Chinese rock in the US of A

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chineserockinusa.jpgJust in case anyone in the United States happens to wander across this blog, I thought I'd mention that there's three great Chinese bands currently touring over there. Hedgehog, Queen Sea Big Shark and Casino Demon are three of Beijing's best acts and they're playing at a number of cities across the US throughout this month, including a show with the Yeah Yeah Yeahs. The whole thing has been organised to raise funds to help children orphaned by AIDS in China. You can find more details of the tour, the fantastic cause it's supporting as well as all the tour dates here. If you're in that part of the world make sure to check them out.

Above is a photo of members of all three bands down at Venice Beach. It wasn't taken by me unfortunately.  

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Wah!! I can make it to the Washington DC show! Thanks for the heads up! (That's a lot of exclamation points but just take it as I'm VERY EXCITED right now...!)

BTW, Yu Guo just put up samples of their 2009 Live in Shanghai album (for digital release only) and there are some guest singers, including Zhang Haisheng and the singers from MOMO & Candy Cane.

That's fantastic, I was hoping it would be of use to someone!

Thanks for the heads up about the Yuguo thing - I've been listening to the tracks a bit the last few days and had a post in draft on it, but thought I better pace myself and publish it later in the week, ha ha!

Thanks for reading and please keep the comments/tips coming, they're always much appreciated. Make sure to let me know what the DC show is like too, it'll be interesting to see what people there make of the bands

I have a CD of the new Yuguo songs pre-release back when I was going to write the lyrics for the English versions to help out Zhang Haisheng.

We've known each other for ages cos Zhang's girlfriend is my wife's long term friend from their college days. It's totally coincidental to my later scene involvement and is the source of my 'inside line'/ tips for all the writing before.

So I never shared it or uploaded the tracks.

I much prefer the first CD.

Suzy, let us know how the show goes.

Will do! I have some friends who are going to the show at Columbia University too.

I love all of Yuguo's releases but listening to the live show is pretty much the same as listening to the albums.. hehe except for the guest singers.

And I was a little surprised by 丁佳's track. If I'm not mistaken I remember Andy writing that Momo used to have a garage band kind of sound and I couldn't imagine that from the recent videos you guys have posted. Mmmm... but now I can imagine it.

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