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This is a weird one to post about as there's no name or reference site yet, so bear with me.

Me and a friend wanted to do something to promote a certain style of music, lo-fi or DIY indie. So we decided to do a label. It has no name and I wasn't going to post on it for a while. However, some concrete things happened so here goes.

Our plan:

1) Form a label in theory
2) Record music from Shanghai based band Pairs and solo artist Little Punk
3) Get famous avant-garde photographer Ren Hang to shoot them
4) Make a label page on Douban and make all this stuff available
5) Make cheap CD's of the albums and distribute them for free
6) If the idea proves popular, try to 'do something with it'

So what happened? We had our first session and recorded Pairs.
We did this at Yuyintang. Their sound desk has a sound card in it and they have a Mac right beside it. Locally based producer Adam Gaensler ran the show. Everyone involved did it for free as we all think the idea is interesting and want to see where it goes. Even the YYT staff. This was greatly facilitated by the overall life theory that if you are nice to people, they will generally be nice back.

Since Pairs are a duo and have a raw lo-fi sound, it seemed to be the way to go to record live in single takes. We arrived at 7 p.m. and were done by 9 ish. Adam knew what he was doing and the band worked very hard.

Adam saved all the files onto his external hard drive and will mix at home. Next up, first session with Little Punk in a week's time.

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