Mind Shop is on sale (very soon)

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mindshop.jpgMuscle Snog's first (and possibly last) studio album is set to be released at the beginning of October. I can't wait. For a little bit about Muscle Snog, you can go here for the interview I did with Mai Mai and Vivien a while back. You can see the tracklisting here and hear a couple of the songs here.

This is what Miniless' Han Han has to say about the record:

"There is no doubt that this album is a milestone in rock and roll. Or, that is to say, I think this is the best record by a Chinese band until now.

Time will verify this statement - wait and see."

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Han Han with his usual modesty there.

Han Han's own Next Episode ... will take some beating.

Judging by the Douban tracks though, it will be an amazing CD.

"Milestone... best record."

Sounds promising. Think they'll make it up to Beijing for a gig?

Yeah, Han Han has a way with words it's fair to say. You're right Andy, LOS's album will take some beating, but I reckon this could be up there as an album of the year going by those tracks on Douban.

Hmm, I wouldn't hold your breath Pete. They were always doing their own solo projects and stuff before but they've really gone their separate ways lately and, if you read the interview linked to above, they seem to be saying that recording the album was more of an ending to it all rather than relaunching the band unfortunately. It'd be great if they played some gigs to support the record, but I'm not sure it'll happen. Fingers crossed though

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