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leila waddell
This is the first project in books. I have recently made some breakthroughs with full length novel writing. I have chosen one to go with and self-publish for the experience.

It is called Love in the Time of Black Magic

Here is the overview of this project in it's crudest form:

1) write the book
2) have a cover designed with ISBN and barcode
3) have it typeset and formatted
4) have 500 copies made via proper offset printing and 'perfect' binding
5) hold events, flog them via indie shops/cafes and send them to reviewers etc etc

I won't need anyone's blessing for this, every stage of the process can be accomplished by paying for a service, including getting an ISBN and bar-code (you just buy them).

Stage one is by far the hardest part and the lion's share of the work, but more on that in upcoming posts. At the time of this post i'm half way through the second draft and the whole thing will be about 80 000 words (200 pages paperback). I'm using fellow writer and confident Tom Mangione for feedback and comments.

By the end of the project we should have a bunch of posts detailing all the stages. Wish me luck.

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