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We have successfully launched our label page today on Douban:

We have officially reached step four!

If you are not are not a Douban member then you won't see the download arrows, but they are there. OK. First the concept and then the details of putting a page on Douban.

I guess the pre-net model of existing as a business or venture was to have an office, or an address. These days you can do it with a web site. Of course, you can run an indie label out of your bedroom and just hand out flyers and stuff at gigs - but having a web page validates your existence and is also a handy tool for promoting yourself. I'm on Douban therefor I am. 
I choose Douban because it's the site used in China for bands. It also has a custom label page that allows you to add in your bands' pages and events and fans can subscribe to it. Believe me, it's well good. I'm baffled as to why the English language world hasn't stolen it yet.

First you have to be a member

Then you go to Douban Music> then choose the Musicians' home page (音乐人)> then look down to the bottom right to see the options for setting up an artist or label page.

You will have to fill out an application that includes your real name, address and phone number. At the end of the forms is a box simply marked "additional information" - this is the most important part.

Your page will be checked out by the music editor. They have to have some way to validate your page and this box is where you give them the means to do it. If there's nothing in this box, you will be rejected and asked to fill it. We gave links to the artist pages of the bands we have on the label and also to our Youku account. And now there it is - but this brings us to the other important conceptual point:

You have to have something to put there before launching it

As soon as it is approved, it's live and public.There must be something there for people to see. We have three tracks from the upcoming albums and two videos. We also have two events as one of our bands is gigging right now. We also made everything available for free download.

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