Podcast One: Lava Ox Sea "Home Hell"

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Welcome to the first ever Kungfuology podcast featuring Jake Newby and Andy Best. This is our pilot show/demo. We are aware of some technical teething problems, but go ahead and comment on them all the same. We like comments, there's a lot of material to comment on ... and you don't have to register.

On the agenda this week:

Midi celebrate ten years with ... an awards show. Thanks, Chinamusicradar.
And where were Lava Ox Sea in the nominations!

This weekend was the 12th 0093 showcase at Yuyintang.
We liked New Vector and Fanqie Chaodan with his new band.

Gigs are back on at Harley's bar it seems.

Layabozi.com promote their first show in the world of indie rock, but go head to head with the old school punk night at Mao Shanghai.

Finally, listen to "Home Hell" by Lava Ox Sea.

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Hey Guys

I'm really looking forward to listening to this, this evening. Are you guys on iTunes yet? If so, I'd like to add you to my podcast list.


Agreed about the itunes thing, and how can I download it? Can't listen in the office.

Great idea to have a podcast about the Chinese music scene- looking forward to hearing it!

Ah fuck it, I just listened at work. Thought it was great, I don't know much about the scene and having you two talk about stuff is a cool way to find out.

Can there be more music in the next one please sirs? If you're recording audio / video for the blogs anyway you can tack a quick clip in to give us a taste right?

Will put in a DL link in a mo and look at itunes soon, if we manage to keep these going.

Thought about more music but if it's weekly we'll run out of good local stuff, ha. We'll make a plan and see if we can't throw in more clips, yeah, good idea.

Thanks Swiss. This was only the first one and was a bit of a demo, so all suggestions are welcome - we'll definitely look into it

哇!太棒了!Nice one guys, music to my um, ears...

Nice work fellas, an auspicious start. Keep it up!

Something's wrong with my laptop. I can only see a really tiny Quicktime icon, nothing to play and listen to. Help please...!!!

How odd, when i viewed the media player plugin from my lappy at home last night it was fine. Viewing it from my office i have the same issue as YLK.

The first thing that springs to mind is that i use firesocks at home and internet exploder in the office. I doubt that's it frankly but i guess it's as good a place as any to to start.

Hmmn, yeah, I use Google Chrome and it shows up fine.

In my older version of Intenret Expolrer is won't show up, it doesn't support the Quicktime plug in.

Advice - make sure you have the latest IE and an updated quicktime in your PC if that's what you use.

Or - right click and save via the DL link in the post.

Where's the Music boys? I love your voices, but c'mon...

Hi Archie

It's not really a radio/music show as much as an audio round up of our blog. Of course, that was the demo, so we'll look into playing more, it's a matter of pacing ourselves so not to get too repetitive.

Home Hell was also a high standard track to start with.

Pull quote of the first show:

Andy: "...I'm holding it, stroking it in my hands."

Honestly, though, great podcast. Liked the 0093 recap. And hopefully there will be enough people at both those shows tonight...

Thanks to Andy for help via email, everything was working fine in Google Chrome, unlike IE8 (even with updated QT).

Great audio show, spoken word has a lot of power to it, especially if combined with the written one. Now when we can read and hear you the question is when are we going to see you? (head banging does not count:)

Here's a thing. Im currently looking over Jake's blog using a work computer with IE 6 !! and a nasty computer with old plug ins.

But I can see and use the player fine.

Odd. But my IE 8 at home can't - but I use Chrome anyway.

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