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Shanghai music website Layabozi has finally released their new look site after many months of fiddling in private. But what surprised me was that reading the first new post I learned that they too have been around two years.

In fact, I checked their archives and they predate me by two posts. Curses!

Elsewhere on the web, Shanghai Eye reports that the Weihai Road 696 art centre is also feeling the Expo heat.

Also, China Music Radar has been taking a leaf out of the Kenneth Tan manual lately and throwing up stuff that is likely to cause a stir. And it's all good stuff.

The latest is an article on touring in China that sets new standards for broad types.

It's even called Crazy China (in the mock Japanese font)

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Torturing Nurse in the Guardian UK

torturing nurse 20
I was just reading the Shanghai art blog Shanghai Eye for other reasons when I saw a music related link there. So H/T to Chris at Shanghai Eye and

The Guardian Unlimited music blog posted about the NoiShanghai collective and band Torturing Nurse. They refer to the infamous torturing Torturing Nurse show and even go as far to quote an interview conducted for SH magazine by our very own Jake Newby

Yet perhaps the best proof that the Chinese underground is still keeping it weird is Junkyy's rejection of alt-god Thurston Moore in 2008. Moore's still the go-to man for the "indie rock seal of approval", yet when he sang Torturing Nurse's praises following Sonic Youth's trip to China, this one-man whirlwind wasn't impressed. "I don't like him or his band. They are too rock'n'roll. I don't care if he's a fan. What we do is totally different," Junkky said in an interview with SH Magazine. Which pretty much sums up the project's entire ethos: "We don't care if you like us." Listen at your peril.
Here's the full article at the Guardian Unlimited music blog.


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