Sonnet release S-File for free

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sonnet-s-file.jpgFans of indie-rock rejoice! Sonnet (十四行诗) have made their 《非正常人类研究科档案》 S-File EP available for free download. This record came out back in April and I still listen to it regularly now. It's got two of my favourite Sonnet songs on it - Rejection and Stupid Baby - and if you're not familiar with Sonnet's stuff I suggest you start there. To download the record, go to their Douban page here and click the green arrows next to the tracks.

Sonnet also produced a full-length record in 2005, From the Last Century (从上世纪来), and both CDs have been self-produced and self-released. The band even remain self-managed. They're really talented and make good music that's fun to listen to and to see live, so it's good to hear they're planning on recording some new songs in September. For the moment, check out those downloads linked above and if you want to see them live (albeit in a shopping mall) they're performing next weekend as part of the Channel One series.

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Wow, what a coincidence! I am listening to the Sonnet EP it right now. It actually made me think of your blog and so here I am haha. I really liked Stupid Baby when I heard it on the Indie Top One album. Rejection is great fun!

BTW, From the Last Century is also available at indievox for pay-what-you-want.

(Crystal Butterfly's Magical Mystery Tour is pay-what-you-want too.


Yeah I've been listening to them a lot lately too. In fact, a quick glance at my thing says that they're my most listened to artist in the last 7 days - just squeezing out LOS!

Me and a friend were talking about them the other day and he said he really wanted to hear some of their stuff so I'm glad they've done this.

Thanks for the links to indievox as well, by the way, very helpful.

While we're on the subject of bands putting up songs on their Douban pages (yeesh, that was a tenuous link), Momo have a new song, My Momo, up on their artist page: It continues their descent into tweeny pop.

And another little snippet of news that's completely unrelated but that I don't have enough on to turn into a post: Triple Smash are in the studio and recording an album that should be out in the next month or so. Looking forward to that

Hey Jake

I downloaded this off of Douban and love it. Excellent stuff.

I also downloaded From the Last Century of Indievox too. Unfortunately only the first nine tracks are downloadable. The 10th isn't but since you can get this for free that's a pretty good deal.

BTW, I'm the friend Jake mentioned and I am really happy I got to hear their stuff. Also going to head to the Channel One Mall next weekend to see them play live.

Thanks again.


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