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Indie events: photos and reviews

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Fish in Xin'ao
First image: Fish in Xin'ao on Dingxi Lu, the shoot continued into the late dinner

I recently wrote about a night shoot where we broke into an abandoned location:

It was linked to this event.

So now, the photos by Ren Hang (任航) have been processed and are starting to crop up. Click into this full post to see a selection. But first, I want to link an independent review of the event itself. It's long and detailed and feels like a vindication of the entire project:

Renhang has posted all the Boojii shots from that night in one amazing gallery here on Douban. It's Douban though, so a lot of the shots are partially censored, as you'll notice. Also, I can't freely throw around photos I'm privy to that haven't been put in the public by the photographer himself so these are not exclusive or anything. But they are great and it was a great night.
Ren hang night
First and last pics by Damen

As I have been blogging here, we have had Beijing based photographer Ren Hang down for this indie event

Here's a review of it over at Layabozi. More here about that soon.

While he was down, Ren Hang was in photo overdrive and I also had him shoot the two artists on our indie label project. You can read about the shoot with Pairs right ... here. And by the way, hot tip, two of the finished tracks we did with them are up early at that link.

On Monday night we wanted to shoot both Little Punk and Boojii, who had played our show on Saturday. 

We wanted a surreal decaying location for a night shoot. Whenever I come through Zhongshan Park on the light rail (line 3) southbound, I always see a large abandoned lot that is completely overgrown. It also contains an old French school house and some other partially demolished buildings. Art scene friends had told me that they had previously hopped the wall and used the inside of the perimeter for graffiti. 

Firstly, I made an advance trip and dummy run on an earlier day. There is a regular gate and a couple of guards in a box at the top entrance, exactly next to Changning Road and Kaixuan Road where the train passes overhead. The place to climb the wall, where it is lowest, is where the lane passes the old school house. I could get over it but dropping down the other side is not for everyone, so I planned to get a ladder (see below pic). 

We used the inside of the school house for most of the shoot, we had nine of us over the wall without major incident. The inside was dark and we needed flashlights, a couple of fancy phones sorted that out as it happened. The room at the top of the tower was amazing and full of ruined vintage furniture. The four storey stairwell had no inner walls or banisters though so consenting adults only. 

The shoot was amazing and getting out was the funniest part. I hopped back over with the ladder and then the others walked up to the far end and told the guards they had wandered in at the other end and had no idea where they were. The guards let them out through the gate. 

wall ladder


Indie Label: DIY style 5

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One of the other items we want ready for our indie label launch at the beginning of next month is T-shirts. Pairs already do this ultimate DIY style. They bought a bunch of cheap blank tees and then hand paint them. Every one is unique and they give them out for free at the shows or via e-mail.

The t-shirts they used were bought at the Qipu Lu clothes market from a randomly selected store and since they bought 50, they got the price down to around 9 RMB a shirt. They then used standard fabric paints to paint them. These were found on Taobao (Chinese language only, shopping site).

pairs tees

For Little Punk I am trying a slightly more 'official' method. 

First I played our video, an AVI file, using Power DVD and took some high quality stills. Then I put the still in Adobe Photoshop and applied a filter to it to make it look like it was drawn. I used crosshatch. Then I whited out the sky and background with the eraser tool. I also went into the image size panel and set the resolution to above 150 for BW printing. 

Super Sophia then went onto Taobao and found a shop that custom prints T-shirts to order. The shirts cost only 8 per shirt, but there is a one off printing charge of 85 RMB, regardless of number of shirts. So it's cheaper the bigger the run. I'll post the shop details once we've seen samples and confirmed it's not a complete hoax or whatever.

Thumbnail image for t-shirt scale

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