Little Punk album starting to move

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Our indie album Hey guy, you are big time alright by Little Punk has hit an early but important point that is worth blogging about for other DIY enthusiasts. 

We had our first fully independent local review. 

We got this via making it available on Douban's music pages for review and sharing. Here is the page.

Here is a nice quote from the review for those who know Chinese:

这是一份值得喝彩的答案,因为它让人看到了一个对摇滚乐充满执着的创作人的更多可能,也避免了许多从朋克"软化"为民谣或独立摇滚的音乐人故作深沉的通病。在这张独立发行的专辑中,无论是声乐部分还是吉他手/制作人Andy Best的演奏都没有经过任何修饰。从在开头曲《Cuties》中不停高喊"fucking cuties"到在结束曲《I'm Not in the Mood for Making a Song》中失落地哼唱"the world's not made for fairy tales",小朋克逐渐转开她为朋克摇晃的脑袋,展现出用民谣和轻摇滚诉说出的直白和细腻,丝毫不见做作的痕迹。当然,我可以说"这张专辑融合了Soko民谣式的俏皮和Zola Jesus哥特摇滚式的粗砺",而事实上我耳中听到的是几个热爱音乐又小有才华的朋友在录音室(甚至可以是客厅里)即兴jam的场景。
It is important to note that it is independent. This means that we (also no one who directly represents us) had no direct contact with the review. They found it by themselves and blogged it with a review. 

The best part of this is just knowing that someone found the music and liked it. Talking of which, the album has made it's way to Scotland too. It's blogspot though, here

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