Video: Tian Pin Dian (feat Sammy from Black Luna)

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UPDATE, 2:25pm: According to this announcement posted just now, Melody has decided to leave Tian Pin Dian after two years with the band due to the pressures of her job, meaning the band now have a new female vocalist... Sammy. I guess that makes this the new line-up's debut performance.
If you can't be bothered to read my long, rambling review of Saturday's Animal Patterns Party, just watch this video instead. It's from the end of Black Luna's set where Sammy got the Tian Pin Dian boys to come and join her on stage. Know how I said Sammy can wail? She can rap too. Oh, and don't miss some impressive head-banging action at around about 2:50 in.

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That's a shocker. Melody had gotten so good. The last time I saw them do 4TT when she starts the song by herself, it was amazing, she'd really come into her own.

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