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Videos: Astrofuck live in Yuyintang

Warning: this is my band, lack of objectivity alert.

Some media is coming in from Saturday's show. Here are two and half tracks from Astrofuck's set, available in Tudou (China) or Youtube. I say half, because Love is Shit had a mid way break for computer hijinks, we kept the moment in because it's quite funny. Also, you can hear Chris Ginn at the start, pleading for a shorter song length. Did he use telekinesis to get his wish? 

Dog Fucker's Manual tudou youtube
Love Is Shit tudou youtube
Five Kuai Bullet tudou youtube

Video: Guren live @ Uptown

I see a bunch of touring cultural stuff here and I usually separate it from 'the scene' and therefor mostly from the blog. I saw these guys on three separate occasions this week, including some collaborations that have prodded me to write a post, coming up shortly, so here's a taste of their stuff in its purest form.

DJ B.O. brought them down as part of his ongoing Rock Nadaam series. Altan-Od is a Khomeii expert (Mongolian throat singing) from the town Darkhan. Khongor is a specialist in the Morinkhuur fiddle and is from Ulaanbataar. Together they are Guren. The video has two short sections.

PS: I have laid out my definition for 'the scene' in regards to this blog many times, but most clearly in here.

Tudou: The Other live @ Yuyintang

Here's a video of The Other playing at Yuyintang. Later tracks were even better but I'd got one and wanted to just enjoy the show. So here you go.

Video: Pairs "Surgeon"

Hot off their delayed release Grandparent, Pairs have put out their double vinyl If this cockroach doesn't die, I will. Here is the video for the song "A surgeon at a hospital in Shanghai severed a nerve in my groin." It starts with Xiao Zhong in bed and ends with a show at Shanghai's Live Bar.

Get the album here at Bandcamp

A Very Special Video: Top Floor Circus 上海童年

Here is a one of a kind video from Shanghai's Top Floor Circus called Shanghai Childhood 上海童年. It features photos from fans uploaded to Douban of their own Shanghai childhood. The song is sung in Shanghainese and features the usual mix of Lu Chen's sly humour and genuine love for the local culture.

Video: Nova Heart vs. Pairs

The China scene has some amazing diversity. The first video is from Nova Heart and shot in Beijing. Singer Helen Feng is formerly of Free The Birds and Pet Conspiracy and is one of the biggest names in independent pop music.

The second video is Shanghai's Pairs playing Mao last year. The drums wipe some of the song out in the middle, but it's all good stuff. Pairs are IMHO the leading exponent here of a Lofi DIY aesthetic.

Video: Shanghai's Must Be Red

Readers of the blog, or people here who know me, often hear me talk about the Shanghai metal scene. Most of the bands are younger or students but they have Chaos Mind's Sam Dust (Lao Gao) holding things together through his Playful Warrior promoter. The shows are fun and well attended and usually have a good mix of an experienced band to go with the newer bands.

So here's a video just posted by Shanghai band Must Be Red. They are playing at YYT with Chaos Mind on Saturday afternoon.

The White Eyes new EP and vids

The White Eyes are a garage punk outfit from Taipei. They originally had a well-deserved reputation as a raw and raucous live act, led by singer-mastermind Gao Xiao Gao. By the time they arrived on the mainland to tour their album Kiss Your Eyes they were a polished and consummate modern rock act who also kept their punk energy.

Now they have a new EP out called Dead Boy and an accompanying video. So time to check them out.

(scroll down for the MP3s ... third tab for videos)

Tis the season to be angry

Well. Here at Kungfuology Towers we are not unaware that a lot of you are about to enter a period of rest and reflection. You will have your feet up and some time off.

So, if you were going to pick a Chinese band to listen to, you'd have to pick this one. I'll be imagining Michael Buble actually being roasted over an open fire. Have a punk holidays everyone.

Tudou: Manbanpai go to the Strawberry Festival

More video, this time from Shanghai indie pop outfit Manbanpai. Manbanpai is the full line up project of Zhu Lu He Feng Folk singer Hama and songwriter Fish

In this slickly put together vid, the band plan a set list on the train to the festival, arrive at the grounds then play a set. It's all nice, light and vaguely uplifting. The band's logo says: Slow life is good ... so enjoy music.

Youtube Tudou: BCR Grow Up

To round up the series of posts on X is Y and Boys Climbing Ropes' joint album Summer and Winter Warfare, here's a video for the track Grow Up. 


Youtube Tudou: AV Okubo Ultraman fights the Buffalo Beast

Wuhan band AV Okubo have just put out a new video via their label Maybe Mars.

The band are known for their mix of punk rock, electronica and Chinese/East Asian pop culture. They have one full length album under their belt already entitled The Greed of Man. This can all be found at their page. Here.

Note. Translating the video title is tough because Ultraman is from Japan and the monster names in Chinese are very very rough translations. I don't suppose anyone knows the original Japanese name for it do they? Searching Wikipedia now - complete list of Ultrman enemies ... oh my god, here it is.

Youtube Tudou: Xiao He

Beijing's Maybe Mars label has just put out two music videos for the alt-folk artist Xiao He. One of them The Nineties 《90年代》has a cleanly shot short movie, complete with subtitles, as the vid. Well worth checking out, even if you're not so into Xiao He's thing (shame on you). 

Also, while looking about the label's Douban site, I noticed that they have taken The Molds under their wing. The Molds were brought down to Shanghai by promoter Abe Deyo back in the day and played with The Subs at the Dream factory. They are a Cramps inspired nihilistic rockabilly band ... kind of ... check them out here, scroll down for the demos.

And now, the Xiao He vid. 

PB festival video, University tours and more

I still have blog issues of many kinds. In the last post I gave out some clues for using Douban to track bands. Here's a few things floating around.

Label Zhu Lu He Feng are starting round four of their university tour. I can't stress the importance of this. This is completely new ground that label head honcho has cracked then built up to the point of being able to put on a 12 date campus tour - in about two years. 

Here's round four

L.A. two piece Alpine Decline have done a handsome Furs and relocated to Beijing: here's their new Douban page.

And here's a video of Pinkberry at one of the many festivals across the summer. It's Shanghai, there's a beach. Must be Zebra.

Youtube Tudou: Loudspeaker @ Yuyintang

loudspeakersatNote: Tudou is now doing an auto play thing and I can't figure it out just yet so the video will be after the jump. If it doesn't resolve I'll just go to Youku. Sorry.

Shanghai metal-core trio Loudspeaker have been around for years and they are punk in the true sense of the concept. They love to play, have their own private room at Ju Ju and just keep going and going because they love it. 

Here's the track I Will Be Back from YYT on Friday. Hear the recorded version on this page. Scroll down to see the MP3 player.

Youtube Tudou: Broken Promises live @ Yuyintang

I took a few videos this time around, at the Summer Screaming show, but there were all kinds of glitches for some reason. Ah well. This shorter clip of Shanghai's Broken Promises came out pretty good. So in the review I mentioned they had a cool singer who really looked the part and led the charge. So here you are ...

Youtube Tudou: Puppets of Distortion

Here is a video of the Shanghai band Puppets of Distortion taken at the All In Black night on Friday. I'm jostling at first but the video/sound gets clearer at about a minute in where the atmospheric break ends and the heavy riffs kick back in.

If you like heavy music, it's just awesome either way.

Video: Dabaoge: Little Punk

Via The Push Shove

Quick note, sorry Andy, sorry Nick ... there are all kinds of sites and stuff like this that I don't post because of their involvement with the ad industry A.K.A. Satan. In this case though, I think the guy behind it is a genuinely nice person who I've met and like. It goes a long way.

Little Punk of Shanghai indie band Boys Climbing Ropes has a solo album, which regular readers of the blog will know. The style is lo-fi indie-folk. Here it is on Bandcamp for free DL.

Now here she is doing a video with Dabaoge. LP and BCR guitarist Jordan perform acoustically in one of Shanghai's old lane neighborhoods. The picture quality is pretty good despite being compressed for a streaming site (Miller, tell me how you did it!) and it's so Shanghai. The vocals seem quiet at first but watch on.

Youtube Tudou: Forsaken Autumn live @ Yuyintang

Here's a video of new Shanghai shoegaze band Forsaken Autumn.

They were on second on Friday for the 0093 four year anniversary (of 0093 YYT shows). This vid came out really well showing the band's wall of noise sound, measured pace and dreamy vocals.

Check it out. I hope they stay together and put in the work as Shanghai doesn't have many bands of this style at the moment.

Youtube Tudou: Color 4 and Monkey Shines

Here are two live videos of new Shanghainese bands Color 4 and Monkey Shines, both featuring members of Little Nature strangely. One ex and one current.

Color 4 are seen here at Mao and play pop-punk. Monkey Shines play emo and are seen here at Yuyintang. Interestingly, they are both not far off members' other projects musically. Xiao Ding who sings for Monkey Shines also sings for Forget and Forgive. 

Note: the sound quality for the Monkey Shines video is bad and goes in and out: but it still gives a good impression of their energy and how they rocked YYT that night.

Youtube Tudou: 8 Eye Spy live @ Yuyintang

Here's the song I recorded from the 8 Eye Spy show last night. As always, remember I use a small compact and condensed mic, I also only vid the one song ... you know, cos I'm enjoying the show the rest of the time. So it's limited quality.

Anyway, here's the band. Great show.

White Eyes coming to YYT, rejoice!

We've been following Taiwan Chinese Punk band The White Eyes at Kungfuology Towers for a while now. Beijing were lucky enough to get at show at Mao but no Shanghai, until now. The band are trying to play a bunch of mainland dates to promote their new album Kiss Ur Eyes. This band are superb and should not be missed. The show is promoted by STD so there's a mild chance of dance music DJs, obnoxious behavior, electrics blowing, fights and well, the tickets are reasonable at 50.

It's at YYT on Saturday, November 6th. 

Seriously though, great band, support this show, YYT ... and STD. Here's a preview: 

Video: Rakasasa at Yuyintang

Oh my god, I haven't taken video of gigs for ages but this one was worth it. Hefei metal band Rakasasa came to town and blew the lid off Yuyintang. Singer Huizi has a voice the devil would be proud of and this track rules.

Be sure to watch all the way as the track and performance go different places. For me, the highlight is the "grind-out" at the very end. Sorry about a couple of blackouts early on, caught in a mosh.

Great Videos: Carsick Cars live @ Mao Shanghai

This was a good moment. That's all I have to say. This band are worth the hype. I was there up front, as should you have been.

Reflector back in Shanghai

Beijing based pop-punk band Reflector are coming back to Yuyintang on April 3rd. Here's the event page at Douban. Talking of Yuyintang you can see their complete March line up in poster form right here - you'll need to read Chinese to get most bands though.

Now, why am I making a point of posting this? 

This is why. Watch this video of the last time they played Yuyintang. They tore the place up and it was rammed. Believe me, stick with the vid and after the one minute point you'll start to see the throng of people going nuts. People love 'em. Great track too.

youtube Tudou: Zhang Qianqian on TV

I recently posted about the rise of indie-folk artists on the pages of Douban. You can read that here. I featured an artist called Zhang Qianqian.

She has been on the TV in a documentary that features two intercut stories. One person comes to Shanghai from the west of China, the other goes back to Qinghai. That second person is Zhang Qianqian, who popped back to her home area to shoot a music video. 

It's all subtitled in English and her MV is shown in full right upfront from just before the three minute mark. 

Youtube Tudou: Six Shot @ Yuyintang

Finally got my Friday footage uploaded. This is from the Playful Warrior show at Yuyintang.

So. Fans of proper heavy music rejoice. OK, the quality is not so good. But, stick with it as it goes through to a second song. I was taken with their new grind sections with slow but punishing beats and a guitar that sounds like it's tuned right down ... right down to hell. 

Sorry. When I get into metal, all writing bets are off and out comes the cheese and cliche. By the way, death to false metal, satan's minions await you.

Youtube Youku: Joyside "Sunday Morning"

So Joyside are done and they've had their last ever show. But, they seem to be as productive as ever since the split. They've posted a bunch of songs up at their Douban page, as well as some videos. And there's even a trailer there, via Tudou, of a documentary film of the last show to be released next year.

For now, here's an animated video for their anthem "Sunday Morning". You may also recognise it from here

Youtube Tudou: Second live @ Mao Shanghai

A little while back I reported on the Rock Shanghai anniversary party at the newly opened Mao Livehouse Shanghai. This show was organised by 0093 rehearsal studios and was basically a re-run of their regular showcase nights at Yuyintang.

Now, before you watch this video we need to add some context. Well, firstly the quality is not good and it seems to have been done on a phone. But ...

Imagine you are back in your home town. Imagine that a local bar or hall is letting completely amateur unsigned bands play that night. The band is made up of mainly younger students and they've barely been playing together six months and part-time. They are playing their first original material. What would that be like? Well, on the Shanghai scene it's like this. This is Second (重结晶乐队) with their song 《如果可以 》 If I Could. 

Hint: They were good and the venue is great. 

Youtube Tudou: Holiday recycler Pinkberry

It's the holidays. You have time, you're relaxing with your own computer, with sound. You're on this blog, so you like Chinese indie bands. So watch this.

This is Pinkberry headlining a big show at the Dream Factory that was so disastrously organised that they didn't get on until almost one a.m. and most people had gone home. However, this vid shows Pinkberry ripping away with one of their more simple, rawer tunes. A glimpse into the amazing potential than has been on and off lately due to all kinds of controversies and line up changes.

When this Pinkberry show up, it's worth it.

Youtube Tudou: A look in Mao Shanghai

Warning: yes, this is a look in Mao Shanghai. However, it is a hastily shot vid done on a point and shoot variety digital camera's video mode. 

I give a brief intro. But after the "40 seconds" are up and we can clearly see the stage, I change my mind and stay on it for two Momo tracks. So maybe this should be called Momo live @ Mao Shanghai.

Video: Pinkberry play at the Dream Factory

Here's the other video I took at the Dream Factory show on Friday. I'd like to say it's some kind of a look at the new lights and sound there since Soma took over the venue. But I don't really think my little Sony DSC stills camera is a good judge of that. Saying that ... here it is.

Video: Momo playing at Dream Factory (2009)

Soma managed girl group Momo have come a long way. From underground garage rock stylists to slick indie-pop performers. It doesn't seem like yesterday that I first saw them at one of Banana Monkey's five dollar shake parties at the old YYT in Long Hua. They are still around should have a debut album out any day now.

This one is for the cutesy fans. 

Tudou: Hanging Gardens as The Cure @ Yuyintang

Hanging Gardens are great guys and they love music. Unfortunately, for whatever reason, they always seem plagued by either sound problems/tech problems or indifferent turn outs for the bands they are supporting. 

However, at the 0093 return to your dream's start party they were the highlight, playing to a packed house. It was so surprising that guitarist Ryan drops a note in shock at the beginning of an otherwise flawless version of Lullaby. This is a band who fully deserve to do well.

Youtube Tudou: The Mushrooms live @ Transmit Live

Creature headlined the first night of Splitworks' Straight Oota Canada festival at Yuyintang but alas they were post-pop, indie-pop-disco something or other. Just imagine a lot of falsetto vocals, cowbells, whoop-whoops and 'we rock the house's to a disco beat costumes. 

So, I give you The Mushrooms, appearing for the third time on the blog but the first with the new line up changes. It's one of their older songs though 为什么你爱他 (Why?)

Cor Blimey Mate! I just popped off to their Douban page to check on the song name and saw a demo of that song has appeared there. The two tracks marked Demo are new recordings and they both fade out a little way in but are worth hearing.

And now the vid ...

Youtube Tudou: Happy Avenue live @ Yuyintang

The weekend kicked off with Happy Avenue on Friday. I wrote a review and talked about how singer Wu Hongfei is a big deal and a lot of fans came to see her. Check it out. They are folk-rock but this track is more up-tempo than you'd expect and is a good example of the main body of their songs.

Youtube is still unavailable here in China for censorship reasons. Let me know in the comments if people outside of China have any trouble with Tudou's player. Cheers.

The Mushrooms update their online profiles


pu pu bleachHaving been signed by Soma's Indietop label, had a line up change and shortened their name from Crazy Mushroom Brigade to just The Mushrooms (Mogu Tuan) ... takes breath ... The Mushrooms have lately updated their online homes to reflect their new selves.

They now have an official Douban artist page with promo shots and a track from the upcoming CD:

Douban page for The Mushrooms

Singer Pupu has also made a new Tudou channel for preview clips and updates:

Pupu @ Tudou

From here on out I'm going to use the English tag The Mushrooms for articles on the band so keep that in mind when searching for older posts. So yeah, older posts. Let's do a retrospective:

Crazy Mushroom brigade live @ YYT
Video: CMB live @ YYT
Crazy Mushroom brigade enter ex-pat thought
YYT's Lin Lin picks CMB in interview
Jiaoban One @ YYT
Video: Jiaoban One
Indietop release compilation CD
The Mushrooms debut new line up at the Indietop Showcase

Other people's Youtube Tudou: Little Nature at YYT

A couple of weeks ago or so I wrote about an amazing show at YYT. It was none other than the 0093 Rock party 'rocking in the free world'. Read the original post here

I was just trolling around Chinese language web pages and vid streaming sites and came across some footage from that show on Tudou Wang. The video seem to be shot by people from the site Rock Shanghai. The huge logo gave it away. So here are two songs from Little Nature. It's rough but fun and captures the Yuyintang atmosphere perfectly.


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