Behind the scenes at Mao Livehouse Shanghai

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Mao Livehouse ShanghaiOn Sunday I got to take a look inside the new Mao Livehouse Shanghai and thought I'd share what it looks like with you. They've gone with the Beijing Mao look of rusted metal on the outside and down the long corridor through which you enter the main space. For anyone who went to WTF before (I saw Ghostface there a couple of months back), they've ripped out all the seating around the dancefloor to create a bigger crowd area and have moved the bar to a much more sensible place. Some of the seating up at the back will remain as will the pool table (though not where it was before). It could be a great venue.

Soma are going to move their offices down there eventually and there'll also be Tian Tian's CD shop and a 0093 practice space, but all of that will come later. For now, they're just focusing on getting the bar, stage and public area ready in time for the weekend. Remember that 200 kuai My Little Airport show that they were due to open with? It's been postponed so the place will now open (this being China, it'll be a soft opening of course) on the Saturday with Sonnet, Momo and Life Journey. That show's a freebie by the way too.

Free and 200 kuai won't be regular door charges apparently, they're more likely to fall in the 40-50 kuai range, which sounds more sensible. The guys there are also aware that it'll take time to build up the gigs and the crowds but are in this for the long haul, which could be good news for Shanghai.

More photos (including shots of the interior and some older ones of the outside under construction) after the jump.

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