Shanghai vs Beijing rap battles

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I don't normally post on hip hop here, but I just came across these rap battle videos and thought I'd share them. For a proper overview of hip hop in Shanghai, have a read of Sean Leow's article from last year that starts here.

I love Shanghai and it's hard not to buy into the city rivalry with Beijing some times. I'll certainly defend the city if people compare it unfavourably to the capital. But, well, in these rap battles you've got to say that those northern monkeys have the edge. The Beijingers here (on the left in these videos) are from 阴三儿/Yin San'er who are one of my favourite Chinese hip hop acts along with 唐人踢/Tang Renti and Young Kin.

I'm guessing, although the battles seem to take place in Shanghai, that these videos have come from a northerner (one is entitled Yin San'er Kill a Shanghai MC) and as such they don't name the guy on the mic for Shanghai. I can't tell you who he is either I'm afraid. Still, give them a click and check out how rap battles go down in these parts.

Oh, and if you don't speak Chinese don't worry, quite a few of the insults are about how they can't really understand what each other are saying anyway - the Beijingers complain that no one understands the Shanghai language and when the member from Yin San'er comes on and raps really fast (toward the end of the second video) the perplexed Shanghai MC asks the crowd if anyone understood what he just said.

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