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New Faces night @ Yuyintang (July 1st)

newfaces poster
It's the first day of July and I see that in the U.K. people are already going into panic mode about the temperature going over 30 degrees. 

Well, we get closures and safety measures here too ... when it hits 40 :( I've always found it intriguing that during heat waves the official temp reading never quite gets over 39.8. Hmmnnn.

So, New Faces night. This is a midweek night with no cover charge where completely new and inexperienced bands are encouraged to play. The idea is to give them some experience and encourage them to join the scene proper. 

Tonight there were three bands playing:

Pao (Cannon)

All three played fairly random sets of covers of varying quality. K.E. played pretty tight and their singer really went for it. She especially did well with the rap-rock nu-metal stuff. Pao seemed intent on showing off their fast guitar playing but were very under rehearsed. Subway played J-rock covers. 

The night was definitely worthwhile for the bands and is a good idea. However, I'm always disappointed when new bands play random covers. The size of the scene here, and the community feel, gives us all unique opportunities to write music, be creative and share. No levels or cliques or whatever, you can just do it. Talking to a few people in the venue I found that many members of the bands had not been down to YYT for the better bands' shows when it was busy too. 

Perhaps it means there is a whole group of bands who would be transformed by seeing a show like this and would then join the ranks and boost the scene proper.


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