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1984: New album from PK14

Beijing based band PK14 have released their new album. Let's start with the links:

Stream or buy at Maybe Mars' Bandcamp page right here

Listen to the album at the Chinese language site Douban right here

1984 is their fifth official full album. Together with the side projects, production work and the general influence of frontman Yang Haisong, PK14 are perhaps the most important band in the China scene. This album represents a serious work by serious artists whose development can be tracked across a series of excellent releases. They transcend simple genre conventions and have produced a work of real depth, in a sound and style that is their own.

The album is on the Maybe Mars label, was recorded at Chicago's Electric Audio with Steve Albini and produced by long term collaborator Henrik Oja.

Feima vs. Naohai this Friday: this is a call to arms

I don't do these posts so often so give it a listen.

We all have different music tastes and different motivations and expectations for going to shows, sure. But. It should be in all our interests for younger locals to be breaking through in great bands and pulling in more interest and audiences from Shanghai's population. 

We all know there's little to play for on the underground scene and that bands in Shanghai can be short lived for a variety of reasons. So I now ask you to help provide a reason to two of the city's most promising and exciting bands by turning up to the their big show and making it great. 

Feima and Naohai are co-headlining Yuyintang on Friday and you should go - and you should spread the word and drag people along. Feima in particularly have just put out an album and are putting on emotive shows.

Pairs new release Grandparent

pairs grandparent
Popular Shanghai noise/punk duo Pairs have a new release out. It's called Grandparent, it's their third and you can download it for free from one of these two sources:

It was recorded a while back now, with engineer/producer Manny Nieto. In fact, it has taken so long to emerge that the band have since written, toured and recorded another album: which should also be out soon. I've heard a track of the next one, it will be the best yet.

I'm really happy to hear this one. I had a good laugh with Xiao Zhong on his vidcast about the track New Blowjob and I think Hotel is on a par with the first album favorites too. Check it out and spread it around.

Birdstriking album on Bandcamp

Picture: D22 'red wall' shot by Niederhauser

Australian DIY music distro Tenzenmen has long been including China scene bands with full releases in its catalogue. Have a look at their excellent site.

Tenzenmen are about to release Beijing noise-indie group Birdstriking's first full album on the Maybe Mars label.

For those of you who want to get a listen to the album as it was intended, Tenzenmen have made it available for listening on Bandcamp.

I'm a big fan of the band and they were great at Yuyintang last time around. It was a bit disappointing when they slowed their explosive rise in order for frontman He Fan to sub in for Carsick Cars but hopefully this album is a sign that Birdstriking is taking off.

Picture flashback: Little Punk cover

On 1st August 2010 me and some friends put on a show at Yuyintang. For that show, we brought down Beijing based photographer Ren Hang. While he was down we organised some shoots including this one which produced the cover for Little Punk's solo album Hey guy, you are big time alright. Free from Bandcamp.

This is the original image from which the cover was made. Click for larger.

LP cover

Next Year's Love EP out

Full disclosure: I was directly involved in the making of this EP. I invite all readers to keep your eyes peeled for independent reviews. Mr Fossy and Pangbianr are in the running.

Next Year's Love are a Shanghai all-girl synth punk trio. After gaining many fans through a string of shows last year they have capped things off with this 4-track EP also titled Next Year's Love. It was organised by Qu Records and produced by Brad Ferguson.

The links:

Again, I'm biased but I think the band and Brad really managed to successfully combine all of their influences onto this EP. There's the synth punk, the retro pop, the girl rock and even the drone/discordant elements. And what's more, when me and Brad had to carry YYT's old mixer desk down the 0093 stairs it was possibly the most dangerous / funny-in-hindsight gear carrying adventure ever. 

OK. Go to one of the links and immediately listen to "I Know" as your gateway. It's my favorite. Enjoy.

The White Eyes new EP and vids

The White Eyes are a garage punk outfit from Taipei. They originally had a well-deserved reputation as a raw and raucous live act, led by singer-mastermind Gao Xiao Gao. By the time they arrived on the mainland to tour their album Kiss Your Eyes they were a polished and consummate modern rock act who also kept their punk energy.

Now they have a new EP out called Dead Boy and an accompanying video. So time to check them out.

(scroll down for the MP3s ... third tab for videos)

X is Y split album tracks on Bandcamp/Douban

Photo note: the photo is from the band's site, I have not edited it. I am not a 'rice king.'

Second photo note: knitted crowns by LP

I was just at the Yuyintang release show for Summer and Winter Warfare, the new split album from Boys Climbing Ropes and X is Y. Both bands are from Shanghai and the album was produced by Brad Ferguson.

I want to take this post to give X is Y some deserved credit. First links:

The band have been working hard this year. X is Y play intelligent indie rock that makes detailed use of time signatures and dynamics. Since settling on a line up they have been adding an impressive catalogue of material. The Douban page now has the complete LP Shoulder, the tracks from the split album and a recording of Never Sever. On top of that, the band were kind enough to send me an unreleased track from the upcoming Miniless records release. It's great.

On the show - the band have also greatly improved their live chemistry and found a new level of energy on stage. X is Y is yet another win this year for the Shanghai DIY and collaborative model.

Friend or Foe album on Bandcamp

Most readers know I don't really do 'reviews' and I only really preview shows I'm going to myself. There are exceptions.

Well, firstly, Dan has first call on blogging the recent releases in Shanghai:

Now. Friend or Foe, the Shanghai space-punk band. Yes, I just made that genre up, have made their new album available on Bandcamp. Bandcamp is great.

I'm a fan of Burnt Out Buildings myself. As well as being a good track, it made me want to make another song called Burn All Buildings. Shout outs: production by Acid Ponies and Nicholls, art by Ivan/Twin Horizon. 

This Wednesday, BCR/X is Y have their release show at YYT.

Pairs Summer Sweat album launch

Thumbnail image for pairscandid
Due to the recently discussed technical difficulties on the blog, these posts are coming out in a random order. And hastily.

Last Friday was the Pairs Summer Sweat album release at Yuyintang. Lets get the important link done first:

Here is the entire new album at bandcamp

Start listening as you read. Two bands there on the night:

Great night and great turnout. Pairs put up an excellent by-donation merch table with an array of goodies that included both their albums. It was a big hit and very well done. Take note, everyone else. 

Ho-Tom played his urban folk (that's what I'm calling it now) with a full line up that included a box player. He rules. Then, the action moved to the floor. Pairs played in the middle of the pit and a lot of the audience went up on the stage. It was cool and worked well, although it ultimately cut out a bunch of people who couldn't see and went back out into the park. There were enough people to fill the floor using the normal set up. So in the end it felt like a private party for friends, with good feelings and extended thank yous between the final tracks. 

Next - world domination!

Seriously though, never mind my write up, go to Bandcamp immediately.

RDC's Nichols takes it to the blogosphere

Nichols, the indomitable bass player from both Rainbow Danger Club and Death To Giants, has recently done an interview for the website syffal

The interview is mainly about RDC's mind blowing album Where Maps End ... let's take a moment here. 

... and start listening immediately to the track Drown The Creatures. Then stop and think, this is a 100% independent/underground/DIY Shanghai product. No labels, no industry, no help, no nothing. 

Where was I. Ah yes, on top form, Nicholls also manages to plug the scene, tipping Duck Fight Goose. Nice choice.

A little bit of self love

lp cover
Yup, the blog has been slow as hell and I seem down but I have been doing stuff. Most of the stuff, including events, art and music production, has been documented at the Indie Everything blog. It's not all organizing though.

Now it's out, I'm happy to say I'm proud of the Little Punk lo-fi punk/folk album. You see, I also wrote and played the guitar on it. Obviously, LPs voice and lyrics are the star of the show but a UK blog picked it up lately and had this to say:

This new solo work, however, is something a bit different again. The music is eminently simple; comprising of Xiao Pengke's stream of consciousness vocal, absolutely laced with anomie, over the top of some excellent guitar work, part punk/part surf/part folk, provided by Andy Best. Need more convincing? Then check out the smart and funny DIY video, in which Little Punk turns Hit-Girl style masked avenger, for track no. 7, 'I'm Not In the Mood for Making a Song', which can be seen here.
Being nice is good. Now I feel all happy again. 

Also, despite the inactivity you can hear the original Expendable demos here for posterity. And, Ho-Tom finally talked me into going to the HAL writer's group. They are a good group of people and they were even nice enough to stick up my piece for the session at their site. Keep in mind you get a brief and then about 10 days to write it. 


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