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Decisions, decisions (part two)

Still agonising over where to go on Friday? Wait til you see what's on on Saturday.

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Decisions, decisions (part one)

It may only be Wednesday, but this weekend is such a big one for live music that it's a good idea to start making your plans now. First up, these are your choices for Friday:


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New tunes

Here's a few things that I gleaned from trawling through my Douban feed until I got too jealous of people uploading photos of Gorillaz in Hong Kong and had to stop.

Newcomers Androsace have some new tracks up. If you like what you hear, they're at Corner Bar down in Songjiang on Friday and then up at Live Bar Wujiaochang on the 17th. Get on it.

Also up is a track from 77, entitled The 77 Song. If you like what you hear, why not join them? They have a guitarist and a singer and that's about it, so get in touch with them if you can offer something else to fill out their sound. Post a message on their Douban or leave a comment here (with your real e-mail address in the comment sign in bit) and I'll put you in touch with them. Just so you know, my offer of triangle and occasional recorder accompaniment has so far gone unanswered, but don't try and muscle in on those instruments.

Available entirely free for the whole month is 'Heartbrokenbleedin'again' from The Fever Machine, so make sure you click this link here then head to YYT on Friday where they'll (hopefully) play it live.

Just uploaded this morning, is this track from Plastic Chocolate. They're at MAO Livehouse on Boxing Day and YYT on New Year's Eve.

For something a little different, check out sankin77's cover/remix of a Boojii track. And that will mix nicely into the ChaCha remix of Conrank's STEMS that you can find here.

The video embedded here is of Triple Smash post rocking it down in Songjiang. And finally, a non-Douban link (shock) to some new music from local-based band Quarter Acre, courtesy of the good people at SmartShanghai. Right here.

The youth is out there

p707778065.jpgUPDATE: Just got a message from Lezi to say that the second round of the Zhulu Hefeng university tour has been going really well so far with over 400 students turning up for the Donghua University show (pictured).

This blog and Andy's basically focus on gigs that take place, and bands that play, at a handful of venues around town: Yuyintang, MAO Livehouse and occasionally Zhijiang Dream Factory. Now and again, one or other of us will make it up to 696 or Live Bar, but otherwise we pretty much stay in our city centre comfort zone. And why not? There's nothing else going on out in the sticks anyway, right?

Maybe. But recently Micah Sittig left this comment on a post on Andy's blog.

'> There has been(?) a move of focus from the centre to the suburbs /

> closer to the universities by local bands.

This is something I've wondered about for years. When I was living in the city center and had more time for shows (about 5/6 years ago), it seemed to me like the YYT/Gua2 scene was bringing to a more urban audience the "cream" that rose to the top of the university scene. I somewhat regret that I never took the initiative to explore that scene, but with the universities being so far out and the metro system not yet reaching them it meant several-hour bus rides, searching out new people, etc.'

New stuff from Triple Smash

Instrumental rock act Triple Smash have put out some new material recently. They've put three new songs up on their Douban (the top three when you click through that link) - two demos at seven and ten minutes each and a cover of a 65 Days of Static song.

Meanwhile, the band leader JMF Lee has put up a bunch of tracks on his solo Douban page, some of which are available for download. They take a slightly different tack to the Triple Smash stuff and one is actually an acoustic version of a Triple Smash song. Check out 蝇惠财姘爱 for something particularly different. They're all worth a listen though, so click those links and enjoy some instrumental rock.

This video on the right here is of Triple Smash playing at MAO Livehouse the other week.

Songjiang gets itself a livehouse

Thumbnail image for map.JPGThat's right kids, welcome to shitty map country. Songjiang is the new university district of Shanghai. It's a fair way out of town. As in, a 40 minute metro journey from civilisation. Still, there's a whole load of universities out there and, surprise surprise, a large number of students. Seems like a good place to open up a gig venue right? Well, that's what someone clearly thinks as they've done just that.

It's called Corner Bar, opens tonight (with a show from Triple Smash no less) and is at number 131, Lane 1292 on Xin Songjiang Lu. I'm not going to lie to you, that's pretty much all the information I have on it. What do you want? I haven't been down there.

They've got a gig on next Tuesday night as well with Momo and Little Nature. This comes on the back of Lezi's recent university tour with the Zhu Lu He Feng collective, which (as noted before) went down pretty well. Given this and the bands for that Tuesday gig, I sensed the hand of Soma/MAO Livehouse, but apparently it's nowt to do with them. Which might mean it has a good chance of success. Ho, ho, only teasing.

Seriously though, this isn't a bad idea. A lot of kids moan that it's too far into town for venues like YYT and MAO Livehouse from Songjiang. The opening bands have hardly finished before it's time to think about heading back. So why not bring the bands to them? Of course, this depends on the size of the venue and their ambitions, but why not add a gig in there on the band's schedule on a midweek night before they play down town? I suppose you could argue that it might draw people away from the downtown venues, but really, how many people from Songjiang are regular gig goers in the city centre? And when they do come in from the wilderness, maybe they'll have a taste for gigs and alternative music and want to keep doing it when they're downtown. Interesting to see how it goes anyway...

Video: Triple Smash at Yuyintang

I didn't make it to the Pose Rock gig at Yuyintang on Saturday unfortunately. I caught Pairs at LOgO on the Friday and they were excellent, I saw a few seconds of Rustic at the Gibson shop on Hengshan Lu and then last night I saw The Medullary Paralysis at YYT. Anyway, in the middle of all that I missed Triple Smash, The Fever Machine, 21 Grams and Little Wizard, which is a shame. If you missed them as well, check out this video of Triple Smash playing an as yet un-named new song.

Video: Triple Smash with 小丁丁

Andy reviewed the Triple Smash gig from last weekend (here in case you missed it), but here's a video that I took from the end of the gig. It was kind of a thank you and farewell show for the band - they just got back from a tour and are going to take a break for a couple of months before gigging again - so there were lots of interludes and thanks yous etc. At one point, the band started playing the opening strains of FAF's Escape, but instead rounded out their set with this cover featuring the support band's lead singer. Check it out.

Got any plans this weekend?

If so and they don't include the below then drop them, drop them now. This weekend is a cracker. Check it out:

Friday night has instrumental rock outfit Triple Smash returning from their tour to play a special thank you gig. FAF are in support. Yep, the band featured here and in the video embedded in this post.

Saturday sees Beijing's TOOKOO combine with Bigger Bang! for a potentially explosive night. Last time Bigger Bang were in town it was a great show and some people got pretty excited about them at Zhangbei too. TOOKOO are a quality act as well. More on that here.

Sunday has brilliant Canadian folksters Great Lake Swimmers in town. Should be a good 'un.

And that's just at Yuyintang. MAO Livehouse has Joe Chou on Friday - check out an excellent article about him by friend of the blog Tom Mangione over on SmartShanghai by pointing your mouse here and using your clicking finger.

Then they've got Sonata Arctica on Sunday, while Live Bar has the band with the fake CV on Friday (actually, you might want to give that one a miss) and Bremen, Rainbow Danger Club, Truth and Unlucky Bear on the Saturday.

So much musical goodness. Sod the cold, get out there.

Video: Triple Smash at Yuyintang

Triple Smash have stuck up a bunch of videos from their performance at the Rock for Roots & Shoots night at Yuyintang last Saturday. The one here is When You Hold on to Your Dreams. I mentioned in my write up that the band are going on tour and here seems as good a place as any to let you know the wheres and whens in case you happen to be in these places:

27/11 - Nanchang, Black Iron Livehouse
28/11 - Hangzhou, 798 Pub
29/11 - Suzhou, WAVE
12/4 - Chengdu, Matang

If you're a fan of the rock without a singer thing, you'll probably know that Mono are in town this weekend (more on that here), but you'll also appreciate Triple Smash's cover of this excellent 65 Days of Static song right here. 65 Days of Static are a great band incidentally, someone should definitely bring them to Shanghai - the kids would love it.

Rock for Roots & Shoots, Yuyintang

boojii.jpgThere were six bands last night, so things got underway early. For once, I was on time though (actually, I was embarrassingly early, but never mind). The line-up was a really good one, although oddly it didn't seem to have attracted much of a gig-going crowd. The night was up against Au Revoir Simone over at Mao, which may have had an impact, and of course we talked about it on the pod, which is always the kiss of death for a night. Regardless, a lot of the people who were there seemed to be there for Roots & Shoots rather than there for the music. That's fine, it's a good cause obviously, but it doesn't necessarily make for the best gig atmosphere.

Resist Resist kicked things off. They get better every time I see them and the addition of Tim Anderson on the drums has made a real difference. If there'd been more people there, everyone would have been dancing like crazy. Or like Little Punk.

Videos: Mortal Fools and Triple Smash

Finally, some videos on this blog that don't feature me. Mortal Fools have recently uploaded a video of them doing Age of Assholes at the Beijing Punk Festival and Triple Smash have put up a live recording of them doing 再见大合 with 曹大 (of Chaos Mind) lending his vocals. And that's what you can see here (Triple Smash are after the jump), give them a click.

Also just up online are some excellent photos from the first few gigs at Mao, including some classy shots of the Second girls and you'll find those linked to right here. Toni from Pinkberry/Mortal Fools also makes an appearance in that album. Of course, if you're looking for the best photo taken at Mao Livehouse so far, it has to be this one really.

Triple Smash and Five Pointed Star releasing EPs

triple smash.jpgI suppose you've probably guessed already from that picture there, but Triple Smash have announced that their debut EP will be released on... October 7th.

Triple Smash are the instrumental rock band formed by guitarist Jerry Li after he left The Mushrooms about a year ago. Most of their gigs have been as Zhong Chi's backing band, but the Indiechina showcase back in July gave them a chance to do their own thing and they impressed.

They'll be performing at a few shows in the run up to the EP release, first supporting Guangzhou bands Golden Cage and Dahua@Mei tonight at YYT, then with half-Brit, half-Chinese outfit Strobolight (as well as Duck Fight Goose) on Friday and finally with China's answer to Mogwai, Wang Wen on September 11th. So there's no excuse not to catch them really.

Also releasing an EP soon are nu-metal band Five Pointed Star. They've been playing gigs on the fringes for a while now - often involved in the 0093 showcases and playing out at Yangpu's Live Bar - without headlining too many of their own shows downtown. They did take part in the Shanghai Night Fever event last month and gave a good account of themselves, but they were a fair way down the bill. That's set to change though with their Awake EP and a dedicated release party at Yuyintang on September 29th at Yuyintang. 

While we're on the subject of forthcoming releases, Lezi has posted a topic on Douban stating that Soma's Indie Top 2 compilation is nearly done. They're just putting the final touches to a record that will feature 14 tracks from local artists. For some background on the ultimately disappointing first Indie Top CD, check out coverage from Mr Best here. Anti-climax doesn't really come close to describing what happened last time around with Indie Top, but Soma claim to have listened to the feedback and taken it on board when producing the follow up. We'll see.

Finally, one of the bands who featured on the first Indie Top compilation and will most likely feature on the second are Little Nature. These guys are apparently in the final stages of producing their album too. The band have been a bit flat the last few times I've seen them and seem to have lost their old energy. Will the CD bring it back? Again, I guess we'll have to wait and see.


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