thanks.

We're going to open with a brand new song "Five Kuai Bullet" that we road tested at 390 Bar at the Sunday Drive-in night, if things go well you may get "Dog Fuckers' Manual" too. I can't promise that one though. 

Anyway, 9.30 is a normal time to be at a weekend show. It's not really 'early.' And we're the first band, not someone unknown or whatever:

Our brand new video from Redscale Studios vimeo youku youtube

Finally, we like our songs and are not at all nonchalant about ourselves or whether people show up, despite how we appear. If you show up, we'll be genuinely happy. 

Vid: Astrofuck "The Funeral"

Note: if you can't see the embedded Vimeo player (best quality) try these: Youtube Youku (China)

VJ Tina Sprinkles and Redscale Studios have made us a video for our dreamy, abstract track, The Funeral. It just happens that wandering around Shanghai actually feels like this at times.

Astrofuck "The Funeral" from Redscale Studios on Vimeo.

Pic: our show on Sunday

Photo by Rachel Gouk

Thanks for everyone who came to 390 Bar on Sunday. It was fun to see Nerdcore Rising in a theatre style way, not at home on a small screen by yourself. Elsa translated and created those sub-titles, by the way. We also debuted our new song Five Kuai Bullet. All in all it was a nice way to finish out a busy weekend.

Click for larger


Come on nerds: nerd-doc and electro punk music

This Sunday at 390 Bar is our next show. It's free and it features a movie screening of Nerdcore Rising (with Chinese subs too) and then a show by us, Astrofuck. We're going to debut a new song that will eventually be our new opener at the next YYT show in May. 

... and it's free. Tell all your nerd friends.

nerd gig

Pics: our show on Saturday

The Wooozy showcase was great and I want to write something about Feima soon. We had a great time. Here's a couple of pics courtesy of a drunken Paul and also Sun Lu. Thanks guys. Also after reading round some Beijing show reviews and discussions, I wanted to point something out. At Yuyintang, on the Shanghai scene, people come out and they enjoy the show honestly, famous bands or not. Having played some shows lately, I really appreciate it even more than before.

astrofuck wooozy one

astrofuck wooozy aftershow

Wooozy showcase on Saturday

The Jue Festival and Splitworks present the Wooozy local bands showcase on Saturday night at Yuyintang. My band Astrofuck are playing and so I'm plugging it. 

Also, 's Jeremy Guo and me have done a podcast at SH247 to preview the night and the bands here it is


Our Saturday show and stuff

Saturday night was the Death To Giants album release show. You can check it out here at bandcamp. The show was great and my band Astrofuck was one of the openers. Can someone on another site or mag review the show, I'm not impartial on this one.

The night before was another release from The Horde.

Show was fun, Ozzie Chris of Hujiahuwei showed me a funny meme of Sponge Bob during the performance of 'Patrick' which cracked me up while I was playing. Mental note, "Chris has ready to hand Sponge Bob pictures on his phone at gigs WTF?"

Pics: us mid-show taken by Qian Jin. Our Logo as designed by Kaine (our singer as seen in first pic)

dtg show astropic

astrofuck blue logo

Death To Giants, Death To Shows!!!

blood pours out flyer
I'm involved in this show now so use discretion when judging this post

Death To Giants are releasing their first full album Blood Pours Out on Saturday night at Yuyintang. The line up also features Spill Your Guts, iAmalam and Astrofuck.

Now seriously. Death To Giants are a great band and tons of fun live. Scroll down their Douban page for tracks and two videos. Death To Giants playing Yuyintang, the heart of the scene and a near perfect room for underground bands, on a Saturday night has all the trappings of an epic show. But epic shows have to be made ... so get the word out and throw away all the excuses - come to this show and bring people too. If we can break 300 people in YYT, especially with DtG and Spill Your Guts playing, that's insanity and crowd surfing time. Do it. If you're more of a hipster type you could lose your shit by letting an unplanned, un-ironic left-eyebrow-raise slip by, while leaning strategically against the side wall, during the more electro-oriented opening bands - prompting the others in your group to break down into cries of, "oh, SHIT!!!" ... It's all good.

Just come to the show, that's what I'm saying. Thanks.

Astrofuck demos done

Thumbnail image for astrofckone
Pictured: Astrofuck's Kaine and HHH

I'm going to stop excusing myself for the self-promotion stuff now. I did mention it all way back here in this post ... but I then did so many regular music posts that I kinda worried it would still look like the old blog but with cheeky Andy things inserted in sneakily. I won't mention it any more, I'll just refer people back to this.

So, the holiday is over and I finished some demos with my band Astrofuck. We recorded them in an evening down at Studio Pony and now they can be found here:

There are five tracks there. They are unmastered versions but it's all good. That's the first time we have had any kind of recording of Love Is Shit, full or instrumental. 

Also around the blogosphere: the Tumblr-verse is gaining a little bit of traction and consistency when it comes to China scene stuff. Between Twin Horizon, China Music Radar, Alternative China and Slink Rat there's quite a bit of material coming out. There's probably more once you get checking in that world. So do it.

Pics: Astrofuck @ YYT

I can't really review the show (Baltic States album release) because it involved my band and we helped promote it too. I just want to put up a couple of the pics and say a couple of words. The pics, by the way, are courtesy of Melissa Helman and the staff of Shanghai247.

So, yeah, amazing turnout and a really fun night. I remain disappointed that I haven't yet received any e-mails from City Weekend but stoked that people sang along for Love Is Shit and a bit for I Can't Jump into the Pool too. There's a bootleg recording of LiS at our page.



Self promotion minute

Just to let you know up front: this is an event I'm involved with, I'm playing in the band Astrofuck and I'm posting up this flyer because I'm playing there.

The event is actually the 2nd album release show for Baltic States and also features the band Xiao Xin Yi Yi. Anyway, the blog is also legitimately a record of stuff I do ... but, you should not take this posting as an endorsement of an event from an independent point of view. You'll have to research and judge for yourselves. Cheers.

Flyer by Kaine.



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