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My video clips


Over at I'm making 'pro' videos with Cameron, although compression for online streaming takes a lot of the quality away, boo hoo. I also try to get clips of gigs. These are just done with the video feature of my Sony Cybershot DSC-N2. Half the time I accidentally covered the mic with my finger or something equally idiotic and I upload them to Facebook.

But now, by one off request popular demand, I'm going to put them on a Youtube page and link them here. I'll kick things off with my current favourite Shanghai band The Crazy Mushroom Brigade playing "love you so" at Yuyintang.

Back to blogging


Me and Cam are not far away from starting our Web 2.0 Kung Fu magazine and we have this nice software in our new space (Movable Type 4). So, I have a personal blog again. Well, I stopped the last one because I was too busy to actively market it and Facebook is fine for social stuff.

For those of you who don't know me I'm from Liverpool UK, I graduated in drama and have worked the first ten years of my career in writing and education. I will stick up an about page soon. I am based in Shanghai and get up to all kinds of stuff.

This post is mainly for me to start of the site widgets so I can have a think about them.

Tarra for now.


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