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Album reminder: Lanzhou Lanzhou by Low Wormwood

I saw this album being passed around on the internet a bit lately and it's well worth reposting.

Low Wormwood are a Chinese folk-rock band that, like all independent bands in China, are part of the underground and naturally pick up tones and turns that surprise, and that you wouldn't expect from the genre.

You can get the album digitally through Oz based distro Tenzenmen, there's a lot of other amazing stuff there too:

You can listen to the whole album for free at that link also.

Lanzhou is the city in China where the band comes from. It is in the northwest by the Gobi. Liu Kun's voice is distinctly northern Chinese folk with hits of the hard-folk growl and the music is always surprising. Among the regular roster of folk sounds familiar to all guitar folk and world music fans are those touches I mentioned earlier - like the dirty, reverb-ed, yet still rounded guitar leads that come through in the second half of the title track. Another example are the tremolo effect distorted guitar chords in the middle and end  of Gone With The Wind. Check it out.


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