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Transmit - Straight Oota Canada & May Day

May Day has two meanings for me. Firstly it's one of many traditional British festivals going way back, this time involving a Maypole and some dancing. It's also International Labour Day. You know, when the oppressed workers of America staged a number of strikes and revolts and won the right to an 8 hour day and 5 day week. 

So, no work on Labour Day, great, and off to Yuyintang for the first night of Splitworks' Transmit Live show featuring bands from Canada paired with local acts. And on the first night:

Creature (Canada)
The Mushrooms (China)

First up was the Mushrooms ... and yes coming on for one year since signing with Soma and no tracks available. No material to link. However, I got a good video this time and will post it soon. When they opened for Hedgehog the place was rammed with Mushrooms fans and the gig was a mad mosh. Tonight's crowd took their time getting in and was only half as full as it would later be for the opening band. They still gave us a good show though. 

Creature came on and really showed what quality is. Well. To be perfectly honest, I really can't stand self-conscious indie-pop that has been constructed from design swatches. But, credit where credit is due, whether I liked the style or not, the sound was as good as it's ever been at YYT and Creature are tight, professional performers. I also concede that Whitney Houston is technically a good singer. Doesn't mean I have to like her vacuous music though. 

Anyway, another winner from Split who are just as happy at YYT, in Dream Factory or on a bus to Xi'an. 


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