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maimai.jpgThere's a couple of big experimental/noise nights coming up in the next fortnight so below are a few odds and ends that are connected to them in some way or other. Or something like that.

First up, this Sunday is the latest BrainWave Communication night at Yuyintang. The experimental label will be showcasing a whole host of artists including Torturing Nurse, Ben Houge and Zhi Wang (Lu Chen's experimental project). It starts at 9pm, will set you back just 40 kuai and is well worth checking out. 

CityWeekend recently interviewed Junky, one half of Torturing Nurse, and, though I haven't been able to find their article on it yet, Junky posted the full interview up ten minutes after it took place. You can read the whole thing on Douban, but here's just a quick snippet:
"What are you aiming to produce - a music or an experience for the audience.
I just express my own feelings or state,do not care about the audience reaction.

What do you want the audience to experience - comfort or discomfort, confusion or clarity.
Remove the real lovers of noise, I would like to see most of the audience from the scene just out of curiosity,because we do not have sound on traditional instruments, performing a completely different form them."
Contradictory? Hans from Miniless thinks so, click the link above to see his comment.

Speaking of Hans (who's also a masterchef incidentally, evidence here and here), he'll be performing at the seventh RESO night the following Sunday (23rd) at Yuyintang under his solo experimental moniker OK=NO. Also on the bill that night will be Torturing Nurse and Ben Houge as well as Mai Mai - RESO founder and the creative force behind Muscle Snog and The Asthma Writers Union.

In anticipation of RESO 7, Mai Mai has released a downloadable album. It's, well, it's experimental - all clicks and crashes and feedback and what not, but I kind of like it and, if you dig that kind of thing, I'm sure you'll like it too. You can download it by clicking this link. Work has already begun on a follow up as well.

You'll notice that as well as Torturing Nurse, Ben Houge will be taking part in both of these shows too and his incredible 29 Giraffes visual art show is still ongoing at [the studio]. If you haven't gotten around to seeing it yet, make an appointment and get down there and take a look in the next week before it finishes. You can read an explanation of the project and find all the details here. The images are frankly amazing.

Ben will be collaborating with OK=NO during the second half of the RESO 7 night that will also see a project between Mai Mai and the other half of Torturing Nurse, Xu Cheng as well as a jam session. That night also kicks off at 9pm at YYT and is 30 kuai to get in. Should be a cracker.

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