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Videos: Astrofuck live in Yuyintang

Warning: this is my band, lack of objectivity alert.

Some media is coming in from Saturday's show. Here are two and half tracks from Astrofuck's set, available in Tudou (China) or Youtube. I say half, because Love is Shit had a mid way break for computer hijinks, we kept the moment in because it's quite funny. Also, you can hear Chris Ginn at the start, pleading for a shorter song length. Did he use telekinesis to get his wish? 

Dog Fucker's Manual tudou youtube
Love Is Shit tudou youtube
Five Kuai Bullet tudou youtube

Youtube: FaF live at Mao Livehouse Shanghai

I usually don't post Youtube on here too much on account of it still being officially blocked over here. But, scouring about, I found a few Forget and Forgive videos. This one is from last year when they opened for someone or other at Mao. 

It gives you a good idea of the scale and style of Mao Livehouse in Shanghai. Also, around the 5 minute mark, the band start their second track and the crowd warms up a bit, starts moving and it's pretty good. There's a brave crowd surfer. You notice too that this band and crowd is pretty much ex-pat free, take from that what you will. 

Youtube: Subs in 2008 blast from the past

Here is Aric's video from the legendary best show ever in Shanghai, when The Subs played at Windows Tembo in 2008. Tembo was such a runaway success as a music venue that they immediately moved to a bigger location, Windows Underground, then the boss came down to see it directly for the first time and complained that 'no one wanted to see Chinese playing rock, westerners do it better' and it came crashing to a halt. The boss is Chinese, by the way.

The video is shitty, constantly going out of focus. The sound is tinny, like a tin can, and doesn't capture what it was like ... and the interview part at the end is so trite. Also, you can't see how insanely packed it was, included a balcony, until at the end of the song you get a brief glimpse of the hands and jumping. 

But it's fine, check it out.

Youtube: Early Androsace video

Continuing with the theme of regular bands in Shanghai that are breaking up or changing, here's an older but cool looking video of Androsace. This is from when they supported White Eyes in 2010. 

They have recently had to stop all activities and refit after first losing the original bass player and then their Guitar player / songwriter Sasha. 

Youtube: Duck Fight Goose at SXSW

Duck Fight Goose manager/fifth member Brad Ferguson has been keeping a blog of the band's SXSW festival trip in Texas. Read it here.

Here is a video he posted of the band performing there. Youtube only right now so turn on your VPNs.

Video: Pairs in New Zealand

Here's a longish video. Shanghai noise punk duo Pairs are currently touring New Zealand and Cheese on Toast caught up with them.

Youtube only right now.

Youtube channel roundup for March 2009

It's that time of the month again. And it's time for the obligatory notice for newbies. Most of the live videos I post here are taken by myself and stored at the blog's Youtube Channel. You can see a link in the sidebar.

Or you can click here to visit.

So, we have a new number one, discounting my Sick Sunday parody vid which is at almost 2000 views. Hard Queen have just opened their new website in anticipation of the CD launch next month. They posted up some vids there and included one of mine. The new views have pushed them all the way.

Here we go then. if these are all old news to you, be sure to check my movers and shakers below that:

1) Hard Queen live @ YYT (August): 444 views watch
2) The Rogue Transmission live @ Dream Factory: 378 views watch
3) Bang Bang Tang live @ Yuyintang (Oct): 338 views watch
4) Bang Bang Tang (Lollipop) older vid: 324 views watch
5) Boys Climbing Ropes live @ Dream factory: 319 views watch
6) Bang Bang Tang live @ Yuyintang (Nov 2008): 299 views watch

Among hot new vids are Reflector @ YYT and Momo @ Gua'er

Youtube: Red Banana live @ Yuyintang

Hefei rockers Red Banana played Yuyintang on Friday night, opening with their track Hello. I managed to get a vid of the song. I'm also sick right now so that's all the write up my brain can manage. Enjoy.

I wasn't planning on posting a video from last night as we already have the excellent Reflector clip. And ... before we go on, this video is a bit of a piss-take by the band. Tianpin Dian are really good and usually have two vocalists with MC YKE being accompanied by Melody Li - hence their inclusion on a female singers night.

So for their main stuff you could listen to their demo or watch the same track live.

People in Shanghai have Shanghainese as their first language and Mandarin second. People I know tend to associate using Shanghainese with humour, cursing and kicking back. Maybe it's because the standard Mandarin is associated with school, the gov and bland 'ol TV. Whatever the reason, when local bands break out the Sang-hei-e-wu the gloves come off and the air turns blue. Even Momo did it last night, telling a joke in a break where the punchline was old women doing a folk dance while saying 'everyone rub your balls'. 

As soon as I realised what was going on, I had to get out the camera. Melody Li joined the audience, the band swapped instruments and out came the filthiest joke version of jingle bells you have ever heard.

Youtube: Reflector raise the roof

Note: the video starts a bit dark and shaky but it clears up and lights up around 58 seconds in. Stick with it.

This is possibly the best video on the channel so far. Not a surprise as it came from one of the most insane shows Yuyintang has ever hosted. This was the place to be across this packed weekend of various shows.

Somehow I managed to whip the camera out and shoot mid near death experience insane action and get a whole song and shots of the audience. So check it out.

Bits and bobs (March 09)

This quickie post is built around some main news. Please appreciate that I can only talk around it. So, let's begin.

For a certain reason, Youtube has gone all screwy. Well, it's largely just gone here. It's probably related to the same reason it went last time. Humorously, it has gone with extreme incompetence and is showing up now and again in certain servers. Anyway - here's the point: it fucks with my blog! 

If it looks like a month or more's worth of no access I'll host the newer vids on a China based site. 

In the meantime, since we're here at my blog, there are two demo versions from the upcoming Hard Queen CD here:

And. This Sunday's female singers show at Yuyintang happens to be on, and for, International Women's Day. So go.

Pictured: talking of women, it's Kang Mao singing for The Subs at Yugong Yishan in Beijing. A true inspiration.

Other people's Youtube: Jue Festival review

In January 2009 Splitworks put on the Jue Festival. It was an urban festival of art and music held across many venues in Beijing and Shanghai. It ruled and mastermind Archie Hamilton put on two excellent indie rock shows at the Dream Factory. They were Demerit and the Maybe Mars Showcase.

Now Spilt have put up a video looking back at the highlights. Archie really went beyond the commercial promoter role here to put on something diverse and meaningful. That's not surprising to people who know him as he really cares about music. Enjoy.

Youtube: Boojii live @ Yuyintang

I must start this off by saying that the visuals on this video are a complete write off. The set was purposefully dimly lit and my little Cybershot bootleg vid could not handle it. The sound however is good and the track is excellent so please treat it as an audio.

I'm wary of putting these posts out too close to the review itself. If you haven't already seen it, just scroll down one post or click here.

This is a great track from experimental rockers Boojii whose iconic singer San San (who you can't see in the video) cites early Syd Barret as an influence. The set was atmospheric and intense and the band will record later this year. It is well deserved.

Other people's Youtube: Chinese rock and roll!

Got to love that exclamation mark in the title. Here is a two-part documentary on the Chinese rock scene from Indeep Films. It has great footage from Yugong Yishan, the Max festival in Qingdao and interviews with TooKoo and others. Take it all with a pinch of salt though as it's woven together aimlessly and peppered with some typically condescending commentary. It's worth a watch for the band footage.

Well, you know my policy. Watch it and make your own mind up.

Youtube: A_Z band play live @ Yuyintang

It was indie folk night at Yuyintang this weekend although the presence of tables and table people brought it into the mainstream a little. Wu Zhuoling, who also opened for Jose Gonzalez last week, and Asiaeyes have joined forces for a CD and some shows. The name is A_Z band. 

So, sit back and watch a track from the show and enter the world of Shanghai indie folk bands. Check out this review for links to their homepage and MP3s.

Youtube channel roundup for Feb 2009

It's that time of the month again. And it's time for the obligatory notice for newbies. Most of the live videos I post here are taken by myself and stored at the blog's Youtube Channel. You can see a link in the sidebar.

Or you can click here to visit.

The top six is ranked by all time views, not month by month. So, after the regulars, I'll be linking a couple of newer vids that are moving up fast. The major story of this post is indie pop band Bang Bang Tang (singer Xiao Bai pictured) who have taken three of the top six places.

Also, a quick note for those who read the posts as they come out. There's something going on with the net here and it's playing with my ability to access my server at normal speeds, hence the quiet few days. 

Right then:

1) The Rogue Transmission live @ Dream Factory: 360 views watch
2) Boys Climbing Ropes live @ Dream factory: 291 views watch
3) Bang Bang Tang live @ Yuyintang (Oct): 287 views watch
4) Bang Bang Tang (Lollipop) older vid: 280 views watch
5) Bang Bang Tang live @ Yuyintang (Nov 2008): 265 views watch
6) Self Party live @ Yuyintang: 260 views watch

And now, the two fastest risers from recent times. One is the DIY music video I made with Pinkberry for Runaway. The others are red hot Shaoxing Brit-poppers The Way. Enjoy.

Youtube: Qi Ri live at Yuyintang

Qi Ri (Seventh Day) are one of the tightest bands in Shanghai's melodic death metal scene. They played Yuyintang on Friday night opening for Screaming Christ and Tu Bian (Mutate). Qi Ri have their own spin on the genre as their singer often utilizes operatic vocals. So sit back and enjoy the stylings of tight riffs and gothic organs. 

Death to false metal! Death to Daft Punk fans!

Youtube: Da Fresh live @ Yuyintang

After some last minute cancellations and shenanigans, Da Fresh were the only band of real note playing Saturday's 0093 showcase.There was a good turn out and the band played a good set. So come on feel the Brit Pop.

Youtube: Demerit live @ Jue Festival


I saw six bands across two nights at the Jue Festival and got some footage for the channel. As well as the video i'm posting here you can see Pinkberry and Ourself Beside Me by clicking on the names.

Demerit are a hardcore punk act from Qingdao who live in Beijing to be in the scene. They started to develop the music by adding a guitarist and experimenting with more riffs. Demerit won the Friday night headlining slot on a reputation as excellent live performers and it was well justified. So check it out.



Site Update: Channel embed

new gadget
As we all know, Youtube was bought by Google but up until now we didn't see much product crossover.

I was just uploading some Jue Festival videos when I noticed that some ready to use code was added to my channel under the heading embed this channel. I tried it out and it's a Google Gadget that displays your channel name and subscribe button while allowing you to scroll through the videos. 

So. Go to the My Youtube Channel page to see what it's like. That's the update. The channel page is now the gadget of the channel.

Bye for now.

Other people's Youtube: Joyside clip

This is all Beijing. I just came across this clip that was posted only a couple of weeks back. Regular readers will recognize it as the music from my recent spoof video. China music fans will just recognize it, it's a classic.

So, sit back and enjoy a quality clip of Joyside performing Sunday Morning at D22. You might also want to read more about the D22 and Maybe Mars Records community here and here at China Music Radar. The Maybe Mars showcase is on this weekend on Saturday night as part of the Jue Festival.

Youtube: The Way live @ Yuyintang

The Way are a Brit-style Indie rock band from Shaoxing, a famous town a couple of hours on the train south of Shanghai. This is their second trip up to Yuyintang since I started the blog. The Rogue Transmission played with them down in Ningbo and a few more people showed up this time around.

So, here is The Way showing that being away from one of the larger cities/scenes has no effect if you happen to have talent and be super cool.

Youtube Channel: Best of 2008

It's about this time in the month where I write up the top six viewed videos on the blog's channel. If you're not familiar then you can check this out, as it's a bit different today.

This time around is the best videos of 2008. Cue fanfare ...

There will be three videos and I will choose them myself, for my own reasons. Usually, it's all decided on views. In keeping with the usual spirit of things, you might want to revisit the most popular video of 2008. Also, since that's a special case, you should also check out the most viewed underground gig video of 2008 here. Right, so let's get going.

In reverse order:

Number Three: Casino Demon (BJ) play Yuyintang. This song is amazing, it's called Wa Ha Ha. Typical blinking lights from short staffed Yuyintang but the song's energy and clarity in my sh*tty video is a reflection of how good they are. Casino Demon - as good as any pro-band back West in this style but with none of the pretension.

Number Two: Pinkberry blast off. The fastest riser on the Shanghai local scene play in the middle of a multi act show to a half empty room, but they don't care. They have no idea how not to play with energy and commitment. Sorry about the lights again, but all the energy and hook writing is in there.

Number One: The Subs finish the year at Dream Factory. Coincidentally also a non-blinking video. The Subs are the best live act in China and what's more their songs are diverse and engaging. What More is one of the best, check it out.

Bonus moment: It was also a good year for newcomers Candy Shop. And for anyone who doubts their abilities with their regular songs check this out first. They rocked the multi act showcases with their short but energetic sets and improved at record speed. What surprised the most, though, was their ability to connect with the local audiences. I was at two shows where after just four songs at a low key show, the fans wouldn't let them go. Both times the band pulled out a previously unheard practice room bonus track to jam on and had the crowd going like old hands rolling out the hits for the faithful. So watch on, Candy Shop joking around an yet ruling over other new band's best efforts:

Youtube: Tianpin Dian "I Set The Trend"

A quick reminder that despite my often odd picks for the videos you can usually find more at the channel and not everything I upload gets a featured post. However, I'm going to do it again. Tonight was the Jiao Ban collective's second show and first return to YYT since getting signed to Indietop. We had local heroes Crazy Mushroom Brigade, all girl pop-rockers Momo and power trio Little Nature all playing a mix of old favourites and new material from the CD ...

... and so I bring you ... the outro track from warm-up act Tianpin Dian's opening set.

It's called Wo Shi Chao Liu (I Set The Trend). In this track, the band turn down the dial a bit and let MC YKE and singer Melody Li lead the crowd with some vocal sparring and stylings. This was the first time most of the audience heard this but you will hear them frequently burst into cheers and applause. It's also funny if you know the language and showcases both the talent of the front pair and the band's knack for a great hook.

Youtube: Pinkberry "Run Away" MV

Shanghai pop-punk band Pinkberry have rounded off an amazing fast rise on the scene by winning a place at the national finals of the Yamaha Best Band competition. They just got back from Beijing where, among other things, Toni Yu Zhuoran won best guitarist. You can catch them supporting legendary punk rockers The Queers at YYT on Jan 3rd.

Their first demo track Runaway showcases both their knack for a catchy, energetic tune and also Xiao You's strong vocals. As I blogged here, we recently shot a video to go with the demo MP3. I originally wrote a little bit about the sharpness and look of the video but after Youtube have encoded it, it looks like someone added a blur effect anyway so what's the point. If anyone can give me tips/Youtube hacks on how to avoid that they're very welcome.

So here it is, Pinkberry as moody too cool for school students in the iconic (if you live here) blue tracksuits with a scene in Shanghai's own Yuyintang too:

Youtube: Mo Xie live @ Yuyintang


This was a packed weekend in which I saw a whole range of performances. This included the latest 0093 showcase, Beijing folk singer Mimi Liang, Boys Climbing Ropes' best show ever and Hedgehog, one of the best live acts in the country. So, without further ado, I bring you an obscure death metal band from Suzhou. They are very good and student metal fans here knew them enough to make a trip away from the university neighbourhood and pay entrance to see them (an extremely big deal on average student budgets). Mo Xie have great arangements, stick with the track. Death to false metal.

Also. At the risk of making my wife think she's in a sham marriage, will the guy I met at the Hedgehog show who knew me from the blog and was about to video the show please get in touch via e-mail or the comments. thanks. Due to the loud rock band playing, I only caught 50% of all conversations I had.



Youtube channel top views for December

It's that time of the month again where I round up the blog's Youtube channel. So, for all those who just check the featured posts and have not surfed the back catalogue, I now have 63 videos there to look at. 

Now, the top six has been a little bit skewed because of this: douchebag scandal and video. In the name of science it's safe to discard it as it's clearly not one of the band's live vids. However, the Sunday Morning video does give us some more interesting insights into the world of blogs and Shanghai. 

Youtube views count only individual IPs and thus give us a direct figure on how many different people watched it. So, the Douchegate scandal was a big blog story here and then my video on it got featured posts on Shanghaiist and I Love China. We must be wary of the link at Danwei as it was a small link added to the main post when the article had long been buried on the page. Moving on, all that attention and posting translated into around 1 500 views. So there you have it.

And now - the current top six at my channel:

1) The Rogue Transmission live @ Dream Factory: 302 views watch
2) Bang Bang Tang (Lollipop): 222 views watch
3) Boys Climbing Ropes live @ Dream Factory: 220 views watch
4) Self Party live @ Yuyintang: 218 views watch
5) Hard Queen live @ Yuyintang: 182 views watch
6) Crazy Mushroom Brigade live @ Yuyintang: 168 views watch

Self Party are still holding out for post-rock and experimental while the Mushrooms bump Modern Cheese out for the first time. Watch the Mushroom's vid and sigh - the altered line up I saw at the Indietop showcase has a long way to go in recapturing the level you see in the vid. 

Youtube: Chaos Mind live @ Yuyintang

Including Indietop on Friday, there was the possibility for me to catch twelve different bands this weekend just gone. I got a few videos and uploaded just a couple. The blog has put a lot of attention on certain types of band lately. Don't forget, it just reflects what I'm doing and there's no editorial choice involved. But, saying that: I thought I'd mix things up a bit by showing one of the 'heavier' moments from the weekend.

So, without further ado, here is Shanghai's Chaos Mind playing their epic lead out track Amanda. Stay with the video as it purposefully starts out low lights with the singer facing away from the audience and then builds up to the end. 

Youtube: The Subs live @ Dream Factory

Oh-oh. This is perhaps the worst video clip I have ever produced for the blog in terms of quality. That is saying something when you take into account that they are bootlegs made with a compact cybershot and not an actual video camera. 

Now here's the thing: despite this and the poor sound at the gig, the clip manages to capture a Subs show very well. Watch around the 2.27 mark when they go into the mosh-out chorus the second time and the diving and surfing breaks out. Also, if you know who you're are looking at then you can see Jake Newby getting stuck in there as clear as day. 

Just for fun: Sunday Morning feat. Joyside

Updates galore: Due to the popularity of the Douchegate scandal this video has now been reposted on three major Shanghai blogs. I won't link the exact posts because they are just links back here but thanks must go to Shanghaiist, Danwei and I Love China

Two weekends back, I missed an entire weekend of shows due to illness. So, now I bring you an exclusive look into the the life of a Shanghai hipster douchebag when they are not at shows or some cafe, reading a really really clever book. Set to Joyside's anthem Sunday Morning, follow me on the usual adventures like heading out to the store and making abusive phone calls.


Quality - be nice, it's partly shot on phone-camera and partly on a two year old Cybershot.
Content - if you live here and follow the news as well as blogs like Shanghaiist and Danwei, then watch away. If you don't then you might want to check this out - story.

Youtube: Casino Demon live @ Yuyintang

Beijing indie rockers Casino Demon came to town last night and lived up to all the expectations. Read all about it. Even more apologies than usual for the YYT blinking lights on auto thing. They did start off doing it properly but poor old Sam the tech guy had spent all day with food poisoning and was passed out on the desk for half the show.

Anyway, this vid managed to capture the energy perfectly, so if need be, just listen and look at their picture at the same time or something. This is the ruling track Wa Ha Ha. Sit back and weep beeeatches James Pants choosers. 

Youtube channel top views and a Fool's Mountain

I'm a bit late on this, this month. As well as passing the 100 posts mark, the Youtube channel has passed 50 videos. I'll have to start this with the usual preface. For all those new to the blog, there is a Youtube channel full of clips of the bands. 

Why not start with a visit - here.

Once a month I do a round up post on this. None of the vids have really taken off in the way that Youtube vids can. Obviously the rest of the world is blissfully unaware of the joys of being into obscure bands and the hipster currency it carries. I hold out hope though. The music shorts done by Danwei TV get several thousand views. This is probably down to Danwei's professional excellence and mass appeal ... curses. Schokora!

A video cross posted at the popular Shanghaiist site only saw it garner an extra 100 views. While that was a bit of a let down, it did push that video to the number one spot. So, let's have it then. Here are the top six:

1) Rogue Transmission live @ Dream Factory: 270 views watch
2) Self Party play the Miniless showcase at Yuyintang: 212 views watch
3) Bang Bang Tang live @ Yuyintang: 199 views watch
4) Boys Climbing Ropes live @ Dream factory: 185 views watch
5) Hard Queen live @ Yuyintang: 151 views watch
6) Modern Cheese live @ Yuyintang: 135 views watch

In other blog news. I don't always catch other blog posts on the scene at first but posts at sites with high traffic crop up on Google from time to time. Today I came across a new one at Fool's Mountain: Blogging for China. So before I start blathering on:

Read the original article here

The post is just letting the readers know that there's a music scene in China and introducing them to some indie bands such as Hedgehog, Cold Fairyland and ... err ... Faye Wong. Anyway, I have a bee in my bonnet about that blog so just read the article for yourselves. The rest of the blog is shot through with Victorian notions on race and country and might as well be called Blogging for Nationalism. Anyway, lots of people like that blog so don't listen to me.

Other people's Youtube: that Torturing Nurse show

Just two posts back I blogged about the "torturing Torturing Nurse" show at Live Bar and linked Ben Hogue's write up. The band members are bagged, tied to a table in a plastic bag and even stripped naked and taped to the mic stand. Yan Jun keeps this going until their contact mics are  giving out a sound show to rival the most disturbing horror flick you've seen.

I swung by their Douban page and saw that they posted video footage of the show. Here's part two which is when the sound gets going. Welcome to the far end of the scale. 

Other people's Youtube: 5 MinS @ Yuyintang

Update: The video here is 5 Minutes' support act 2 Oranges. They went on last it seems. You can still see a 5 Minutes official video in the previous post. Check that out too.

Following up on the post below. I'm on a sicky this week and didn't go to any shows. There was the metal night at YYT and the festival up at the SMP skatepark too. I opted to preview the 5 MinS show, to keep it fair to the non-punk community.

Jake Newby who writes for SH Magazine, has come through for the team. Not only did he interview 5 MinS singer/composer Joy Island for the magazine, he went to the show and got the footage. You can read the interview here. And now without further ado ... the vid.

Youtube: Pink Berries blast off

Well this might surprise a few. I have three videos from this weekend. One is of The Subs playing the Halloween show. It was, as usual, amazing. But, the vid I took is from near the start and from the back as your intrepid blogger heard their third song, a personal favourite, and had to disappear into the mosh for the rest of the show.

Then we have Bang Bang Tang. Great sound, great musicianship and surely going to be a big success down the line. Their last video on the blog was a good one too. Also, and this is very important, someone actually did lights for Bang Bang Tang tonight. It's close up and the most watchable video on the channel so far. But still no dedicated post.

So, get ready for Pink Berries. There's a few intro bars, a brief moment of pause ... "We are Pink Berries" ... and then kaboom. If the previous night's crowd was in front of them, it would have been a riot. 

Pink Berries & Bang Bang Tang live @ Yuyintang

lollipop november
So. The very next night after the oversold massively talked about Subs gig comes the barely mentioned show that doesn't even have any kind of name or billing that I can officially call it. What a shame because Bang Bang Tang and Pink Berries put on their best performances to date.

As the night went on there were a lot of new ex-pat faces showing up. The Subs show has obviously introduced a lot of new people to the club. The first band on was Wildcat who play a bunch of J-rock sounding songs so generic that I got different answers as to whether they were covers or originals. Next time I will try to catch the band early on and get some background as they were fairly tight and got a good reception.

Bang Bang Tang. I see these a lot as they're always playing YYT. I'm not usually a big fan of this kind of music. They play very musical guitar pop-rock. Watching them belt out their very well rehearsed set it struck me that they were just as good as F.I.R. in Taiwan or a bunch of similar bands in Japan. They are great musicians and the singer Xiao Bai has a great voice too. If they were in one of those markets they'd be getting a major deal right now, not playing underground clubs. They have a quality recording on the new Neocha release (free here) and I have added a fourth video to the Youtube channel. And this time the lights don't flash away like a war on migraine sufferers. 

This was a night of if-onlys. Pink Berries had a good, loud sound and after a few bars of intro and a 'we are Pink Berries' they positively ripped into the opening track. I have that one on video too, but with the flashing random lights, alas. This was the best I've seen them. They couldn't quite carry it through all the set but I was left thinking one thing - if they had played the exact same set last night as a support act for The Subs with all those people in there, it would have been a legendary mosh and a career launching performance. 

While Little Nature, Momo and Crazy Mushroom Brigade reside in the rock-soulless Bar 288 and prepare CDs with Soma, these two bands are quietly becoming the next big things in pop-rock and punk respectively. 

pink berries nov

Youtube channel: Shanghaiist vs Douban

Newer readers to the blog may have noticed that I post videos here but may not have been to the channel and checked out the back log. So, before we get going:

Now, a happy coincidence last week has led to an interesting experiment. This involves two sites. I give you ...


Douban (Chinese)

So, a bit of background. My Youtube channel's most popular video last month was at around 150 views and my poor little blog has about 2000 individual IPs (individual readers) across a month. Oh, writing that has made me realise that most of my readers don't pay much attention to the vids. Poor me, I know they are bootlegged vids but isn't that part of the romance of the underground? Ahem ... anyway.

When I was posting at Shanghaiist around March of this year, they got 200 000 IPs in a bad month and as much as 800 000 when Kenneth Tan ran the Edison Chen photo scandal stories. Their readership is English speaking Shanghai ex-pats and then overseas readers looking for Shanghai info via the Gothamist network. It's thousands of readers every day. Douban is a Chinese community site for people reviewing and sharing info on movies, music and books. It's very popular and hosts the net groups of choice for Shanghai music fans. A popular site in China like Douban has sky high traffic. Douban has over two million registered members for a start (so it says here). Also, Douban is the site of choice of the local music scene. 

So. After getting a reasonable video of Tianping Dian's great show last Friday, I decided to try something out. I joined Douban and posted the video there in a couple of relevant groups. At the same time on Saturday afternoon, Abe Deyo posted up a preview of The Rogue Transmission's Saturday show on Shanghaiist. He used my video of their Control show in the post. What a nice coincidence, now I could use the viewing figures at the Youtube channel to track how many people at those sites watched the video.

So, at the time of the videos being cross posted, TRS had 121 views and Tianping Dian had 6 views.

Then time passed until now. So there was Saturday night then all day Sunday, Monday and Tuesday. Of course, not everyone who reads a post at those sites is a rock fan. I'm sure there are all kinds of factors at play but it's certainly interesting to see what kind of traffic gets generated. At least, just for fun.

As I write it has gone midnight on Tuesday and I'm checking the stats right now.

The Rogue Transmission video: 248 views (up 127)
Tianping Dian video: 28 views (up 22 and no significant difference to a regular video)

A certain net meme comes to mind here: Fail!

Youtube: Tianping Dian live @ Yuyintang

The surprise package of the Rocking In The Free World 0093 showcase were rap/rock outfit Tianping Dian. I wish the video could do justice to the sound but there's no chance of that. The packed room went nuts and the band were on. They benefited from the best sound I've heard for ages down at Yuyintang: crisp and powerful guitar sound, both vocal tracks loud and clear and even a tight bass/bass drum combo. 

So, now that I've built it up, check out my crappy bootleg of the real thing ... Tianping Dian.

Youtube: Bang Bang Tang live @ Yuyintang (Oct 2008)

Here's one for all you folk/world music fetishists. You know who are, Cold Fairyland fans. I got a surprise when I saw Bang Bang Tang again and saw they have expanded their material to include a number of influences and longer, more developed tracks. My bootleg footage really doesn't do justice to this one, but the vocals push through in the second half so stick with it. 

Without further ado ... Bang Bang Tang (Lollipop) live at YYT. This band are the pick of the local crowd at the moment.

Youtube channel top views and more

It's almost a month since the last round up of the blog's Youtube channel so let's have another look. 

I appealed to people to promote their favourite videos by getting their friends to watch and sending it up the charts. This seems to have worked a bit in some cases, although Miniless Record's Self Party is still at the top. Darn it. We still haven't had a vid break out into the Youtube mainstream and pile up a ton of views yet either. Curses! Why aren't people queuing up to watch unclear, bootleg videos of amateur bands they've never heard of in a distant country they know nothing about? Beats me!

I do have a couple of other things to post about today so I'll get the short one out: Banana Monkey have split. Not only were they a good band who had stuck together and 'got good', they also did a lot of organising on the scene. Some of my favourite shows were the movie themed gigs down at the old Yuyintang. I first saw them and Happy Strings (now Momo) at Wolfman Attacks Yuyintang. Follow the link to have a listen and a nostalgic moment - here.

And now ... the current top six of my blog's mainly insignificant video channel:

1) Self Party play the Miniless Records showcase at Yuyintang: 168 views watch
2) Bang Bang Tang play Yuyintang: 158 views watch
3) Boys Climbing Ropes live at Control: 131 views watch
4) Hard Queen's August Yuyintang show: 108 views watch
5) Modern Cheese at Yuyintang: 101 views watch
6) The Rogue Transmission live at Control: 99 views watch

BCR and the Rogue Transmission blow the top six apart! Good show. Next step, one of the top six bands simply has to persuade some high traffic site like Shanghaiist to post their video and it will skyrocket into an utterly untouchable position. Or, if you want a real promo video, just ask. I have a flashy camera (Canon XL2) and a light and will do it for free/a laugh. 

Lastly, I saw that a piece mentioning Chinese rock music appeared in the Guardian's famous Comment Is Free section. So firstly:

The article in question - here
The nice guys at Danwei who broke the story - here

The piece is actually about fetish-ising things cos they're Chinese and judging them unfairly. It makes some interesting points (unintentionally). Namely, that even being 'positive' is bad if it's a stereotype. Anyway, the article is all over the place and I've no idea why it's in CiF. The main thrust is not really what I cover on the blog here either. She does mention Carsick Cars and The Subs. Apparently, the song Zhong Nanhai is not only about the brand of ciggie but referring to the Zhong Nanhai building in Beijing. Shows how much I know. I wonder if Alice also thinks it refers to the actual Zhong Nanhai, the South China Sea? Do we have a CSC lyrics expert on hand?

Youtube: Pink Berries live @ Yuyintang

The Mi San Dao gig was a good time and I put videos of both bands on the channel. For those of you new to the blog, you can watch the back catalogue of videos here. You can also go there anytime through the link in the blog sidebar.

The support act, Pink Berries, are a new band on the Shanghai scene. They are the latest project of Tony Yu, also of Mortal Fools. I last saw them opening for Old Doll. I have a soft spot for simple style punk bands even when they are not that 'heavy'. Also, as Abe commented at the show, they take it seriously. So, never mind the support act sound mix, enjoy the raw product. 

Youtube holiday special: Notch Festival

The No+ch Festival is a showcase of ambient and experimental bands from Norway and China that has been going a couple of years now and includes bands from other Scandinavian countries. To be honest, it's well outside of my usual likes ... but ...

This festival is organised by the guys behind Neocha is a networking site for Chinese musicians and artists. Those guys are 'do-ers'. This is important in a small scene like ours, so I went down to one of the nights with Archie Hamilton, of Splitworks, to check it out and to support. I saw a few friends and peeps down there including Sean Leow of Neocha, who has done a great job on the event. Archie recommended we go the night Efterklang (Denmark) played and it was a good tip, they were good.

I genuinely enjoyed myself. The venue was aptly surreal, an 'Environmental Leisure Park' in the middle of a high tech manufacturing zone. Basically, it's a large greenhouse. Here's a meandering vid to give you a taste of the sights and sounds. The band is Tape (Sweden). 

Youtube: Top Floor Circus - Haibao vs Fuwa

The Top Floor Circus show on Thursday was basically a stand up routine about certain big events with a couple of songs thrown in. And it was very very funny. Due warning though, it's all in Chinese and mainly Shanghainese too. 

So, the video starts just as singer Lu Chen, as Haibao the Expo mascot, is taking down the Fuwa, the Ol*mp*cs mascots, in a face off. Then we go into the song. Each verse is a repeated line aimed at the Fuwa. The first, for example, is calling them pussies. Then the chorus is basically Haibao saying he will crush their balls. 

Sometimes you just can't go back to the moment ... but take my word for it, this was really really funny.

Midi, Modern Sky, Youtube and a failed adventure

midi festival old promo
The Beijing festival news/ongoing thing has become relevant to me this week. In case you haven't got a clue what I'm talking about, you can follow the whole thing on China Music Radar. Basically Modern Sky is on and there's going to be a preview show in Shanghai. What that means is that the three bands going up from Shanghai will play Yuyintang on Thursday before they go.

They are: Cold Fairlyland, Top Floor Circus and No. 33 Island.

I'm going specifically to see Top Floor Circus, a punk act. I'm a little bit wary though. Top Floor Circus have been on a semi-permanent break for ages. When members have had the time to perform, they have done so solo or in side projects - Lu Chen solo and Zhong Ke in Muscle Snog, for example. No. 33 island are new to me. They list Syd Barret among their influences and it shows:

No. 33 Island - myspace

A few posts back I did a round up of my Youtube Channel (available via the side bar). I got to this from selecting see all and then ordering them by views, just for fun. I have low views there compared to major channels or Youtube celebrities but they represent a more discerning readership of people who care about our scene. Reading of the top row gives a top five but I went for six in the post, seemed better for some reason. 

Anyhow, looking at it today we have a new entry into the top six. It's post-rock group 21 Grams. Who is reading my blog and checking out all the post-rock/noise? Ben Houge, do you read this? Curses! Micah, you too.

By the way, since there are obviously fans of this kind of music lurking here, you should check out Ben's stuff too: Ben Houge.

Another fast mover is the Boys Climbing Ropes vid from the Control show. In fact, they are only one view behind 21 Grams at time of writing and could break the top six anytime. It is also worth noting that they have double the views of show headliner PK-14. Come on everyone, let's turn this into a reality-show fiasco. We need new IPs checking out your favourite vids. 

I blogged of a potential adventure to Bar 288 on the weekend. I'd love to tell you how it went ... really. But, I want to keep the focus of the blog on the weekly reviews and vids of shows. I'm keen to avoid a total breakdown into slagging off and complaining. Needless to say I was praying for Yetis. Come back Mummy Three, all is forgiven.

Other people's Youtube: Hedgehog "Wink"

We are all very lucky. I surfed into a full music video from Beijing's Hedgehog while trawling Youtube. Not only that - it's my favourite song of theirs "Wink". I have a very short clip of this being played live at Yuyintang on my channel. It was the best song from a great gig. 

Update: I noticed that Hedgehog have made their first CD available for free download on their page. This is Chinese language so I'll link the direct DL page. Underneath the Google ad bar you will see the file name Happy Idle Kid.rar, then the first sentence under that is the start DL line with the highlighted word meaning 'here'.


Youtube: Boys Climbing Ropes @ Dream Factory

I uploaded three videos from the control show on Saturday: BCR, Rogue Transmission and PK-14. I wasn't sure about making a dedicated post for one of them. But, looking on the channel today, I saw they've been watched a bit and sitting at the top of the leader board is ... Boys Climbing Ropes.

So here is their excellent track, Pleasure To Be Here, performed live at the 'Control' gig held at Dream Factory. It may be my imagination, but it seems way faster than on the CD. You don't have the CD? I'm sorry, what kind of hipster douche bag are you? Without this track on your I-Pod you might as well throw out those tight pants right away.

Youtube Channel top views

The continued dominance of Self Party on the blog Youtube Channel and the swift rise of the latest Modern Cheese video has confirmed a couple of suspicions. If I put up a post basically begging readers to check out a certain video, they will. Thanks. Also, bands that have their shit together pass on stuff and get others to check it out too.

Lets have a quick perspective check though. My blog readership is up to about 1000 individual IPs in a month. The top rated video on the channel has 140 views. Now, some videos on have thousands of views. Some videos of cats slipping on a polished surface have over one million views. On the other hand, this blog is for, about and by people who like counter culture. My readership and views are actually above the average attendance for the shows I cover. 

So, whatever It might actually mean, here's the current top six viewed videos on my Youtube channel.

The channel itself is here.

1) Self Party play the Miniless Records showcase at Yuyintang. 140 views  watch
2) Bang Bang Tang at Yuyintang. 111 views watch
3) Crazy Mushroom Brigade rock out. 76 views watch
4) Modern Cheese perform with new singer. 72 views watch
5) Hard Queen back at Yuyintang. 64 views watch
6) The Shy Tall Mighty old school punk. 58 views watch

Why not show support for your favourite video by introducing it to your friends and pushing it up the chart? I encourage that sort of behaviour. 

Bonus Youtube: Momo moments

Little Nature got the dedicated post from tonight's videos (see one post down) ... but, after re-watching a couple of times I've decided to do feature post on support act Momo too. They play guitar music, distortion guitar, garage rock with their signature melodies sung in a consciously cutesy fashion. 

Imagine my surprise when they started tonight's show by setting down the instruments and coming to the front of the stage together to do an unplugged style sing-a-long show intro. I was even more surprised when I noticed just how into it everyone there was. It's a small pub gig, but listen to the reaction when drummer Cici takes the mic at 1:05. By the end everyone was clapping along and I realised it was a 'moment'. 

Youtube: Little Nature live @ Gua'er

So. Little Nature. I first wrote about them as a standout among new bands back in march here. They played as part of the Jiao Ban, joining the other members at Bar 288. And recently they've even been 'picked' by Lisa Movius in her That's Shanghai column. They are still a new band and this is the opening number, the rest of the set was way tighter. But ... without further ado, here they are playing live at Gua'er Music Bar. 

Youtube: Modern Cheese live @ Yuyintang (Sep 2008)


I was just checking the Youtube channel and noticed that the Modern Cheese video was getting a few views already. So, why not give it a post. It's good quality and more close in than the usual vids I do. Self Party still leads the view count on the blog's Youtube Channel though, by double the next closest challenger.

You also might note that at 2:52 you can hear Jordan from BCR shout "oh ... big solo!" That's exactly what I was going to say except that I knew there was a mic running right by my head. Excellent.

Anyway, check out the musicianship right now!


Just for fun: Jet Set Willy feat. Hedgehog


I was f***ing around with my wife's Spectrum Emulator today in order to play my favourite game from 1985-86 ... when I was, ahem, 13 ... Jet Set Willy. So I made a video of Willy finding the secret entrance to the rooms under the house - the Forgotten Abbey. They eventually lead to the Entrance To Hades. However, it's rock hard and I couldn't get out the first room.

The video as I made it is clear and quite funny. It is set to a kick ass song by Beijing indie rockers Hedgehog. The song is appropriately about reliving your childhood.

However, after screen recording - editing, encoding ...then further encoding by Youtube - it is tiny and exceptionally bad quality. Watch it for the hedgehog song or if you are fond of Jet Set Willy. Look closely to see Willy's lives at the bottom, dancing to the tune. By the way, it's not as bad as the screencap in the player makes it out to be.



Other people's Youtube - Chaos Mind @ Dream Factory


Well, Saturday saw a huge all day show featuring Sunnet, Six Shot, Lollipop, Dragon Pizza, Screaming Jesus, Sound Illusion, Five Pointed Star, Chaos Mind, Yu Guo and Cold Fairyland. It was called Summer Nuts! and was basically a big celebration of the recent ban being up.

I was all geared up to go and video a song from each and write, like, a four-post write up of it for the blog. Alas, I had to move house on Saturday and come three o'clock I had barely packed 40% of my stuff. Lame me. So ... lucky for me, Sam had someone video his performance at the show and put it on Youtube. Without further ado - Chaos Mind.



Youtube: Hard Queen @ Yuyintang


Gigs are back despite the sporting event that shall not be named still running on a couple more days. I went to Yuyintang to check out Beijing indie band Gar but came away stoked with Hard Queen. So they get the featured post. Check the Youtube channel for Gar also.



Youtube: channel review


channelThe main idea of this blog was just to combine articles with links to the band's own pages. After having a think, I decided it was do-able to feature performance videos and post them via youtube. This is only possible with a true underground scene like we have here where such activities are seen as helpful. In the corporate world, bootlegging gigs could be slightly problematic. Ah, nostalgia. I remember when Metallica refused to do promos and even recorded a tribute EP to their favourite bootleg (Garage Days Re-Revisited). Look at the sorry mess now.

So, now my youtube channel is six weeks old - birthday July 6th - and we have 19 videos on there.

Why not have a look now?

Not all the videos there get their own featured post on the blog so you may have missed some. The views aren't massive but they definitely indicate popularity. Having a featured post hasn't always meant much more views than others. Suprisingly for me, Self Party are leading in that respect. It's the blog's most popular video at the moment. With over fifty visitors in a day now, there's no way some vids should only have around five views. So, come on, check out some of the bands you may have missed.

Start with a high quality winner first: my favourite vid on the channel.

Youtube: Wang Juan @ Dream Factory


Indie-folk artist Wang Juan and her band play Dream Factory in Shanghai. The show is part of a tour to promote the release of her second CD In Distance. Enjoy the opening number from this low key Sunday afternoon show. The scene goes back to work next weekend.



Youtube: Self Party @ Yuyintang


My post about Self Party was little more than an anecdote moaning about a headache. So, in the name of fairness to both the band and fans of this kind of music ... trumpet fanfare ... here they are playing the Miniless Showcase at Yuyintang.



Youtube: Lollipop at Rock 0093


Here is one of three videos I just put on my Youtube page from last night's Rock 0093 party. This is Bang Bang Tang (lollipop). This is the band recommended by Lin Lin in her interview for this blog as one to watch. Beware though, if you look at the related videos on Youtube or search for more info on Bang Bang Tang, you will notice a T**w*n*se pop act of the same name.

This one is not too bad but I haven't had much luck with light recently. The Blues Room had no lights and the plan for Rock 0093 seemed to be put half on flash then bugger off for a smoke out back. Also on the page are Six Shot (a must for metal fans) and Tianping Dian.



More youtube: Jiao Ban night at Yuyintang


I'm adding more videos to my youtube page this weekend. I guess I should dilligently try to get a good video of each act (there's usually 3+ bands at any given event here) in order to get the youtube channel going - but - I really prefer to enjoy the gigs for myself as a priority. Sorry about that. Also, I feel odd taking so many pics as it is because I frequently deride people who seem to be at gigs solely to test out their new digital camera. Bah humbug. Although, recent events show that some of those people may actually be working on their books. Small scene in a big town sometimes means that half the crowd are there for other reasons than pure enjoyment.

So here's the first vid of the weekend. Check back to the page for Car Sick Cars. Without further ado, more Crazy Musrooms.



My video clips


Over at I'm making 'pro' videos with Cameron, although compression for online streaming takes a lot of the quality away, boo hoo. I also try to get clips of gigs. These are just done with the video feature of my Sony Cybershot DSC-N2. Half the time I accidentally covered the mic with my finger or something equally idiotic and I upload them to Facebook.

But now, by one off request popular demand, I'm going to put them on a Youtube page and link them here. I'll kick things off with my current favourite Shanghai band The Crazy Mushroom Brigade playing "love you so" at Yuyintang.

My Youtube channel

Youtube has been blocked in China for a while so I use other sites for vids. This channel is now a kind of snapshot of a certain time. Enjoy.


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