Midi Heroes results announced

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miserablefaith.jpgIf you listened to last week's podcast, you'll have heard Andy and I discussing a story on China Music Radar about how Midi had decided to launch a Chinese rock awards thingy. Well, now CMR has revealed that the results are out. And here's the really shocking thing: Miserable Faith, nominated in pretty much every category, won nearly everything.

Once you've picked your jaw up from off the floor, you can click here to see the full list of results, including one or two awards that Miserable Faith, controversially, failed to win. Of course, the awards were kind of meaningless to begin with, but it still would have been nice to see a broader section of the Chinese rock community included. Again, I think we made our feelings clear on the podcast about where Best Album deserved to go. Apparently Andy Best failed to do a Kanye when that one was announced. Disappointing.

If the awards can help garner more publicity and bring more people in to shows then great. If they can get a bit of coverage and people go out and listen to these bands more, that's a good thing. If it's just Midi passing out some trophies to their mates, it becomes even more pointless.

The judges, incidentally, were Zhang Fan (Principal and founder of Midi), Dai Fang (music critic with the Beijing Evening News), Hao Fang (writer and music critic), Li Hong Jie (Editor of InMusic), Lu Bo (founder of Howl Records), Shen Lihui (founder of Modern Sky), musician Wang Di and Wang Xiaofeng from Sanlian Shenghuo magazine.

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I also have the announcement regarding the results of this years Kungfuology.com blogger awards.

Best Blogger: Jake Newby
Best Blog: Jake Newby
Best Post: Interview with Sun Ye, by Jake Newby
Contribution To Blog World: 0093 coverage, Andy Best.

Thank you ..thank you, no really ... th-Ank YOU.

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