Resist! Resist!, Yuyintang

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harryhui.jpgUPDATE: My mistake, the show on the 30th is at Yuyintang, not LOgO (see the comments)


It was less New Faces at last night's new band showcase at YYT, more familiar faces in a new line-up. Resist! Resist! are a new synth-powered band but when you see them you'll probably recognise some faces. Boys Climbing Ropes' Morgan Short is there twiddling nobs and what not (headbanging while doing so), while Natalee Blagden "messes around" on the keyboard (her words) and Lucy Brydon adds vocals with an Edinburgh lilt (not the soft drink). That was the line-up when I saw their first show at the Antidote Festival in Zhujiajiao a couple of months ago, but last night I discovered that they now also feature Mortal Fools' Tim Anderson on the drums.

While I recognised the people up on stage, Yuyintang's New Faces night was less recognisable due to a decent crowd of people being in there. Last time I went to one of these showcases, designed to give new bands a testing ground, there were about half a dozen people there.

I don't have any MP3s or a site or anything to link to I'm afraid (unless I'm missing something?) except for Natalee's blog (right here) where there's a bit more information on the band. This was only their second show after all. They've been away redoing their songs since the Zhujiajiao festival debut and they've come back with a more polished live show with added oomph (for want of a better word) now they've got Tim on the drums too. Unfortunately, I got there a bit late and didn't catch all of their set. I didn't manage to get any photos either so I've stolen this one from Natalee's blog. Still, I saw enough to know that they've already improved a lot and that they're going to be well worth following.

If/when Resist! Resist! get a site or put up some songs I'll link to it, but for now I can only recommend that you go check them out live. They'll be at Not Me next week (minus Tim) and then supporting Jeans Team on the 30th when the German electronic group returns to LOgO to no doubt tear the place up like last time.

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Hi Jake, thanks for coming down and your comments on the band. small correction: the jeans team show it at yuyintang this time and not logo, which is good because i think yyt made more improvements to their sounds system over the summer...

also, yeah there is no webpage or anything. doing myspace pages or whatever is really tedious and no one has gotten around to doing it...


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