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Photo Special: This one is for you, James

Dear James

dear james
From Andy.

Pinkberry and ... The Queers!!! live @ Yuyintang

joe queer
Yeah, that's right. I usually don't write up non-China based bands who come over because it's not related to the blog. But all that goes out of the window when it's ...The Queers! Have I mentioned that I'm a punk fan? Have I mentioned that The Queers and Screeching Weasel are like, the best bands ever?

So, Abe Deyo brought them over for a five date China tour. Opening for them was Pinkberry. Loudspeaker were on the bill too but inexplicably never showed at soundcheck. Not much to write here. Pinkberry played a good set but the room was only just starting to fill by the time they were finishing. Xiao You was looking tip top and seemed a bit disappointed in the audience who were chilling but appreciative while she gave her usual good performance. I mention this (tip top) as it pertains to later events. Anyhow, I uploaded a video of Xiaobudian. 

Then The Queers took the stage. Everyone got in the room and from the get go the first three rows or so exploded. At first I was watching star struck from the sidelines, not quite believing that Joe Queer was really on stage at little Yuyintang in Shanghai. But, as the set went on and the classics came out I had to get up there. They played Punk Rock Girls and I braved the moshers in my thoroughly knackered state. They did an encore and closed with an absolute stormer ... Joe Queer announced "This one is for Pinkberry" and then launched into She's A Firecracker. Ha. 

Apologies, I'm just a drooling fanboy tonight. Note to other organizations bringing in overseas bands to enrich the scene: Screeching Weasel.

Also, when Matt got nailed and ended up sprawled on the stage, he somehow managed to nick two plectrums. And he gave one to me. Matt Yeh = hero.

0093 Rock Party 7 @ Yuyintang

0093 rock seven
Tonight was part seven of the 0093 Rock Parties. And a quick explanation: 0093 is a rehearsal studio. The 0093 nights at YYT are a chance for really, really new bands to play live and see what it's like. It is therefor normal to expect six or seven bands in the line up most of which could be playing mainly covers. Occasionally, a more experienced band pops in ...but not tonight.

So, first a confession. I mentioned previously that I was attending the show mainly to see the band Kongzhong Huayuan. They were the stand out act at the recent Britpop night. Alas, I didn't make it that far. I had been there almost two hours and the second band were still going. Like the first band, they did mainly covers and went on for ages, talking to the crowd at length between songs as if they were Iron Maiden playing an arena show. I did have a partner in crime for the night though, Abe Deyo. I have gradually discovered that Abe shares my passion for self inflicted pain checking out the very newest bands at multi-act shows.

Anyway, why not checkout an older video of Kongzhong Huayuan here. It's good.

The line up for the show was:

1. Brunch
2. Jiaoke Yuedui
3. Wang Yue Zhe
4. 8 mg
5. Kongzhong Huayuan
6. Death River

I'd like to finish with a bunch of rumours and tidbits. Abe tells me he's all but finalised his next event - bringing DOA and The Queers over to Shanghai and Beijing. Also, I was at a hotpot place with a bunch of YYT people and heard that Zhong Ke has already left his new band Muscle Snog. They were also talking about Crazy Mushroom Brigade losing guitarist Jerry Li. I hope not, he's the lynch pin of my favourite Shanghai band and they're supposed to be recording this month. I hope he didn't leave to form a shoegazing experimental post-rock band, that would really ruin my week. If anyone wants to confirm or deny any of that, the comments are open.


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