0093 compilation finally set for release?

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0093.jpgUPDATE: I just got a bit more info out of Tian Tian. He says there'll be an official launch party for the CD, entitled Shanghai Rock 2009 (I forgot to mention the title in the original post!), at Yuyintang on November 28th. He says he'll be steadily releasing more details about it all from the National Day holiday onwards so stay tuned.

Whisper it, but the long-delayed 0093 compilation album might finally be on its way. A date of November 30th has tentatively been set and there's even a track listing available. Tian Tian and Fanqie Chaodan have both posted messages on Douban stating how hard it's been, but it seems like maybe, just maybe, the record could be about to see the light of day.

Here's the tracklisting:

1. 甜品店 - 我们 (Tian Pin Dian/Candy Shop - Us)
2. 空中花园 - 奇迹 (Hanging Gardens - Miracle)
3. Mortal Fools - 傻X时代 (FoolXEra)
4. 棒棒糖 - 暗战 (Bang Bang Tang - Running Out of Time)
5. 伍角星 - 对白 (Five Pointed Star - Dialogue)
6. 胶壳 - 大公鸡 (Joker - Big Rooster)
7. Pinkberry - Beauty Doll
8. 羽果 - 漂浮 (Yuguo - Floating)
9. 香蕉猴子 - Double Trouble (Banana Monkey)
10. 吴雪颖 - Sweet Night (Wu Xue Ying)
11. 顶楼的马桶团 - 上海欢迎你 (Top Floor Circus - Shanghai Welcomes You)

Andy first reported on this back in January (read his original post here) when a April 1st release was cheekily suggested, but the CD has been beset by delays. The release of a full tracklisting (with some changes to the original lineup) and the fact that Wang Tian Tian and Fanqie Chaodan say they listened to the CD yesterday suggest that, come November 30th, the CD could finally be a reality. Let's hope so.

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Well that's my birthday so they better had release it or it will spoil my 'special day' and no one wants that.

This sounds great.

Any news on Top Floor Circus' Shanghai Welcomes You video? I've been looking forward to it since you first wrote about it :)

Fair point Steve, I'll pass that information on to them just to give them added incentive.

That's a good question Suzy. I think they've been so busy getting the t-shirts out and preparing for their last few gigs (both Zhi Wang and TFC are playing tonight down in Songjiang for some art show) that not a lot has happened with it. I know Mei Er was talking about it being ready for this art show gig tonight, but I haven't heard anything since. Unfortunately, as it's out in Songjiang I don't think I can make it out there for the gig. Hopefully it'll be done soon, I'm looking forward to seeing it too...

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