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A_Z band live @ Yuyintang

a_z band
Tonight was folk night at Yuyintang. Indie folk artists Asiaeyes and Wu Zhuoling have recently collaborated on a CD and are now playing some joint shows to promote it. Their band name is A_Z Band.

Why not first check out some tracks from the new album here: A_Z Band myspace page

I got a bit of a shock when I walked into the hall and saw that the front half was completely taken up with chairs and tables. That's right - table people!!! Are you a table person? Do you like VIP clubs? You deserve a slow painful death. But anyway, A_Z are a sit down folk band. The big surprise was when the Snot Rockets came on for the 'after-show' and the tables stayed there.

A_Z had three people in the line up and used a complex backing track for each song that included drums, pre-recorded back up vocals, reeds and some distortion guitar playing too. At times, the three performers seemed to be just filling in small parts over the tape. I was especially surprised that the two supporting performers didn't provide any back up vocals in favor of a backing tape.

People who had been to see Jose Gonzalez earlier in the week immediately recognized Wu Zhouling as 'the girl who supported Jose Gonzalez earlier in the week'. A_Z performed a professional two part set of warm sounding acoustic based folk songs. Wu Zhuoling's voice is low and soft and the tracks were laid back. After they finished, about half the locals did a runner into the rain soaked night ... and so did I, not long after. This was a nice show for me to catch after a string of disappointments with indie folk performances lately.


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