Sweet: Bang Bang Tang shooting MV

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bbtmv.jpg"好久不见!" ("Long time, no see!"). This was how Bang Bang Tang started a recent mail out to their fans and friends and they ain't kidding. It seems like it's been an age since I heard anything out of these guys, I can't remember the last time I saw them live. I've bumped into lead singer Xiao Bai at YYT now and again but she's always been non-committal about what the band are up to, usually just saying they're "on a break". To be honest, I feared the worst.

But that mail out was an invite to a shoot for a music video, part of which took place at Yuyintang on Saturday and I took that as a positive sign. I went along to see what was going on.

Before I go any further, a few links to Bang Bang Tang on the web: here they are on Neocha and Douban. Both of those pages have tracks for streaming so go have a listen. 

So the video is for the song 我最爱缺陷男 (I Love Flawed Men Best) and they shot some of it on Friday morning up at 1933 Factory, and a couple of bits at Yuyintang and Moganshan Lu on Saturday. "It's been tiring", Xiao Bai told me, but she seemed to be enjoying it too.
It was a professional set up. There was a whole minibus-load of crew, equipment and props and the director works for one of the TV stations here. He heard their music, liked it and decided he wanted to make a music video for the song.

So does this mean that Bang Bang Tang are back? Not exactly. Obviously, they didn't want to turn down the opportunity to make this video, but Xiao Bai she still wasn't certain when the band would perform live again. "We've been away for quite a while now, so we need to practise a lot before we do any more gigs," she said. "Maybe after the national holiday in October, maybe in November." Bang Bang Tang are a quality act so hopefully they'll be back soon.

I'm still waiting on the release of the last couple of music videos that I've been to see being shot, Pinkberry's and Top Floor Circus', but hopefully one of these three will be put up soon.

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