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E-mailing update / Happy New Year

ExistentialRoddyThe blog is still on haitus.

Happy everything everybody. Just putting an update here. Although the blog has been inactive for a while now, I still get mails. I'm happy to help out with some stuff, unable with some other stuff ...

... but if I reply it's going to be from my personal mail. It's a Hotmail account and due to the nature of the blog mails I receive, the replies will usually have links or attachments. 

First time mail from a free webmail account, including attachments or links = junk mail folder. That's what I have been learning.

So mail away ... but check your junk folder later.

Photo: James's Manhattan room. We all miss you.

Comments switched back on

OK, I turned off the comments while on hiatus.

So now they are back on. 

Anyone can comment, and anonymously too. But why would you ever comment anonymously? I've only had that once recently, from someone being rude on purpose. You can do that and use your real name, I don't mind. If you feel the need to hide the fact you're a douche the chances are everyone already knows.

If spam becomes a problem, they may have to go off again though. My filter has a tough time with it.

New Frontpage

I was looking at the latest edition of a mag I had officially sworn off giving any mentions to on this blog as I had been tipped off that it featured China Music Radar.

That was a bad sentence.

In the article, CMR main blogger Archie Hamilton was nice enough to recommend this site. However, the mag only showed the pure domain address. I suddenly realised that I had never got around to throwing up a placeholder there that leads people into the blogs themselves. Ooppppsss.

So now there is. It's super minimalist without making a point of it and it features some link love too.

Site Update: Channel embed

new gadget
As we all know, Youtube was bought by Google but up until now we didn't see much product crossover.

I was just uploading some Jue Festival videos when I noticed that some ready to use code was added to my channel under the heading embed this channel. I tried it out and it's a Google Gadget that displays your channel name and subscribe button while allowing you to scroll through the videos. 

So. Go to the My Youtube Channel page to see what it's like. That's the update. The channel page is now the gadget of the channel.

Bye for now.

Emergency Update: single not single

konghua singles night.jpg
Oh shit.

In the previous post I previewed some shows including a single release party by Kongzhong Huayuan tonight at Yuyintang.

Well, today, while checking the time again at Douban, I had a look at the official poster for the first time. Note the balloons and hearts.

Yes. This is the problem with posting up a gig after hearing the details shouted in your ear during a gig. It's not a singles release, it's a singles party. 

It's not just a singles night either. It's a full on event organized by a dating website and there will be 'games' and activities. Have you ever seen a dating show on Chinese TV? Yes, well there you are.

Maybe you are looking for love? Don't let me stop you going to the show and Kongzhong Huayuan are definitely a date band. But it's my duty to correct my previous post. I would even have sent you all there unsuspecting, just for fun ... but dating event 'games', no, it's just too cruel.

P.S. Happy New Year.

P.P.S. Happy "牛" Year is a shitty bad pun and you should never ever use it or you will look like a twat.


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