Louis Yu talks to Miniless' Han Han

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kaleidoscope.jpgLouis Yu is a DJ on the University of Victoria's student radio station who recently started producing a show called 夏日的实验 (Summer Experiment) - a Mandarin language show about indie rock music. In the past, Louis has interviewed head of Splitworks Archie Hamilton and former Shanghai music scenester Aric S Queen. In the latest episode of his show, Louis speaks to Miniless Records head honcho and front man for Lava|Ox|Sea and Duck Fight Goose Han Han/Hans.

Han Han is a fascinating guy (you can read my interview with him from a month ago here) and on Louis' show he talks some more about Lava|Ox|Sea and indie music. In addition to playing Concrete Avalanche from the outstanding LOS album Next Episode:Lord Smart VS Dr Jin, Louis also rounds out the show with another Miniless pick, this time Fading Horizon's Bloody Square. You can listen to the whole show and Louis' interview with Han Han, by going here and downloading mp3. Just a reminder: the show is in Mandarin.

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