Live recordings from Yuyintang

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Yuyintang have created an artist page on Douban, which basically allows them to upload songs to an embedded music player. They're using it to put up live recordings of tracks from their gigs and right now they've got a selection of songs from the Animal Patterns Party. They're also mooting the idea of releasing a monthly CD or free download of the live recordings from the gigs (that's what the vote is about at the bottom there). You can check out the page here and start listening.

If you prefer to see the performances rather than just hear them, you can check out the livehouse's Youku site here. That's where they're sticking all the recordings from that camera perched on top of the aircon unit at the back and they're pretty good quality. So far you can see bands performing at the Animal Patterns Party again plus Self Party supporting The Radio Dept (as well as a video of the Swedish outfit themselves). Here's one of Pu Pu and The Mushrooms shaking their thing for you.

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Great Mushrooms track but I wish they'd gone for one of the heavier tracks so I could relive the gig a bit.

Also, announced today that Tuesdays will be an arthouse movie night at YYT.

Yeah I thought that about The Mushrooms' video.

I couldn't make the film screening last night unfortunately, but it's a cool idea and, given that you just have to buy a drink as entry, hopefully it'll bring a few people in on a Tuesday night for them

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