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Boys Climbing Ropes return - and so do we (once)

Oh no.

When I started my notes for this I saw that the final official Boys Climbing Ropes show "The Last Waltz" was June 2012. Five years ago. Writing this, it doesn't seem that long ago. Feels like an age. The music gods decreed that all significant acts will one day reform and play a festival and now the same can be said of legendary Shanghai act Boys Climbing Ropes.

The original line up will play Splitworks Concrete and Grass Festival the weekend of September 16th two days from now.

Here is my round up article on the significance and legacy of the band.

So, me and Jake went to the Splitworks office with Little Punk and Devin Gallery from the band and, together with Splitworks DaBoss Archie Hamilton, had a nostalgic conversation on the band's history, the blog and the music scene back in the 00s. It's essential knowledge and it's here, embedded below:

Around the web: current blogroll

Thumbnail image for glowscreen
I just wanted to throw out a list of all the sites you can check for China scene news in English at the moment. Ones I use anyway.

I wish I could throw out a comprehensive list of Chinese language expert or insider blogs too, but staggeringly they still don't really exist for music. It's still Douban, BBS stuff and Weibo now or just shallow, intermittent promotional tools. If I'm wrong - mail me the links and I'll throw them up immediately. I mean sites like mine, where someone is independently blogging short articles and news on the scene at a standalone site.

Also, for this, I'm not going to include sites with some good scene stuff but are otherwise 80% bling, like all the mags basically. Missed any - mail me via about page.

Still around / We Are Shanghai

Lately I've been busy with my own music stuff to the point of not having time or concentration for writing here. Which is probably a good thing. The world didn't end, so why not.

I'll still be posting here though. One weird thing: during not posting for two or three weeks I get two offers to accept pre-written posts praising various clients' products and interests in return for pretty good money. Of course, none of these would say they are PR material. And of course, I declined. The reason I'm mentioning it at all is cos it made me remember how common it is and that maybe some people take for granted that it's everywhere. Well, it doesn't happen here. And PR/Advertising which is not clearly labelled as such is still immoral. 

Tonight I'm going to the launch show in support of We Are Shanghai vol.2 which you can get here. So that's where I'll be if you want to find me and take me up on the previous remark and talk about how your band, is like, totally PR driven and proud.


Gone and back again

As many of you noticed, the blog has been down for a week. To quote the service provider, some malicious code was injected into my files, three of them in fact. Not the blog but other bits in the same space. Well, we're back now.

What have I been up to? Well there's a pic of me on a break while cycling around what's left of the Meilong area, by the river opposite where the swimming centre is. Also, I'm almost forty. 

I did go to a show and there's a bunch of videos and releases to be posted. So watch this space. Huge backlog of Crash posts too. 

Holiday fun: My Random Rules

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Random Rules is a feature at the A.V. Club which you can check out here.

One feature of the blog is to try and cover different stuff. Some of it I really really like and some of it I just recommend - in the context of exploring and understanding the overall scene.


I had my MP3 player out in front of DJ B.O. the other week and it occurred to me to do a random rules for fun. To my surprise, it didn't invite complete ridicule and a promise never to trust my opinion on bands ever again. Ha. 

Here are the rules: You set your MP3 player's entire content to shuffle then list off the first few tracks. In the A.V. Club feature they do 10-13 ish and talk about them. I'm just going to do a list for fun. The point is it's RANDOM and you have to stand by it, no track-skipping no matter what - that includes multiple tracks by one band or filler/remixes or whatever. 

So, without further ado, let the trust-in-authors-taste destroying begin:

[hits shuffle ... grimaces]

1 "Single Beat" Snapline (Party is Over Pornostar)
2 "Zaoyu" 8eyespy (How Damn Far to Yinma Lane)
3 "Tonight, Tonight" Smashing Pumpkins (Greatest Hits)
4 "Piece of my Heart" Janis Joplin (Greatest Hits)
5 "Broken Face" The Pixies (Wave of Mutilation)
6 "Ultraviolence" New Order (Power, Corruption and ...)
7 "Midnight" Rancid (Let's Go)
8 "Flight of Icarus" Iron Maiden (Piece of Mind)
9 "Your Silent Face" New Order (Power, Corruption and ...)
10 "Swallow Everything" The Mr. T Experience (KZSU Sessions)
11 "Four Women" Top Floor Circus (0093 Revisited)
12 "Smiling" Operation Ivy (Energy)

Well, I have to say, when you're a modern person with a decent MP3 player and at least a couple of thousand songs in there, twelve at random seems brutal. But there you have it. If you have a blog stick yours up.

Blog comments, yeah, I know.

Picture: Ren Hang (Flickr)

I'm sure this seems more than a little self-important to casual readers. It is in response to inquires though, and we did used to have quite a bit of fun on the comments. 

It may seem a bit off, putting up discursive and provocative posts like this one:

... and then having the comments turned off on the blog. Actually, I love to get comments, love to talk about stuff and used to always put longer comments and rebuttals into new posts for further discussion.

Here's the sad truth. I am just one guy doing this blog with limited resources. Once me and Jake's writing got over a certain amount of traffic, the spam-o-pocalypse began. And at one time, it completely crashed the blog. I don't have the resources or the willpower to go up a level to what needs to be done to deal with it. So they stay off.


The blog has a mail that I check often: andy(at)kungfuology(dot)com 

If you really think something here warrants response, agreeing or disagreeing, or adding - then either send me an e-mail or write your own blog post and send me the link. If it's substantial enough I'll get it up as a new post.

Hint: "You're wrong," or "No, it isn't," are not substantial. Also, I don't tend to take anonymous stuff seriously at all. If you want to protect your privacy and stay out of public life - then stay out of public life and accept what that means. 

Sea Change

sea change
Photo by Ren Hang


I'm blogging again. That's the news.

But there will be a big change in the blog content. Things are changing and slowly moving for me, behind the scenes, and my needs for this space have changed.

More selfish needs, sorry.

Previously: this blog was a space to write about the Shanghai music scene. It had the following rough rules:

Try to post three times a week
95% of content about the shanghai music scene
Show diverse cross section regardless of tastes

Now the purpose has changed. Here is the new rough guidline to this blog:

Record, promote and discuss the range of my activities and interests

That will include the music scene, my own music, film, table top games, writing, my novels and screenplays, thoughts on DIY culture and Shanghai. So, if you want to only see vids and links about China music, just click the shanghai music scene category to filter all the other stuff out. If you don't know about the categories and the tags in blogs by now, there's not much else I can tell you. 

This also implies that I'm free from my perceived need to be uncritical about bands here. Well, I actually have a general belief that it's fairly pointless anyway, and that if you can link over and hear the music, I needn't describe or critique it much. So all that's probably going to stay the same. 

And follow me on Twitter if you do that (at)andybest72

Year of the Dragon

Happy New Year to all our readers and everyone here in the scene. 


Tis the season to be angry

Well. Here at Kungfuology Towers we are not unaware that a lot of you are about to enter a period of rest and reflection. You will have your feet up and some time off.

So, if you were going to pick a Chinese band to listen to, you'd have to pick this one. I'll be imagining Michael Buble actually being roasted over an open fire. Have a punk holidays everyone.

Following Chinese bands on Douban

ann douban
All images click for larger

Update on Douban's ongoing changes and motherfuckery when it comes to following bands. Some good news, in fact. At the bottom.

So, previously. And for those who are utterly new to this. All active Chinese bands use Douban's xiao zhan 小站 for their homebase. 

It used to be that following the band page would put all their updates into your main newsfeed/timeline and then there was a filter that showed only musician pages - then called 音乐人 yin yue ren. Sweet. You could add in all the active bands on the scene and get continuous updates and links to shows, demos and videos. 

Then Douban took out the filter and combined all stand alone pages to be the 小站. For a while, we had to go individually to each artist page. That meant over 200 for me and Jake. Then they introduced the 喜欢 like button and following a band's feed became a separate, hard to spot, option. This option: 关注Ann的广播. Guangbo 广播 is feed. See the first picture.

So you could create a new profile. Add only band pages and no friends. Then go to each page and follow the feed. Finally you'd have a time line of band updates again. Of course, band pages are fully 'editable' now so the band may have hidden the feed, and thus the option to follow it.

But now, Douban have finally added back a feed of sorts. Now we have the My Mini-sites 我的小站 tab which shows a chronological list of bands who have updated and their last two updates. See the photos below.



Tech problems: Update

painting with light
So, yeah, the blog has problems. It's up again. But, for me, it's either blocked or so slow that anything I do gets timed out using the regular Chinese net service.

I can do stuff with a VPN service, but as we all know, some of those are having problems too lately. 

This and many things about life are so annoying that, see picture, even at 38 years old, being juvenile feels great. It's my light painting ode to Perez Hilton.

Well, while I'm trying to catch up I should mention, in case the post doesn't get done, that this Friday is the Pairs CD release, Death to Giants have a bunch of new tracks on their Douban page and the Friend or Foe CD is also imminent. Full posts and links shortly.

- sigh -

Tech problems ... groan

nightshot andy
As many people noticed, the blog went down completely. It generated a kind of fatal error and my host shut me down as a precaution (the error affected their MySQL database). I have contacted them and they have opened the blog again ... but I haven't had word back on the error so it's not really resolved yet.

So, for now, comments are off (error originated in comments DB) and posts won't be forthcoming until I get the exact info and fix. Sorry for the inconvenience everyone.

In the mean time, here's a photo from our many night rides in Shanghai. This one is much clearer and well thought out than the usual ones as I had help. Thanks, Micah!

More news, shows and blog stuff

smokingcat flyer
The end of this post has a blog policy announcement so go read all the way please.

First up, check that flyer. That's right Moon Tyrant, fresh off the Mongolia tour, are heading up a show at Yuyintang, where you will be able to hear them clearly. Shanghai hardcore/metalcore stalwarts Loudspeaker provide the support and Fearless will do an acoustic set. 

And at 25 RMB that's a huge bowl of awesome.

Talking of shows, I'll be at the Trash-a-go-go feat. Duck Fight Goose show tonight ... which comes with the news that it will be The Beat Bandit's last show. Check out the full story here at SH24-7. With the Instigation's future in doubt too, and newer bands just getting off the blocks, the Trash people are in trouble. They don't just promote shows, they specifically want to foster garage style music in Shanghai. 

So - if you play and want to get a garage band together, get on that and go see those guys.

And finally. The blog stuff. I just had to make an edit to a post by request - something I'm always happy to do - but it was ridiculous and I want to clear up a few things. Let's start with the facts so far.

*In over three years of the blog I have never posted up stuff against anyone's will, have always honoured requests for secrecy/non-reporting and have always dealt with accidents promptly and with minimum fuss.

*In case of concern, there is a blog e-mail (in the about page) where anyone can drop me a quick mail or request - themselves. I answer all of them promptly.

It's easy. And the implication of this:

*There is absolutely no need or justification for anyone, in general, to make dick-ish comments to me on this subject. 

*There is absolutely NO REASON why anyone should be making emergency calls to me at hours where I may be sleeping about it.

*Drop me a mail and,  AS USUAL, any requests will be honoured with minimum fuss.

And finally. If the problem comes from a third party and you yourself don't see a problem - then perhaps you should talk to them, not me. 

Kungfuology is on Twitter

twitter account
Well, I'm a bit hesitant to announce this officially, but for now my free shit proxy thing seems to work pretty well all the time.

So, I'm on Twitter.


So follow me if you're there. I've had a play and I now guarantee you that as well as announcing new posts on our sites, there'll be other links, retweets and Q&A. If enough people follow it that I have more followers than followees, I'll keep it 99% China music related.

See you there.

My 24-7 long form interview

Thumbnail image for andy bw 2001
I'm sure most people who follow this blog or Jake's blog will know the site

They are the newest magazine site on the block who have now built up a formidable collection of music and art content that includes blogs, reviews, music videos and podcasts. 

I was recently over at Shanghai 24/7 Puxi HQ recording the next episode of their Chongming Island Discs pod. Afterwards we sat down and had an extended conversation about the music scene here. We recorded the whole thing and the guys have compiled the comparatively coherent parts into an interview piece.

They did a great job and even embedded songs of bands we refer to. So show me and them some love and check it out. 

Comments switched back on

OK, I turned off the comments while on hiatus.

So now they are back on. 

Anyone can comment, and anonymously too. But why would you ever comment anonymously? I've only had that once recently, from someone being rude on purpose. You can do that and use your real name, I don't mind. If you feel the need to hide the fact you're a douche the chances are everyone already knows.

If spam becomes a problem, they may have to go off again though. My filter has a tough time with it.

The Slow Lane

Been a lack of posts lately. Let me explain and in doing so preview some up and coming posts.

We are in the middle of a mess of public holidays and make up days. The Expo is still on and, for that and many reasons, the scene is dead compared to previous years. 

I mean the part of the scene that I tend to cover, the home grown stuff that gives indication of where the domestic scene is going. 

By the way, one of the other reasons is the trend of more established local acts deciding to take time out of the regular scene to focus on advertising work and promo events.

Another is that 150 'party people' and transients watching a touring overseas act has bugger-all impact on the scene. "The scene" meaning people based in the city creating music and dedicated regular audiences who support/contribute it. "The scene" not meaning the sum of entertainment events happening in the city at any one time. 

Expect a big write up of the Expo summer when it's done next month, followed by a return to regular gig going / writing. It would help if Douban would restore the feed filters for checking band updates. It would also help if bands were updating.

Two Years: the classic posts

ding ding
So yeah, two years of Kungfuology, the party tonight at Yuyintang from nine.

And here's one of those typical posts revisiting shit and all that. To be honest I find it creepy and borderline offensive when people say what things they did themselves are 'classic', but hey. I'll give it a shot.

The classic posts/stories

Haibao will save us all from dissent (Top Floor Circus story)
The Subs live @ Yuyintang (for the Little Punk corpse surfing picture)
The Best Show of 2009 (That Mushroom's show)

From Jake

Pet Conspiracy in all their Glory (plus the Europe tour vid)

Our two year birthday party - come on over

party blog
That's right, Blimey!

The last week of May marks two years since the start of the blog.

Happy Birthday to us!

So, we are going to hold a birthday party and if you are reading this, then you are invited and so are your friends. First the basic details.

What: Kungfuology 2nd Birthday Party with Jake and Andy.

Date: Tuesday 25th May
Time: 9.00 - 11.00 (evening) (bar remains open till late)
Where: Yuyintang 
(上海 长宁区 凯旋路851号 (近延安西路口) - Kaixuan Road 851, opposite the Yan'an Road West Line 3 Station)
Door: Free entry, no ticket required
Featuring: musical guests Ho-Tom the Conqueror and Miniless' Han Han. 

This will be a chance for all blog readers, scene writers/workers and band members/fans to meet up for a couple of hours and shoot the shit at our favorite venue. It will also feature guest musical performances from:

Miniless Record's Han Han
The legendary Shanghai based producer, label manager and musician extraordinaire; the mind behind Kungfuology's album of 2009 Lava/Ox/Sea's Next Episode; guitarist in Boojii and Duck Fight Goose and all round source of inspiration ----- will perform an exclusive solo set for your listening pleasure. Start time around 10.15

Ho-Tom the Conqueror
Representing the international contingent we have singer-songwriter Tom Mangione. Ho-Tom combines razor sharp lyrics, engaging spoken word/poetry and memorable turns of music into a complete performance. His beat generation style and commanding voice remind us that the simple singer-songwriter can still be creative and relevant - if you have the skills. Be conquered. Opening at 9.30

Andy and Jake will be knocking around the whole time and all attendees are welcome to stalk us talk to us about anything you like. Ask them about the blog or tell them how full of shit they are; tap their scene knowledge or mock their scene ignorance ... or just say hi. It's not a gig, so to speak, it's a chance for us all to hang out and take in some top notch musical guests while we're at it. It officially ends at 11.00 but the bar will go on. 

Indie Everything live

by Wee Ling
Some Kungfuology site news.

I recently posted some updates and mentioned I was thinking of doing a blog called Indie Everything. Here's what I said:

I'm thinking of adding to Kungfuology with a new blog called Indie Everything where i'll document all projects i'm involved in from blogging to the Pod to music to whatever and just drop all secrecy or whatever and list all the costs or equipment or facilities or methods we use ... or whatever. Then people who read it can have a real and practical stepping off point to do the same themselves. It's sort of our endowment as humans to be aware and express ourselves. The idea that we shouldn't do it if it doesn't lead to financial gain needs to be swept away for a while. Well, forever.
Well it's up and running now,

It's still in it's formative stages but I'm happy with how it's starting off. I have a massive backlog of posts and ideas for it so it's going to come out all random at first, sorry. There will eventually be a disproportionate amount of music and band related posts as that's what I do the most. 

If anyone has ideas or requests for issues covered/discussed in the indie thought posts, do drop me a line or a comment.

Geek stuff: clickthrough on my site

Photo: Andy and Cam at Kungfuology HQ prior to hiring Jake Newby and beefing up our image a bit.

Here's something of interest to the geeks among our readers. But first, in the interests of scientific method and disclosure: the stats quoted here come from the Google Webmaster Tools tool. In order to know the method, parameters and limitations of these stats, you should first go there and check. 

So, obviously, more people search the net for Brad Pitt than they do for stuff like Shanghai rock or bands like Little Nature. So, if you have a tag or high incidence of something like Brad Pitt, you are going to come up in more searches.

However, you may be way down in that search and you might not even be seen let alone clicked on. So, using Webmaster Tools I had a look at clickthrough. That is, what searches I came up in where people saw it and then clicked in.

Most of the results are low incidence and featuring obvious stuff like Yuyintang, but the top three separate themselves.

1: Query: low shoulder  %: 17  Position: 43
2: Query: simon pegg  %: 15  Position: 63
3: Query: low shoulder band  %: 10  Position: 7

Low Shoulder is the fictional indie band from the movie Jennifer's Body. If you combine one and three then that's 27%, assuming it's proportional, of all Google searches that threw up my blog and were then clicked into. 

This is the post that would have been thrown up: Thoughts on Indie Rock

Position 43 potentially puts it onto the third page too. All the other clickthrough stats represent about 2% of queries each. 

Further down the top 20 we also have Low Shoulder pictures and Low Shoulder Adam Brody. The next significant group, taking up a 10% chunk between them is Misandao, Skinheads, skinheads england and division skinheads. Misandao are the Beijing based skinhead band. Rounding out the list of top clickthroughs are more obvious terms like Brad Ferguson, Boys Climbing Ropes, Yuyintang live and Jackson Guitars

To end on a triumphant note, a Google search of Shanghai music scene throws up me and Jake at number one.

Right, Spoonie, you're on point

"Bruce, no heroics" ...
"Right, Newby, you're on point"

So Jake is back from his travels. Check out the soon-to-be legendary picture on his post. This means that i'll be winding down again. Not completely, mind you. But Jake will be the lead blog on Kungfuology. 

In the meantime, Second  (重结晶乐队) have posted a lot of pics on their Douban page from the show at Mao. Also, they are playing at Live Bar's newish space at the 696 Weihai Lu art studios on Friday 30th. Here's the flyer. And here are a couple of the pics ...

second play mao

New Frontpage

I was looking at the latest edition of a mag I had officially sworn off giving any mentions to on this blog as I had been tipped off that it featured China Music Radar.

That was a bad sentence.

In the article, CMR main blogger Archie Hamilton was nice enough to recommend this site. However, the mag only showed the pure domain address. I suddenly realised that I had never got around to throwing up a placeholder there that leads people into the blogs themselves. Ooppppsss.

So now there is. It's super minimalist without making a point of it and it features some link love too.

What's up in Hipster Paradise?

by Wee Ling
So what's up?

Just thought I'd shoot out a post to see who still has me in their RSS by accident.

This is Andy reporting from the hipster paradise/ F-visa Ghetto. Talking of which, we have now added Dada Bar to Xingfu Lu, creating a little strip of music bars run by people who have a clue about music. Good job, Michael O-zone. We are also adding Mao Shanghai live house this weekend. Some more key local musicians have moved in, like Levi from Mortal Fools, Yuki from Dragon Pizza and Bafang of Zhi Wang. Also, Brad Ferguson now has the makings of a custom guitar workshop in the basement where Ju-Ju studio is. 

We also had Cotton's Bar put a second location in on Xinhua Road, right opposite the lane where I live now ... well, you can't win them all.

So, talking of Mao Live House. I went there on Sunday with Jake for a kind of press tour thing. You can read all about that at Jake's blog on this site - right here. There are some photos too. 

This weekend just gone signalled the return of the gig season after a quiet late summer. The gig was Bigger Bang at Yuyintang and you can read a write up here

You can also check out all their songs here at Douban.

Here's a random link for movie lovers: get a hold of Crank 2: High Voltage and watch it using the AV Club's MP3 fan commentry track by Zodiac Motherf*cker. Now that's funny. Although it's probably another case of a parody of extreme violent/sexist/racist movies just ending up being violent/sexist and racist. But as ZMF says on the track ... where else can you see shit like this? Indeed. Ownage.

Finally, the original blog on was a vidcast about Kung Fu. It got sunk by the Olymp*c visa crisis and then the financial crash that sent me and my partner in web stuff into a tailspin. But, I have time again now, and I still have the equipment too. So if anyone wants to make some vids about underground music, biking, kung fu or anything else cool ... I have the gear and it's all free. Get in touch. 

And leave a comment on this post, you don;t have to register and it'll cheer me up. Laters!


Hi all, quick note to say that my blog server has been down lately hence the lack of posts. They made a back up so the site could be viewed but I have been unable to write to the database (ie make new posts) for a bit. This was due to power outages and maintenance. 

So, I'll try to be bothered to go back over the seven posts I would have done, had I been able to get in. I may well fail and just continue from this weekend. Let's have a try. 


Site Update: Channel embed

new gadget
As we all know, Youtube was bought by Google but up until now we didn't see much product crossover.

I was just uploading some Jue Festival videos when I noticed that some ready to use code was added to my channel under the heading embed this channel. I tried it out and it's a Google Gadget that displays your channel name and subscribe button while allowing you to scroll through the videos. 

So. Go to the My Youtube Channel page to see what it's like. That's the update. The channel page is now the gadget of the channel.

Bye for now.

Open comments enabled


Aeriola JrWe interrupt your usual programming with a service announcement.

After a bit of consideration, I've decided to open up commenting on the posts. So, you no longer need to register. Select 'comment anonymously' and the usual form will appear with spaces for name, e-mail and an optional link to your own blog.

I haven't really promoted the site much aside from posting to my facebook page but now, in month three, i'm getting close to 800 individual visitors per month. I think some of you might comment if you didn't have to register. Also, I think it's not enough readers to include a bunch of bigot type commenters. Well, I hope not. To keep things in perspective, when I posted music reviews at Shanghaiist, they had 200 000 individual IPs on a bad month. To be fair, Gothamist is just a tad more established than a three month old personal blog.

In other site news, the kungfuology main site has been very slow lately. This is unfortunately down to the well documented ex-pat woes this summer. My partner in crime for that site has been jumping through hoops for weeks and making vids about kung fu has been way down on the priority list. Hope you all understand. Talking of ex-pat woes, let's finish with this disturbing update on the previous post ... gulp.  

Second Kungfuology shoot completed


wu mao guiMe and Cam were in People's Park today shooting our second film for the kungfuology mainsite. We got the orignal lead from an old kung fu training buddy of ours JQ Whitcomb. JQ also happens to be a celebrated jazz musician here in Shanghai. Check out his site here.

JQ was hooked up with his current teacher through the Double Dragon Alliance. This organisation does cultural exchanges, focusing mainly on martial arts. I met the boss, Rose Oliver, and one week later we've completed a shoot with them.

Rose is a Taiji teacher from the UK who came to China to improve her knowledge. In the shoot we will show her training Tong Bei Quan with master Wu Maogui in People's Park. It was a scorcher, temperature in the upper 30's and their class at 2.30 in the afternoon. The video should be edited and up within a couple of days.

wu mao gui two

Box of Shaw kicks off, Hong Kong


kungfuology logo smallFollowing our first two vidcasts, I have now kicked off our Box of Shaw feature. The first movie is 1982's Human Lanterns.

check it out

I will be doing a movie a week in the live blogging style (but not technically live) on each Sunday. With around 90 movies in the box, it could take some time.

In other news, I have to go to Hong Kong tomorrow to sort out my VISA for next year. It's the first time in 6 years that I have to do the infamous Hong Kong run. We are in the middle of a VISA crackdown too so I hope it goes alright, otherwise I could get stuck there. I'll be there for about 5 days so no posts until I get back.

First vidcasts done for our new site


zhongshan parkThis morning the rain finally held off and we filmed our double header of vidcasts for our new site.

Pu Laoshi and his student Shaun Hogan were really nice and open and no one bothered us at all during filming. Pu Laoshi was worried a bit about the look of it and that they didn't have performance clothes but we soon got the idea over to him.

We had a funny moment when he called me by my Chinese name when I very first arrived, but he has such a strong Shanghai accent that I didn't catch it. He then ribbed me about not knowing my own name for ten minutes.

You can find the vidcasts here:

part one
part two


shaun hogan


cameron hirst

Zhongshan Park Kung Fu


parkoneMe and Cam went down to Zhongshan Park at 7.30 this morning to follow up a lead for our first Kungfuology vidcast. My friend Sharon Tan tipped us off about a traditional teacher there called Pu Laoshi.

Pu Laoshi is 70 years old and teaches among the racket of radios and millions of Taichi and dance groups that fill out Shanghai parks in the mornings. His style 'cha quan' was traditional and he showed us weapons, hand forms and even a two man set.

Of course, you can't just demand a teacher to perform for you as strangers then make videos so we had to oblidge with performances and a bit of training ourselves first. No worries, it was a beautiful morning and the locals largely left us to it. We took turns in between his other students, Sharon trained some straight sword too.

Next week his overseas student comes back and we will film for our first vidcast.


parktwoMe and Sharon











Me, Cam and Pu LaoshiCam, Pu Laoshi and me

Back to blogging


Me and Cam are not far away from starting our Web 2.0 Kung Fu magazine and we have this nice software in our new space (Movable Type 4). So, I have a personal blog again. Well, I stopped the last one because I was too busy to actively market it and Facebook is fine for social stuff.

For those of you who don't know me I'm from Liverpool UK, I graduated in drama and have worked the first ten years of my career in writing and education. I will stick up an about page soon. I am based in Shanghai and get up to all kinds of stuff.

This post is mainly for me to start of the site widgets so I can have a think about them.

Tarra for now.


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