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Strawberry Shanghai?

midi calendar.jpgWhen it comes to China festival rumours - and let's face, there's going to be a lot of them in the coming months - it's going to be hard to beat this one. Still, another one doing the rounds on the rumour mill at the moment is that Modern Sky will finally bring their Strawberry Festival to Shanghai this year. After the harmonised Strawberry Suzhou and the allegedly 'stolen' Strawberry Zhenjiang, Modern Sky are apparently looking at doing a festival in Century Park in April. Pure speculation at this stage however.

This picture on the right here incidentally, is of some revellers at the 2010 Changjiang Midi Festival and forms part of Midi's 2012 calendar. Recognise anyone?

Podcast Five: Top Floor Circus "Karaoke Forever"


Must start by apologising, this week's pod had some minor technical hiccups and may sound a bit buzzy from time to time. We know what happened and all will return to normal next week.

Through the buzz though, you'll hear us talking about last weekend's shows, Candy Shop at YYT and Steely Heart at LOgO, our discussions of the "Shanghai sound" and whether the city's music is becoming known for something different and we'll look ahead to this weekend, before rounding off with a classic Top Floor Circus track.

And here's your links:

Candy Shop at YYT
Candy Shop's Douban
Black Luna
Steely Heart

Shanghai Scene
Andy's original post
An interview with Han Han of Miniless Records
Muscle Snog
Fading Horizon
8 Eye Spy
Top Floor Circus

Ben Houge
CMR on an odd Owl City interview
MAO's soft opening
The Mushrooms
Crystal Butterfly
Rock for Roots and Shoots

Video: Maybe Mars in New York City


Andy here. While Jake was spinning the ..err ... CD players at the Heart Attack night at Not Me I saw Tim Franco there. He's just back from New York where he was with the Maybe Mars show. So chatting about it spurred Tim into getting a video clip uploaded and then he was kind enough to give us first look.

So here it is. Thanks Tim.


Podcast One: Lava Ox Sea "Home Hell"


Welcome to the first ever Kungfuology podcast featuring Jake Newby and Andy Best. This is our pilot show/demo. We are aware of some technical teething problems, but go ahead and comment on them all the same. We like comments, there's a lot of material to comment on ... and you don't have to register.

On the agenda this week:

Midi celebrate ten years with ... an awards show. Thanks, Chinamusicradar.
And where were Lava Ox Sea in the nominations!

This weekend was the 12th 0093 showcase at Yuyintang.
We liked New Vector and Fanqie Chaodan with his new band.

Gigs are back on at Harley's bar it seems. promote their first show in the world of indie rock, but go head to head with the old school punk night at Mao Shanghai.

Finally, listen to "Home Hell" by Lava Ox Sea.


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