Pinkberry release music video (preview)

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Another music video for you. This time it's Pinkberry who have just released their second music video (the first one is here). Weirdly, the title says this is for Pinkberry Song and that was what they played when they filmed this, yet the song is actually Live in Live, one of the tracks that the band did as an experiment with a new sound. That means the party scene with a crowd of people (and a cameo from some bald Englishman) chanting the "P-I-N-K-B-E-R-R-Y" bit has been cut. Whatever, it's a classy video from a great band - check it out.

UPDATE: Oops! In my rush to put this out, I didn't really read the Chinese too closely. Turns out, this is just a preview of the Pinkberry Song video, which they're just putting the finishing touches to. Sorry, I got a little over excited. Guess this means there's hope for that lao wai to make the final cut after all. 

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