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The F-visa Ghetto: redux

I used to blog a bit about the area I live in and how it was turning into a hipster paradise, also named the F-visa ghetto. The gist was that I noticed it was becoming a destination for music  and music people. I predicted it would grow as it was both downtown and had plenty of cheaper rents (within the context of Shanghai prices). 

Now, I was having a play with this site E-dushi Shanghai and I've made some little maps for y'all to check out. These are by no means comprehensive but the give you a quick idea at how much it has developed, despite development. If you see what I mean. There are plenty of other attractions there such as The Loft and Cotton's Xinhua etc. 

Click on all pics for the large, ledgible, versions.

Postcard overview showing the boundaries and main streets

postcard large

Xingfu Road strip and JuJu

juju detail postcard

Dingxi Road

dingxi road postcard

Mao and Redtown

Mao Detail Postcard


Yuyintang e city

F-visa Ghetto with no F-visas?

xinhua map
The F-visa Ghetto around Fahuazhen Road and Dingxi Road has all the slacker might want.

It's based around a nice garden/historical street Xinhua Road. J. G. Ballard grew up there, RIP. It is in the city centre and yet has loads of affordable and cheap housing nearby.

It has music bars and dives like Yuyintang, Logo, C's, Sus2 and err, the other one where Slappy Toy rehearse. It has Shanghai Super Music and Juju Rehearsal Studio. It has the Canart space and also Shanghai Sculpture Space and lawn (all free!). It has a cheap all-night Hong Kong food strip. Cool people like Brad Ferguson, Levi and Tim from Mortal Fools and ... errr ... me, live there.

But how can the average slacker foreigner work part time and use most of their day slumming it and doing art and music when the F-visa is continually under attack? 

This just in from Shanghaiist.

I've already had to get a proper job again. And I'm not happy about it.

New Map Feature: the place for true hipsters


map sampleI just created a new feature for the blog, a google map with photos and info of my neighbourhood. Check out the pages sidebar immediately. Not only that - I am about to lay out the case for why it is the ultimate neighbourhood for true hipsters. As you will see, this area includes Yuyintang and other significant scene spots too.

First of all. Yes, you can play with the map from the page and it's cool and embedded. But, I've got to be completely honest, it's much better of you click the link to the larger version.

So, what's the deal with this Xinhua area? First of all, it's downtown - inside the inner ringroad and a desirable part of town. Then, it's off the tourist map so mercifully free of tourists and ... other hipsters. I have lived around here for six years. The places I'm about to describe are all within walking distance of each other. This is a small sampling.

We have:

Yuyintang Live House the premier venue for local rock, indie and punk.
Logo Music Bar the premier hipster hangout
C's Bar the premier dive bar and spiritual home of Antidote
Sus2 Music Bar the originals, now running a laid back cafe version right here
Rehearshal Rooms one of the famous band rehearsal spaces is on the east side of the block at Huashan lu/Huaihai lu

Sofa Cafe modern wifi hangout with great food
Marco Polo Cafe and Bakery small ultra hip place on the Xinhua garden street
Banyan Tree Cafe Chinese style wifi cafe on Fahuazhen road

Xinhua Road conservation area and lanes (Xinhua Bieshu) Our beautiful tree lined main strip and surrounding lanes. Former British and German suburb that includes the former home of J. G. Ballard - this area was also a playground for neo-colonial fetish of the month, architect Laslo Hudec. Perfect for inspirational literary strolls and free of tourists. You can live in them too, I spent two years in a beautiful terrace right on the strip for 1500rmb a month (shared). 

Affordable Housing my friend Anthony had a perfectly good place here for him and his GF (now wife) for 1500 rmb a month all in. And this is a nice downtown area. You can even get a modern style two or three bedroomed place for 2000-2500 rmb a month in the infamous Fanyu Dasha ghetto towers. Split three ways that's cheap. And Anthony's 1500 place could house two people, or even three with a room share of the big room - if you're young and struggling. Ideal for hipsters and young uns alike.

Come and check it out, live here even. Who knows what the place will be like even two years down the line - this place changes fast.

Endnote: this is my 50th post in the music scene category. Hooray.  


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