Indie Label: DIY style 4

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In the last post on our label, I mentioned we were shooting a video for Little Punk's song I'm Not in the Mood for Making a Song

We spent yesterday afternoon out and about in the Zhongshan Park area of town shooting the principal footage. The sun was blazing and the streets busy, but we got everything we wanted. Including professional looking tracking shots using a huangyu che. We achieved this by going to a nearby market and slipping the guy a 50 (Chinese dollars). I sat in the back with the camera.

Here are a couple of screencaps from the footage. We used the custom presets feature in the Canon XL2 to make it black and white with solid blacks and high contrast. The video itself also achieves an old movie feel by keeping the shutter speed at around 1/50 and using the cam's special 24 Fps setting.

LP Rooftop

LP fight

LP street

LP view

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Wow. Little Punk is my hero. I hope she kicks Ho-Tom's arse

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