More press for our projects

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Got some more blog links for our albums from Little Punk and Pairs, the kind we like at blogs by people who like music.

After checking blogs that link to the bandcamp pages, I discovered the Spanish language blog Matinee As Hell. The writer describes trawling the net for music outside the usual western hemisphere and being largely disappointed. But, like Indiana Jones, came back carrying a relic. Really, that's the words on the blog and it's talking about the Little Punk album. Nice review too.

Also, Dan Shapiro has written a proper feature on the CNN Go website for Shanghai. Check it out too

Finally. Pairs are still creating a massive wave all over the Chinese scene. Visiting Beijing band IDH say that Pairs were the best live show they saw in Beijing this year, right here. And the songs are featured on the prominent industry site Music Dish - in their latest podcast.

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